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That Last Slice Of Cake | Skit | Wahid Fayad | Comedy Videos

Hey, man, that last slice of cake, can I take it? Depends if everybody else had a slice There’s only me and you here? Yeah right, right… Just take it.. After the show! It’s about to end… Huh? Oh cool can’t wait! All right, gonna have that last slice now! Why did you do that for? Well You wanted this cake so bad right? Yes, so why did you take it? See the problem is? I wanted that last slice too You already had more THAN HALF OF THAT CAKE! Can’t help the CRAVING CAN I? This ain’t fair man. YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME! It ain’t have to be fair.. It’s always been FINDERS KEEPERS, LOSERS WEEPERS! Where’s our friendship gone? Friends buy you lunch… BEST friends eat your lunch! (taking bite) HA HA HA HA It’s just a cake man.. Here have it !

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