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TERRIFYING CRANE PRANK ON JESSE!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 3

JEANA:Today, I’m in a desert
outside of Los Angeles.
And you might be wondering
why I’m standing here alone. It’s because
I’m pranking Jesse. Yeah. JEANA:I’m finally getting him
back for years and
years of torment.
(MACHINE WHIRRING) Today is my day
for some sweet revenge. I’m Jesse. I’m Jeana. You’ve seen us
prank each other
onPrankvsPrank.JEANA:And now,
we’re teaching our friends
how to prank.
This is… (JESSE READING) So, I’ve enlisted
some expert help today.The Dudesons.Oh! JEANA:These guys take
pranks to another level.
Yay. So, Jesse thinks
that we’re pranking
the other two Dudesons, HP and Jarppi. You guys know that
they’re in Finland and they’re not gonna be
coming here today. Really,
we’re pranking Jesse. Thank you
for thinking of us for getting
revenge back on Jesse. You guys are… Hopefully,
we’re perfect
for the job. Oh, you definitely are. But you might not know
that Jesse is
terrified of heights. So, I’ve come up
with a prank that will
totally freak him out.He thinks
we’re doing a prank
where he’s going
to be pulled through a wall
to prank
the other Dudesons.
But there’s
a crane by the set.
Jesse thinks it’s only being
used to hold up the wall,
but what he doesn’t know
is that right after
we rehearse
and he goes
through the wall,
we’re gonna
swap out the cable,
attach it to his back,
and send him up on the crane,
which will scare
the shit out of him.
Yes. JEANA:And then, we’ll unleash
a whole bunch of surprises
that Jesse will
never see coming.
How does he feel
about us? He’s actually
a little terrified. I mean, he knows you guys
are coming, and he doesn’t
know what to expect. Like, he thinks
that you guys might be secretly
up to something
behind our backs. And I was
playing into it, too. I was like,
“I think they
might be getting us. “I don’t know.
What should we do?” That’s a perfect setup. Being that this is
thePrank Academy,
we always have objectives. Even though
you guys are experts, we’re trying
to prank a prankster,
and that’s never easy. So, it’s even more
important than usual
that we hit our objectives. So, in order
to accomplish this prank, we need to make Jesse think
that the rehearsal is real,distract Jesse
when they switch out the hook,
and I got to get
my revenge on Jesse. Will you guys help me? Let’s do it.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, yeah! We’re gonna go meet him now,
so pretend that we
never met, all right? Who are you? See you later. Let’s go
meet them up. How are y’all doing? Hey, what up? All right. Very nice
to finally meet you. Nice to meet you, man. What’s up, man? What’s up, bro?
Nice to meet you. What up? Oh! (GROANS) Sorry,
I kind of got too hard. And I’ll be holding
my nuts for the entire
rest of the shoot. All right, we’re pranking
your bros today.
This is dope. So, this is how
the prank’s gonna work. We’re gonna
blow some stuff up. Yes! JESSE: We’re gonna have
the detonators, but we’re gonna
give them
a fake detonator. So, when we go up
to adjust some things, it’s gonna look like
it accidentally exploded, sending me
through a wall,
blowing my legs off. So, the prank
makes it look like
they’re responsible. They’re gonna think that
they actually got
you really badly hurt. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah,
we’re gonna have
fake blood, some prosthetic limbs,
and I’m gonna go
flying through a wall. We’re gonna get
them good, right? Yes, yes, hell, yeah! Hell, yeah! Let’s do it! Let’s go blow up
some shit. Yeah! The prank’s about to happen.
I’m so nervous ’cause Jesse
doesn’t know
what’s happening.This crane is about
to lift him in the air,
and he is so
afraid of heights.
He’s on the other side
of the wall right now,
getting his harness on.The Dudesons are waiting,
and I got to run over there.
I’m sorry, Jesse,
but you had this coming. So, this is
just the rehearsal. Jesse’s gonna practise
going through the wall. When Jarppi and
HP’s gonna get here, and then blood and guts
and leg pieces and
things flying around. Is this where
he wants me to stand? (BLEEP) it.
I’m scared
as shit right now. Enjoy that moment,
the butterflies. JEANA: Are you nervous? (BLEEP) yeah. I’m going to get pulled
through a wall right now. Whoa, shit! JEANA: Oh, my God! Man! That was
actually awesome. (LAUGHING) You look good. Are you okay, babe? I didn’t know
it was gonna
happen right then. That was awesome.
Did it look cool? JUKKA: It looked really cool.
Legit. JEANA: I was not
expecting it to
happen right away. JEANA: Do you feel
all right? Yeah, I’m good. You mother…
You mother…(BLEEP). No! No! (LAUGHING) Oh, shit!
No! No, what the…(BLEEP). (BLEEP) you! (LAUGHING) No, no! Oh, no, no, no. Please, don’t!
Please! Oh, my God! Stop it, please.
terrified right now. I’m (BLEEP) terrified. Hi, babe! I’m gonna (BLEEP) throw up.
Please, stop.
Please, let me down. Please. (LAUGHING) You know
how high you are? JESSE:
Please, let me down! JEANA:
Hang in there, babe. (LAUGHTER) Oh, my God, he’s so high.
I can’t even
look up that high. Please, let me down. JEANA: Hang tight. JESSE: I’m (BLEEP) terrified.
Please. (ALL LAUGHING) Please, please. I’m serious. Please. Please! (REVVING) Ahhh! Stop it! Please, come on! (LAUGHING) No!
What the…(BLEEP).
Paintball guns? (LAUGHING) (BLEEP) assholes. That’s gonna (BLEEP) hurt. Well, you’ve hurt
me many times, Jesse. We’re getting you
back for everything
you’ve ever done to her. JESSE: Please, Jeana, don’t.
They really hurt. Oh! Oh! I just had to ’cause
your ass was
sticking out so nicely. Holy shit!
That (BLEEP) hurts! One, two… Three. (JESSE SCREAMING) (BLEEP) (LAUGHING) Stop it.
No more. No more. (SCREAMING) (BLEEP) Oh! All right, send him up. No, no, no.
Please, don’t. Send him up! JESSE: No. (LAUGHING) That’s it, right?
Can we go down? What the (BLEEP) is that? JEANA: All right,
bring him down! JESSE:
What is that? No! Is that Vaseline? What the hell is this? JEANA:
It’s whale jiz. (LAUGHING) JEANA: He’s so mad.
He’s so mad. (ALL LAUGHING) What are you doing now?
I can’t see shit. Bring him lower. JESSE: Oh, my God,
this smells so bad. I used to love
watching the Dudesons. I never thought
I’d be in one of their…
(BLEEP). You look like a chicken,
and you are a chicken,
you coward, for always pranking
your girlfriend. JUKKA: Yeah, apologise. JESSE:
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Jesse, you have to
bawk like a chicken,
or else it’s gonna get worse. I promise. (BAWKING) (LAUGHING) JESSE: Please. Do it again.
Keep doing it. (BAWKING) Higher!
Higher! Act like a bird. (BAWKING) I’m a chicken. (LAUGHING) JESSE: Please. Please,
just bring me down. Oh, my God,
Oh, you mother…(BLEEP). You’re gonna spray
me with that (BLEEP) hose. No, that’s really strong!
No, no, no. Go! JESSE:
What the…(BLEEP). JEANA:
You smell so good, Jesse. I’m gonna clean you off. JEANA: It’s toilet water! Remember, you made me
drink toilet water before? (JESSE SCREAMING) It’s so cold. (LAUGHING) Take your goggles off. Come here.
Stay still. I love you. (LAUGHS) (EXPLOSION) (JEANA GASPS) (LAUGHING) Was that really
toilet water? Yeah. It got in my mouth. (JUKKA LAUGHING) (LAUGHING) That was a blast. I should have known
better the damn
Dudesons would have… Oh, God,
I can’t even
talk right now. I was like, “Dudesons
are here. They’re gonna
(BLEEP) drop me.” I was like,
“I got to get
something on Jesse “that’s so epic, so big,
bigger than anything
you’ve ever done.” So, I just one-upped you
on everything, basically. All right. She was running
the show. And they brought
the paintball guns? Well, they were
supposed to get Nerf guns.
We were like, “Hell no.” (ALL LAUGHING) My ass…
Who shot me
in the (BLEEP) ass? Not me.
I have bad aim.
I have bad aim. I think I cried a little bit.
Don’t use that. (CRYING)
Stop it, please. You took it
like a man. (ALL LAUGH) Yeah, right. Can I be a Dudeson now? Oh! Okay, Jesse,
I’m gonna go through
the objectives with you, and you tell me
what you think. I’m grading you?
I’m failing you all.
(BLEEP) y’all. Jesse. Did we
trick you into thinking
we were just rehearsing? I was legit tricked.
I had no idea.The second objective
was to distract you
while they
switched out the hook.
And number three…
Did I get my revenge
on you? JESSE: Oh, shit! You mother…
You mother…(BLEEP). Please, don’t! Please! (SCREAMS) (JEANA LAUGHING) (BAWKING) (ALL LAUGHING) No, that’s really strong!
No, no, no. Well, do you think
I got all my revenge
on you? I would say so,
but I’m gonna get
my revenge on you now. So, you passed us, right? Yeah, whatever.
Y’all passed. We passed
thePrank Academy!Thank you, guys. Yeah. That was good.
I give y’all credit.
That was a funny one. I’m just happy
I’m on the ground alive.
That’s all I care about. Pull him up! No! Thanks for watching
thePrank Academy.If you enjoyed that,
hit that thumbs-up button. Thumbs-up button.
Big shout-out
to the Dudesons. Thank you guys for coming.
I appreciate it. Thank you, guys.
We had a blast. (COUGHING) Whoo! Yeah.
I had a great time. (LAUGHING) (IMITATES CHICKEN) (LAUGHS) Please.
This is (BLEEP) up, man. I (BLEEP) hate you so much. Please, let me down!

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