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TF2’s Default Settings Are a Joke

Team Fortress 2 is a beautiful example of what a game should strive to be with its seemingly limitless customizability as well as its fun gameplay. It really shows, as its long life grows even stronger as Valve continues to add updates. However, there are a few exceptions to this example. One being sv_pure, the other being a horrible beast that is… TF2’s own default settings. *Theme Music Plays* When someone first starts Team Fortress 2, as of now, this is what the game looks like. A slightly outdated UI, but hey, it works. The new player selects Casual Mode, picks whatever sounds the most fun, and jumps in to a game. Simple. At this point the player may be put off, though… Why? The FOV or Field-of-View The game looks, for a lack of a better word; zoomed in. And I’m not just talking about the viewmodel, dear God… That’s a secondary issue compared to this. The easy solution to this problem? The teeny tiny FOV slider in the advanced video options, or the command fov_desired 90. Ah… that’s much better! Bu-but wait a minute… Who in the world will even notice that the option exists? That little FOV slider is such a hidden detail. I’ve spectated countless players and I’d say about 75% of ’em are using the default FOV. How do they play like that and not get motion sickness? I say we scrap the default value and bump it up to 90 degrees, just like CS:GO. BUT WAIT! I hear you say… “What about Viewmodel FOV?” Glad you asked. I’m sure people don’t want their weapon right in front of their right or left eyeball… …blocking a quarter or even up to half of their display. How do we fix this you ask? Easy. We go to the advanced options and bump up the viewmodel FOV, where we’re limited to the default of 54 degrees up to 70 degrees. Set that shit to the max and the game instantly becomes less claustrophobic and starts to feel comfortable. But it could be even *More* comfortable… The limit isn’t actually 70 degrees. With the console command ‘viewmodel_fov’ we can bump it up way higher, even past 100. I’ve found my comfort zone to be 80 degrees and Valve doesn’t even seem to want their players to know that this option exists. Giving the user this option has the potential to make them way more comfortable so why is it so hidden? Change the default to 70 degrees, fix your viewmodels and change the slider’s minimum and maximum values. But what about even more important stuff that everyone can benefit from? Stuff like hit-sounds, kill-sounds, damage numbers, auto-reload and auto-healing for the medic. These are crucial things… that help players learn the game. Don’t lock them away behind a really ugly options box, turn them on before the player even starts! Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention the *horrendous* network settings the game ships with. Symptoms of bad default network settings include: bad hit registration; shots that take too long to fire; missing information; and the list grows on and on… The game allows you to *triple* the default network settings, giving a huge advantage to those who go and find the commands to enter them. Please do everyone a favour and update these hidden variables, no-one’s benefiting from your bad settings. TF team, I love you… and your game, I really do. If you really want to attract more players to the game and potentially end the confusion and motion sickness faced by newcomers, Please… Update your defaults. *OUTRO MUSIC PLAYS*

100 thoughts on “TF2’s Default Settings Are a Joke

  1. rate 60000
    cl_cmdrate 66
    cl_updaterate 66
    cl_interp 0.035
    cl_interp_npcs 0.1
    cl_interp_ratio 1.0
    cl_smooth 0
    cl_smoothtime 0.100

    Just in case someone wants to apply this in there autoexec.cfg

  2. I have almost 1500 hours and never messed with fovs and stuff until yesterday.I gotta get used to it, but it feels better.

  3. Lol i play with default settings and i am soldier main with 600 hours default settings arent bad they are actually pretty decent

  4. Actually auto heal, in my opinion is fine not being default, as for me, I have to spam the click button to heal others, when clicking on them is faster, it may tire my finger, but not as much as auto heal when I have an entire team to get above 100hp.

  5. Question. How do I fix my weapon scrolling? I have my weapons stuck on the controller mode, and my demolisher for Engie has just… Vanished! How do I fix this?

  6. How to avoid being insulted about being a furry: sound so depressed and uncaring that people will avoid insulting you

  7. This was a great video! Very helpful. I hope Valve makes many of these proposed changes. The default settings put new players at an immediate disadvantage against ones who know the right commands, even before we factor in skill and experience.

  8. Default settings are not a joke

    I love the default settings! I accept your opinion but the default settings aren’t THAT bad.

  9. I was using the defaults for like a year but when i whatched muselk and the viewmodel_fov 90 and life IS better

  10. I actually disagree with the fov thing. While having a wider field of view is certainly a good thing, the way tf2 handles fov makes the screen considerably distorted at high values. This is most obvious when setting your viewmodel fov to extremely high values, the center of the screen is shrunk while the surrounding area is stretched.

    Minimal viewmodels are a must though. Default viewmodels takes too much damn space.

  11. I found the viewmodel fov command when i had 300 hours in tf2….
    I changed it to a 100 and im never going back.

    I knew of the Field of view before i started playing tho set it to the maximum straight away.

  12. I have no idea what you’re talking about. Most new players don’t really care about FOV well I least I don’t

  13. video uploaded in 2017
    Me: watching video again in 2019
    Aar: Valve continues to update the game
    Me in 2019: Yeah… obviously

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