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Thailand, The Truth! Learn from a Thai Girl, language, funny stories, Thai culture…

you put your finger in your bum and sniffed it?1 don’t put that in the video!
Thai Language… Thai culture… first I should introduce you
to people I guess this is Summer things about Thailand from summer so who
told you you have to put your finger in your bum? Your Mum? Everytime you talk to a girl say Krup at the end If he know’s to much Thai we think he knows too much, he must be the bad one if you know too much Thai she’s not gonna like
you right? I’ve known summer how long have I known you for like four years too
long Summer is no longer in Thailand Summer, we’re here in London right now Summer
lives and works here. So I made another video if you haven’t seen it go and
check it out where I was learning what not to say , pretty much lots of
Thai swearing a bad words you can go and check that out but people said do more
of these videos learn a little bit of Thai language
and also about like Thai customs Thailand has some really funny some like
really funny logic and some things they say they say your fingers gonna fall off
so you have to put your finger up your bum and then you have to sniff it we got
some funny some weird things they think yeah and distant stuff like that so
we’re just going to talk we’re going to talk and teach you some tire gas let’s do some ok so I gotta you put on
your social media write all about like what funny things I tell him about Thai
yeah alright let’s go to that in a minute first let me um I got a question
from Tommy on from YouTube he says DB can you do some conversation like when a
girl comes to say hi to you in English I want to reply and tie or just know how
to say tires I don’t look stupid so when you’re
in like if you’re in a bar and a girl comes and talks to you because that will
happen in Thailand right in England the girl will never never come up to you but
in Thailand they will they’ll come and say hi and there’s always something
they’ll say they’re always gonna say like hi and then they’re gonna do what
asked my name mm-hmm and well that’s the gonna ask where are
you from yeah it’s pretty much that conversation that and how long are you
staying here and then buy so I want to reply I guess he wants to reply and Thai
he doesn’t want to apply in English once they look good like he’s been here right
so if you ask me we’re gonna roleplay here’s a bit of acting okay
so you’re the girl in a bar mm-hmm and I’m the guy in the bar okay okay so nice
I’m a really good-looking guy it’s hard to do they imagine I’m a
really good guy and you’ve come over to me and say hi
what’s your name and I want to reply in Thai so I want to say my name is Dan –
Dan shoo-shoo ban couple that’s cute wasn’t
that last bit cut boom what’s that I don’t really have
Mimi’s in English it’s just like it just like to be cute yeah shoot the chuffing
like shoe but not the whole word shoe Dan in the last bit
couple couple mmm cop basically yeah English I will back because you don’t
have anything to put at the end of the word to make it more polite in please
but in Thailand we got that word couple or car like Japanese yeah they got that
kind of wait I feel like this or mas yeah we don’t really we don’t have them
so that’s how it’s gonna apply it to that and then she’s gonna say how old
are you how old are you then you gotta learn numbers right I do it for me
I’m 32 Sam sits on that’s 32 say I am 32 I have two poems antics on me huh – very
difficult Sam sits on B Cup mm-hmm you’ve got it
sounds it’s on me a cup imagine servitude how are you sounds
like zombie come she’d be like huh whoa buy me drink I thought she was a okay
wait okay where are you from she’s gonna say where you’re from
I’m gonna say I am from England and keep on kid England mm-hmm I’m keeping
land and keep England you can say England Cup England Cup make sure every
time you talk to the girl yeah you use the world cup um
Oh cup yeah that’s really cute yes yes cute yeah
just making unit you got that word at the end of your whatever you say yeah
what you say you just need to put in me a drink
all right works I’m gonna say how long you gonna stay here I’m here for two
weeks how to say two weeks no one is day on tip this week month is doing okay
what’s week at eat a tick mm-hmm like a tip yeah okay that’s how you gonna
remember this at it okay okay song active say goodbye and tie I never
say goodbye lag on lag gone after said gone long no okay black gone witch gonna
means like by she’s gone I need to remember now gone because even when your
phone to your mom you say bye bye bye bye bye each other you don’t say leg on
oh yes no one no one really say that if is the if is on the phone then no one
said that oh yeah in person I’m not gone if they
really like you no matter how you internet yourself they would like you
anyway okay so that’s a little bit of conversational time I mean they’re never
gonna say it to you in Thai problem if you answer in time maybe we should start
talking to you inside and then you be if it happens I really want you to tell me
I really want to know I know it like what is your name is khonshu Ally uh-huh
is that right no I’m self can’t I how old you how to say that in time are you
tight are you coli mm-hmm where you from mad at me Marg at night something what
for my opinion yeah when the guys are trying to speak tight too much I think
it’s cue yeah but then you see some of the guy if they’re just like no too much
we get scared oh yeah that’s always we get scared like
oh shit you know too much time he must have been with so many tiger and no one
taking say hahaha he’d sneaked IDs and you know whether
girl a girl so he must be less like no one take him got like he’s a butterfly
he’s been mean he’s been with too many girls in those ten nights guys so this
can bite you in there if you know too much Thai she’s not gonna like you right
yeah depends on the girl but me no funny things about Thailand from summer okay
you got to tell me talk funny now here we get two summers funny story
okay okay which one what are we gonna just tell me some before we were filming
then they’re really funny basically the first one yeah Thai a little crazy like
story they say um oh it’s like a saying like a story like stuff like that okay
okay you’re not you’re not pointing at their rainbow because your finger would
come off so you have to put your finger up to your bum and sniffing okay all
right okay so these that little sayings like so in England we do if someone’s
pulling a face and you say don’t do that if the wind changes it will get stuck
like a little saying like this right so but in Thailand if you point again we do
this again if you point at a rainbow they say your fingers gonna fall off so
you have to put your finger up your bum and then you have to sniff it the people
really do it yeah way okay wait it’s good have you ever done it that’s just
like parents making like fun of their children people weren’t really thinking
their fingers gonna fall off right so you wait oh look at that rainbow mama
she went quick quick but your finger when you button quick and snip Oh better
okay that was a good one okay next on my next video we’re gonna do one of these
like each video cuz there are a lot of a lot of weird stuff that Thai people say
a lot of weird stuff there there’s a way there’s another one
I heard that uh-oh I’ll tell them about the baby huh
because I hope this thing that when you have a newborn baby you know you like
show everyone the baby like oh here’s my new baby you have to say the baby’s ugly
like you have to say you cannot say the baby’s cute or it looks pretty or sweet
or anything because otherwise bad demons might come so you’ve got to show me a
new baby and I have to go your baby’s really ugly and that’s good and that’s
good yep I don’t know why they do that but it just kind of like just to be just
to be on the safe side to be on the safe side I don’t know why did it it’s the
same thing with the rainbow thing let’s make no sense Thai people are really big
on a superstition and luck like a big thing everything’s about luck and
superstition like you’re gonna be unlucky where you have to do this to
have good fortune when you see on markets when you if they sell the first
thing like I bought hat once and there’s the first thing she sold all day if you
took the money and you should like brush it on all that stuff like this to get
good luck like they’re so big on luck and fortune far bigger than here one of
the funny things that I got son here I choose another one today’s on summers
Facebook page maybe I’ll link your Facebook page people come and stalk you
up there’s so many on there got 250 comments right yep funny things about
Thailand from summer so you hit me in the mouth of a frog that’s a lie okay
okay okay let’s leave this video and let’s not this video there that was
really really good I hope you guys enjoyed it I really appreciate you
watching we’ve got more of these coming up I’m gonna pop like one a week at the
end of the week more this conversation about Thai conversation some funny
stories and about Thai culture from a Thai girl okay I see the next one thanks

40 thoughts on “Thailand, The Truth! Learn from a Thai Girl, language, funny stories, Thai culture…

  1. Oh you speak thai. Fuck how can I call my thai bf while your with me. They hate farangs that speak thai because it evens the game up.

  2. From what I gather it must be very rude to point your finger at someone's face and say smell in Thailand? Am I wrong?

  3. Dan do you have an uncut version of this?.
    Don't get caught up in the clickbait mate 😉
    Still love your channel!!

  4. Hi Dan I just do the basics in thai but i know quite a bit now you can never stop learning, yes the ladies don't seem to like it if you know too much but they are very smart as you know. My favourite word the thais use is Lil Lil.. Summer is very Beautiful and charming. Good vlog mate.

  5. Great job! Both of you make a great team for Thai tradition/beliefs! This was so fun!
    My wife n I will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks,hope to catch up with you while we're there!

  6. lol 5:50 – I fall into that trap all the time, I speak a little bit of thai (and japanese) trouble is I must say it well enough to sound knowledgeable, then pretty much get my pants pulled down when the person rolls out a load of sentences. Its still worth learning even a little bit more than khop khun khap and sawat dii.

  7. Hey, bud great video! love it! when did you get home?

    I gotta say Dan up to now she is my FAVORITE(love the curves) Thai girl ever

  8. 'Soon, nung, song, saam, see, ha, hok, jet, bat, gow, sip', your zero to ten in Thai numbers, once you learn these the rest becomes a lot easier 😉

  9. Made me Chuckle Dan , great Video as ever keep em coming . Think i might of been in the JP Morgan building behind you whilst you filmed this , International hotel by any chance ??

  10. "Finger up your rectum" in Thai saying is equatable to "You are full of Sh!t in America", go ahead and check, we will wait…

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