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Tennis 2017 - Top Craziest FUNNY Moments

that's not very pretty actually Oh tell you what it's an interesting fail Oh people moving and it's just like that we were gonna keep and try and play because we cannot [Laughter] coming down the scoreboard oh wow goodness me this is incredible it's making a run Fred [Applause] monkeys monkeys monkeys open the game open the game yeah I had a good shot so I tried it again later on I missed her way over here but look it was still I think the right play getting you're getting video bombed behind you am I just gonna let you know that this is a guy that knows the things I do about hitting four have ever realize [Applause] [Applause] it's very exciting you know I've been making it here to the world to find so many times so it's always just as well to be back here these are the guys actually because they must be sick to the sick of the sight of you fans you tonight and what you're told the Australian Open would you not be where it is today without all of you the best fans in the world thank you the best defensive end you I'm sorry I'm just tired after 10 days so sorry I would like to I would like to congratulate Roger his laughing he's an asshole but [Applause] [Applause] all right we can record this position there so really taking the wide position just to help with the angle and the heavy kicker worked out a bit of fun but they're getting plenty of support but wanting some support himself just reminding them name's Robin and they said my name's Robin [Applause] [Applause] I can't wait I promise I will try everything to make you feel at home how was that good I tried [Applause] interaction that was from Alexander to earth excuse me I just said a hazel not so forth Jackie I tell you what he's spot-on [Applause] I'm drunk dude sorry [Applause] birdy num-num help you out no back what's going back to it yes give all our [Applause] right about 20 points at the end man help me out Novak let's go back to it [Applause] right about 20 points of the MA [Applause] I think they found the killer Dyson for the kill [Applause] so it's official it is roger federer [Applause] nice flying now as me oh no Roger this is my event can't steal all the limelight here full stretch able to control our racket heck [Applause] well that is the most bizarre situation I don't know how to put this folks but somebody's phone going off in the stands and it was an adult video I still hear it it's still going what is going on [Applause] no it's not a phone that is that's an apartment across the lake well everybody was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally figure out that wasn't a video

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  1. So far Roger is the biggest winner when it comes to the quantity of trophies, but also the biggest loser as he lost several time to Novak Djokovic matches he should’ve won. Federer is both GOAT and GLOAT at this time. Once Novak is officially crowned as GOAT, Federer will still be the GLOAT..

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