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The 10 Neigh-ziest Jokes... Of The Horse "Crisis"

okay so the day before yesterday there was this massive fucking reveal in the media that's a pile of supermarket chain burgers had traces of horse meat or horse DNA in them to the extent that one entry of every burger and had horse DNA in it these are an example of the burgers which I've cleverly disguised and no one can ever tell which company it came from and all I can say is them it's a little bit obvious who might have been everyone loves a little pun now again it's like fucking hilarious I feel like you're really close to me today congratulations here's my fucking face in high definition so making that pisses me off about all of this is the people on Facebook correct oh my god I can't believe I had horse meat you eat cow chicken fish pig every single fucking day congratulations you can take Horace off your bucket list next up aborted fetus because that's what's going to happen to abortion fetuses when they report it thank god you're here youth defense protect an Ireland from abortion but not suicide what annoys me more is people saying I can't believe they're lying about it you paid the eighth of a price of a burger for eight burgers did you just expect them to use a layer or unhappier or less of confident cows in those burgers what you're a fucking idiot but my favorite part of all this is Irish people thinking that they're funny so I traced through Facebook through all of my friends statuses and through radio stations Facebook page statuses asking people what their opinions on all of this was and I found the 10 worst jokes of the horse crisis shut up so this is the ten neighs easiest jokes of the worst crisis that one's a fucking funny okay so stick with me anyone who's not from aria this first one is exclusively for the Irish it was too good to not put in the video super Americans and the Greta talk said not to worry because they've only sold a couple of burgers this thing up how's this for a headline Tesco removes all veggie burgers after finding traces of unicorn and actually does take alcohol despite the recent news Tesco report that their burger sales are still stable this is getting worse and worse I was going to bring Tesco and complain but I'm feeling a little hoarse don't need Tesco's burgers they gave me the trots trots means diary and buddy shit you think the horsemeat thing is bad they've been using zebra skin on barcodes for years fuck me this is disgusting they have to pull down their bread as well because the pen traces of horse meat in there in the brand called thoroughbreds I just checked the youth by day on my burgers and row I'm the number one worst joke is don't eat those burgers I hear the leave a fallen taste in your mags the dust to myself for allowing the world's to here's why would you share these jokes with people James I hear you ask especially when you hate them so much I hear you interrupt as I try to tell you because I'm such a nice person and I feel us these people are only putting these jokes up because they want to be recognized as hilarious so here you fucking air now everyone knows you're a dipshit except I didn't mention your name because I really don't want you to die for having those shit jokes alright guys if you like this video but not the jokes give it a thumbs up if you love this video again but not the jokes please share I'm Facebook Twitter and Tumblr if you love me because I didn't come up with any of those jokes please subscribe

34 thoughts on “The 10 Neigh-ziest Jokes… Of The Horse "Crisis"

  1. You didn't tell me what to do if i liked all 4 of them? George just did a video and i was his Number 1 view! So for once in my life!!! I was Number 1 [i am usually Number 2 no shit!] So I just saw a Dubliner doing comedy David O'Doherty he was on QI and I googled and youtubed him, I love Irish humor it the best shite!!!

  2. Wow, I somehow missed this video AND the news story that went along with it! FAIL.

    By the way, I do expect discount meat-packers to use less self-confident cows in their products. 😉 Also, your hair is fabulous!

  3. I dont really care… Waste not want not? :L like you eat venneson in expensive restaraunts right? Why not a bittine of good auld irish harse? At 1/12 if the price aswell :L

  4. I found some of them very funny :/ maybe you're just good at telling jokes?
    P.s great hair day for you! Hot 😉

  5. we had this scandal a few years ago,where on particular culture here got caught serving horse at a church barbecue. Me being the insensitive bastard that is modelled after James, went and hired a horse suit and ran around the local arm of that church for a few weeks in my spare time,ruining a wedding, a funeral and several children blessings. Don't know if they chased me because they were angry or if they were hungry

  6. I wanted to get mince at LIDL this afternoon, but they had cleared the shelves of everything, The bastards. If I want to eat deep frozen Shergar, I should have a chocie.

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