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Tesla Roof Glass Crack and How Joe Scott Pivoted from Stand Up to YouTube [interview]

– The top windshield is cracked. (upbeat guitar music) Good morning. Another day, another
trip, another interview. Gonna go meet up with my friend Joe Scott in Palm Springs. That’s why I’m dressed for summer even though it looks like this. And it’s supposed to be over
100 degrees there today. But yeah, gonna be fun. Haven’t actually met in person. Talked many times over the phone. Did some Skype interviews and super smart and interesting guy so let’s go meet him. (upbeat guitar music) Really nervous for what this means. Not sure it’s something
Tesla can help with or if I just have to go to my insurance. Man this car is so special
and so important to me and it just got f-d up like bad. I haven’t seen the damage either. It’s on the outside of the car. I’m still driving. I’ve got an hour more on my trip here but it’s weighing pretty
heavy on me right now. I don’t… You know, normally… Yeah, I guess YouTube
everyone wants you to be super happy and just be fun
and excited all the time. Not very excited about this. Okay, so just had lunch
with my friend Joe Scott. Answers with Joe. Definitely check his channel out. We’re gonna do a little
interview and video but while we were sitting
there having lunch, the little crack from earlier turned into a Tesla logo. Do you think they designed this? – It’s the magic of Tesla. – It’s that magical that
even when it breaks, it’s still on brand. I mean this is legend… Like Apple wishes they could
have their iPhones break and crack in the shape of an apple logo. I don’t think that’s… I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. So here it is, I don’t
even know if you can see it and I can’t see it. Let me get inside here. So there it is. So when it first started out, it was just about right here. It was just these three little, or I guess five little cracks. I tried to get a time lapse of it and started to see it go out, but now it is literally just spread across the whole thing into a perfect Tesla logo. And I still don’t see a rock mark which is kind of the weird thing. Usually you’d see like a big impact. More to come. – Just like a stress fracture or something that just came from a fault in the glass. (dinging) – That’s what I’m
wondering ’cause it looks a little bit like there… I mean I’m not a glass expert but there’s no like impact mark. And I suppose if you wanted it to break in the shape of a Tesla logo, you could design it as such. More to come. Joe? Ready to drive a Model 3? – I’m a little nervous. – All right so while we’re going, I’m gonna ask you some questions. – [Joe] Lightning round. – Lightning round. So you’re now a full time YouTuber. Congratulations. – Thank you. – Welcome to the party. – Just took me 3 1/2 years. – So how did your channel start? Like what was the idea
behind it originally? – I was doing stand up. Or at least I was trying
to get into stand up. Stand up comedy. And just the lifestyle
didn’t really jive with me because you gotta be up
til one in the morning three times a week, going to open mics and you’re basically telling jokes to the other comedians in the room who have all heard the jokes before. It just didn’t work out so I thought I’ve got a film background. I could be doing these stand up bits and I was really inspired by Ze Frank who is like the godfather of vlogging so I just started doing
that as a comedy thing and it was supposed to
be answering questions from people, that’s why we became known as Answers with Joe. And in the beginning, of
course, I had no following so I was just answering any
question that came my way. And eventually there was one that was on a nerdy, science-y topic and it, for whatever reason, Google smiled on it, got picked up and got a
whole bunch more subscribers who are asking similar questions and it just kind of became a
science entertainment thing. – And that’s awesome,
because that’s kind of like what I went through with my channel where I was making these
data science videos. I did one on Tesla and
it was like holy crap. And then so I started doing
more and more Tesla videos and now that’s all I do. – So I keep telling… I’m at the place now
where all these people that know me know that I’m doing this and of course, they’re
like hey I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Let’s go have coffee and talk. And I’m like, I’m happy to help out. ‘Cause they’re friends and all but I’m at the point now
where I’ve started saying put 10 videos up and then we’ll talk. – Yeah. – You know because– – Do something– – Yeah and everybody that… I mean it’s the same kind of story. You just kind of start with one thing but then something else kinda takes over and you wind up saying oh,
that’s the way I could go. – Yep. – And you gotta be flexible about that. A lot of people that I talk to, they’re like I’ve got
like 20 episodes planned and I’m outlining all
this stuff and it’s like, you gotta be more flexible
than that in the beginning. – I totally agree. I think um, whoops (laughing). – [Joe] You can’t handle the Tesla torque. – [Man] Yeah, I wonder
how I can solve that? Maybe I’ll just put it like this. That’s probably better anyways. Okay, cool. – Sorry. – Yeah, I completely
agree and I think like that’s the hardest part
for a lot of people because people get married to one idea or one thing. I look at it as kind of
what is your super power? Bring that to the platform and from there you can
explore ideas, right? Like if you’re a great photographer. That could be what makes
your videos special. But the topic of those videos may not be what you think they should be. Like we both know Tim
at Everyday Astronaut. Great photographer, space geek. And now he has his own show, it’s like this big amazing thing. – He does talks and lectures. – But if he started out
like alright, I’m just gonna do this show, I’m gonna
plan out 10 episodes. Chances that that would have worked are really low. – I also have to say like he takes nerd to a whole new level. I mean that in the best possible way. When I was talking to him, you ask him anything about Space X, he knows down to just
like the nuts and bolts. I’m like holy crap. And I’m like did you have
some kind of background? Do you have some kind of rocket
science degree or something? He was like no, I was a photographer and I just got really into rockets. – Exactly. – Are you kidding me? – Yep, yep. So then, nowadays, you’re known as the guy that talks about beheadings. So how did we get here? If you guys don’t want to talk about it, he did a video, or go ahead, explain what happened. – Sure, yeah, yeah. For the last three years or
so, I’ve dedicated myself to posting videos every Monday. That was my thing. Monday mornings. A little nugget to start your week and give you something
interesting to think about kind of thing. And when I started going full time, and it’s not just because
I’m going full time, it’s because the algorithms change. You gotta upload more than once a week, basically is what I’m getting at. So I started uploading on Thursdays, these videos called Random Thursdays and this also was just a little bit to not pigeon hole myself so much because I was getting
so into science-y stuff and there’s all these other things that I thought would be
interesting to talk about. So I started doing these
random Thursday ones and they were always like second tier. I always focused on the Monday ones and just kind of like vomited out a Thursday one. And then I did one in the middle of March that was on how long a
human head stays conscious after it’s decapitated. – [Man] It was a great video. – I think the thing that
got everybody was I… According to the stuff that I read, of course this is all debatable but, it was saying about 30 seconds. And so I was like I want
you to think about how long 30 seconds is. And so I kind of walked
through the whole process of getting your head cut off and your head falling to the floor and the floor rushing up at you and I think it just really
freaked a lot of people out. – That was one of the
most amazing segments I have seen. Then you have like the fade to black. – So after that guillotine falls and you feel that cold
metal against your neck, the ground will rush towards you. You’ll hit the floor with
the force of a slowly thrown baseball either on your
forehead or your nose or your chin, depending on the cut. Blood will fill your nasal cavities but you can’t blow it out. You’ll be in some state of shock as the world spins around and
finally comes to a rest. But you won’t feel the blood
pumping through your ears. And then you’ll just sit there waiting for a long period of time as the tunnel vision sets in and then the lights slowly go out. – As it goes. That was so good. – It’s starting to disturb me a little bit because to me, that wasn’t that weird. That’s immediately where my mind went. And then I did that and everybody’s like oh my God you dark mother! And I’m like okay, I didn’t
think it was that weird. – You did put a warning at
the beginning of the video saying it’s gonna get a little. So to me, that is what’s special and amazing about this
platform and about this job is like yeah, to most people, that like, even me, who, I crave videos too, in case you guys didn’t know that. I was blown away by that and for you, that was just normal, right? – Well, I mean to follow
up on what happened. Again, these Thursday videos, they get maybe 60, 70% of the views
that the Monday ones do. They’re really just
extra content to put out. And then this one just, the next day out of nowhere, it’s the most amazing thing. You’re looking at your analytics, you’re like– – What? – Big time analytics and it’s like completely off the chart. Everything that looked before it just like flat lined. – Yeah. – And yeah, it got like 1.5 million views in like two weeks. – Did it hit the trending page? – I don’t know, it might have. – You would have gotten an email. – No I guess it didn’t then. I think it just popped up in
a lot of people’s home pages. – Somebody probably saw that, ’cause I believe to go to
make the trending page, a person has to approve it. So they probably saw it and went yeah, no. No, no, no. – Well I got really lucky because it got demonetized at first. – Okay. – You know, like so many of them do. – Right. – With the algorithm these days. But I challenged it and they went ahead and approved it. Think about how much
money I would have lost if that hadn’t… – Any video with a million views is pretty special, right? It doesn’t even matter if you’re one of the biggest creators on the platform. That’s still a decent video. – It took me like 2 1/2
years to get my first million views on the entire channel and then this one video
got million and a half in a week. And the channel went from… I had just gotten to
100,000 so I was about 110, 111 or so and it got
50,000 new subscribers in one week. It was just insane. – [Man] So what are you at now? Subscribers? – 176? – So like last time we talked, you were at where I’m at and now you’re a full 100,000 ahead of me. – You get those spurts, you know? – You talk on your channel a lot about… I mean, do you do all
the research yourself? ‘Cause it is an insane… Like the amount of the meat in the videos is pretty dense man. – I’ve worked with a guy
who is another YouTuber. He’s got a really small channel
but he’s been helping me out with some research here and there. I’m really still working on that. I’m working on the system
that needs to be in place because the way I do these videos, it’s such a amorphous thing. If I were to put a percentage on it, it would be like maybe
40% facts and information and 60% the connections that I apply to it and tie it in to other subjects and just the perspective
that I try to bring to it. – And so it’s probably
hard to have someone else do that ’cause you don’t know where that road is gonna lead beforehand. – Exactly, yeah, so it’s a journey. Every single video. – Makes it fun but it’s a lot of work. – It is, it is. – Yeah. – Again, it’s just trying to systemize it. So I worked with this guy and I was like, tell you what, here’s the
subject that’s coming up. Why don’t you go find me a
bunch of information about it. And then I’ll go through that information and come up with the thing. And that kinda worked and kinda didn’t so I was like okay, well maybe now I’ll do an outline first and just basically what I, the general idea of what I find interesting about
this topic or whatever. And then you can kind
of use that as a guide to find me the research. And that didn’t work so well because without having any
research in front of me, I don’t really know exactly
what the nuggets are– – [Man] You don’t know
where it’s gonna go. – So it’s this weird
balance I’m still trying to strike and if nothing else, I think just having somebody that can be a fact checker so that they can go in afterwards
and just kinda be like, maybe even before I shoot
it, just with a script, and be like okay, well that’s not right or this is touchy or whatever. ‘Cause if there’s one thing I know, it’s if I get any minor detail wrong, there’s 50 comments about it. And it’s 50 comments– – I wouldn’t know that. This is why I’m telling you, you need to get away from the comments. – Well, what bothers
me is it’s always like this ancillary side thing that has nothing to do with the main point. And I’m always like, you’re
letting this little tiny idea of Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. You’re letting that distract
from the entire point that I was trying to make and
you’re missing the thing… You’re missing my genius here people. So that’s what bothered
me the most about it. – I used to get that a lot when I first started doing videos
because I didn’t really know the difference between
kilowatts and kilowatt hours. – Oh right, yeah. I think I’ve done that too. – And to me, at the time, it seemed like a minor detail and it probably is but now, knowing what I know, I would feel… It just showed my ignorance,
I guess, at the time. – Naivete. – Naivete, yeah. That’s a nicer… You and these French words. (laughing) (glass breaking) – Okay guys, so it’s 108 degrees out. Joe has hot coffee. – It was gonna be hot no matter what so I might as well have just gotten it hot in the first place. – So that’s why it died in
the middle of our little trip. But I just wanted to wrap here. Joe has a great channel. I like your slogan there, laugh smarter. – I comes really down to that. – It’s humorous, it’s interesting. It’s super informative but in a way that I think is engaging so
I really appreciate that. So go check out his channel guys and thanks for– – Thanks for coming. – Hanging out man. We’re in Palm Springs and it’s sweltering.

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  1. Several times over the years, I bought a new windshield with a hidden defect. In each case, the maker quickly reimbursed the glass shop.. So if Tesla does the warranty replacement, the new window will likely cost Tesla net zero.

  2. I did not believe when you said the car had a crack. But as soon as you said that the crack turned into a perfect Tesla logo, my faith was restored in this most amazing piece of machine made by the most amazing man on this Earth.

  3. I saw a similar defect of the roof glas from another Model 3 owner on Twitter. It also ended as a Tesla logo – he meant it was from manufacturing when putting the glas on the top.

  4. The very same thing happened to my Model 3 after about 3 weeks of ownership. No visible impact but appears to have started in a very similar place as yours did. Also similar “Tesla” logo. Called Tesla, they insisted that glass is not covered under warranty. Called insurance, they would cover but I would still have to pay for the deductible. After a couple of emails to Tesla , including photos of the damage, and a lengthy phone conversation, they finally indicated that they are aware of the issue and they would cover the cost of replacement. They had to order the part, which took, over two weeks. Then I had to schedule the replacement installation. In fact my appt is on Monday. They say it will take about two days. They can offer me a loaner but it may not be a Tesla, they offer Enterprise rentals if Tesla’s are not available;(. So far, hasn’t been a great experience.

  5. I live extremely close to where they shot the video. If you ever come down here again Ben, I would love to see the car!

  6. Tesla Logo crack hehehe this is super nice what the nature of glass can do with random ways …. is any way to keep it and color it and make glass cured with chemicals in order to stay safe?? Make an interview to Thunderf00t …. may be you are not agree in many things , but will be a good chill-out!! and a cool debate for many thinks… so study him … and in 6 months interview him …

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    but in french………….juste kidding.

  8. Great video of 2 YTers hanging out. Fun. Glad glass got replaced, Please tell me that you got to keep the broken one. If it was not destroyed taking it out, What a cool wall hanger that would have been. Cheers!

  9. A little cheese with your whine? Take it in, covered under warranty, they'll give you an awesome loaner, and as the Pennsylvania Dutch say "and so flops the mop" Life goes on.

  10. Maybe Elon can send an OT update to fix that glass?? Or you could just admit that Tesla build quality is shoddy. Defo looks like a stress fracture.

    I bet youll find a silver lining to it anyway. Thats what you guys seem to do. TESLA CAN DO NO WRONG. Lol. Seriously you Musk zealots are a bunch of nonces.

  11. Damn that's fucked up Tesla puts a glass on their roof but it's not covered under warranty that's pretty fucked up I rather them put a normal roof up. Is that even an option to have a hard top roof??

  12. That looks like a thermal stress crack, it will have formed from a very small defect or chip in the glass edge, it will have formed the T where glass temperature changes either from being parked under partial shade under that tree or the heat soaking into the window frame at the glass edge. Seen it loads of times in buildings, it’s a glass / design defect – that’s a manufacturer problem not you!

  13. Wow Ben – of all the Model 3 cars produced so far and this crack had to happen to you!? Guess you're one of the few to have special luck down to a Tesla 'T' … 🙂

  14. Maybe it was an unknown rotten 'Easter Egg' – triggered sometime when you might've pissed off the AI … 🙂

  15. At least you got a tesla,i got close to getting one but my preapproved loan expired before i could a model s. 🙁 im still gonna get one. I gotta 6 month year old and he deserves to ride like that.

  16. I've heard reports that the early Model 3s are bending and flexing throughout its entire frame, thus causing the roof glass to break. Not good.

    Ben, if Tesla replaces your glass roof under warranty, ask them to throw in the additional sound insulation that's now being included in later Model 3s. Your car roars at highway speeds.

  17. Whatever happened, it came from the edge. Most likely a chip or impact…or defect from the factory. Maybe when the glass was cooling or how it is stored.

  18. Ben, I don't understand why you don't have over 100k subs. You offer so much well presented information. Maybe people think it's only Tesla stuff. But for a data nerd, it's interesting. I keep telling people at work, "if you don't capture the data, you can't use it".

  19. Something tells me Glass Roof Bot is now chained up in the corner with Fluffer Bot, like two naughty little Decepticons.

  20. Very cool video… but man, you're friend is, um… fack man, I have no words. Who thinks this shit up? lol I gotta sub to his channel now. Thanks Bro.

  21. The glass roof crack is my nightmare come true. I've had some bad luck with windshield chips/cracks over the years and as much as I love the look of the panoramic glass roofs, I'd be so scared of it needing to be replaced. What happens if the windshield cracks and has to be replaced – does the roof have to be replaced too? (not sure offhand if it's one big swooping piece of glass or separate pieces?)

  22. awesome vid…interesting to hear the thought processes involved with the vloging and utubing experiences from two very successful channels. Way to mix things up Ben!

  23. Actually, that crack looks like it's stabilised itself by failing in that weird way. Normally cracks get bigger and bigger over time, but all the ends have weirdly all gone off the edge. Because of that you might well be able to seal it and it may last. But it looks to me like it may be a manufacturing defect, like a tool mark, where they scratched it during manufacture and it's grown over time. It shouldn't have failed this early.

  24. Hey Ben can you guys do a video of the growing pains of other EVs especially accidents and the impact they have on the drivers…whether they were hurt or not…and compare that with ICE cars.

  25. I rented a Model 3 that had the exact same crack in it. Honestly I first thought it was just a Tesla logo until my friend pointed out that it was a cracked windshield.

  26. Hi Ben,
    The crack in your roof looked like laminated safety glass. Tempered glass explodes instead of cracks when it breaks.
    If I were a betting man, I would say the roof glass had a slight chip in the very edge prior to installing it. Since all car bodies flex some during normal use, over time that crack will start to propagate.

    In general, if glass has any sort of edge defect, and the glass is put under stress, the crack will propagate from the edge defect. Some companies grind the edge of the glass to remove the edge defects. This has a cost, but the benefit is fewer broken glass pieces. Also, laminated safety glass(used in windshields) is more prone to cracking then tempered single layer glass (used in doors).

  27. Sounds like finding your Youtube focus is a lot like improv. Keep reacting to the feedback, adding to it, letting the interaction drive you instead of trying to force an outcome.

  28. My Tesla X developed a 3 inch stress fracture in the lower right side when facing the windshield from the inside (passenger side). My car was delivered on December 31, 2016. The fracture started in January. I was worried that it meant that there was a problem in the structure of the car. Tesla picked it up and replaced the windshield. Two or three weeks after it was returned, another stress fracture occurred in the exact same place! Tesla again picked up my vehicle and studied it for six weeks before replacing the windshield again. In both circumstances, they provided loaner Teslas. It has been fine ever since.

  29. This seems to be a widespread problem. A friend of mine (Model S driver) had a crack in his glass roof without any chipping, impact mark or anything, probably a stress fracture.

  30. Ok so I’m Australian and reserved my model 3 years ago. I just want the bas version with AWD, red pain and maybe extended range. If I stayed at a friends house or somewhere can you charge the car from a standard power outlet?

  31. Regarding the broken glass…

    I just ran across a post on the Model 3 Owners Club Facebook group with a possible cause for the crack that you might want to look into…

    “I spoke with my tint shop and he said he’s heard of a few instances of the back glass breaking after being tinted. Not during install, but in the weeks after. He has actually stopped tinting M3 back glass for now until he gets more info. He suspects, with that glass being so large, that the shrinking tint adds enough loads to the glass that when normal service loads occur (road bumps, slamming doors, etc.), it causes the fracture.”

  32. I just had a very, very similar crack appear in the same spot. I thought it looked more like a tree, but maybe my Tesla logo is still forming. I've contacted Tesla Service and am waiting on their response. I really don't expect any trouble with it being covered.

  33. Interesting this happened. When the first ones started arriving her in Austin at the service center, there was a M3 with a similar crack. Something I have to keep an eye for as ill be receiving my P3D in a couple weeks.

  34. Despite what they say, that crack is a design flaw. Nissan had it years back with the new moon roof design on Maximas. The frame of the car is twisting the glass in a way that is cracking it. I would demand they fix it. It is a design flaw.

  35. I think its funny how people are like "it's a small detail" when it is not. One thing that really bugs me is when people do not use the right terminology. For example I know this one guy that when talks about wind turbines he calls them "fans." Fans and turbines are two completely different things

  36. Just happened to me but in the rear window which I had tinted months ago. Currently going through Tesla to see if they are going to fix it.

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  38. That was the first time I think I heard you curse. I gave you an instant thumbs up for that. LOL. Didn't realize this was an older video. Well my glass cracked on my roof of my falcon wing door. I'm seeing others complain about this on the web. No rock mark until later on.

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