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The 100 Mario Pacifist Challenge [SUPER MARIO MAKER]

Does that count? That doesn’t count. does it count? I don’t think it counts. Alright everybody. Welcome back to Super Mario maker. Today We’re gonna be trying out the 100 Mario’s super expert pacifist challenge. Now a couple ground rules here So how this is gonna work is I’m going to attempt to clear these stages without killing any enemies. However, if I feel like it’s impossible I have to skip the stage. It’s gonna be kind of a gray area Because I’m gonna have to make judgment calls in some cases where it looks like it might be impossible, but I’m not sure. Hey if this goes well, we might have to do a genocide run. Am I right? Alright stage one, four stages What’s in the door? Is that a stage? That is so messed up man Okay, don’t have to kill anybody yet Should I take the spring or the p-switch? I’ll take the spring. Woah! Good choice good choice. Oh no, wait, what if I had brought the p-switch? Okay. I’m going with- Middle oh, so we got a funny guy, do we? well check this out. Oh shit. No! Dude, come on. All right, lucky number three and We are golden folks. We are golden. So we didn’t actually need to get the P-switch through anyways Is this safe? Oh my Oooh So we can knock out the Goomba without killing him hey, here we go There we go That doesn’t count. That doesn’t count. I didn’t kill him. I just knocked him out He would have fallen off the edge anyways. Does that count? That doesn’t count. Does it count? I don’t think it counts I don’t think it counts we can we can debate all night long whether that counts But if I had spun jump on the Goomba he would have exploded and died but I just jumped on him normally so I think it’s good. Is that it? That’s it? Yes, alright that stage was pitifully easy I can’t wait to see the people in the comments fight over whether or not that counts as Pacifism or not. Alright, that stage was terrible next stage – with 96 lives jump 20 seconds speed run Auw Did I jump? I jumped before the note blocks so I didn’t actually hit the note block What the heck dude hey, this should just line up right? My goodness, oh My god, there’s no way I get this is there Nope Dude I twirled too early I twirled too early What? I… This stage stinks No, I can’t do it I can’t do it Wait does that count is killing a wiggler? There are a lot of technicalities here that I’m just now realizing look at this look at this look at that When you step on the noteblock a wiggler shoots out, but he’s got nowhere to go and He dies. He dies. He’s dead. We killed him. Oh shit Hold on is it possible to not kill him? It’s not I don’t think it is. I don’t think it’s possible We got a skip we got a skip you got to use the note block and it kills a wiggler. Super-ninja Mario Wish I would have realized that before I lost like 20 lives on that stage This is my kind of level Oh Oh my god, f*cking jerk Not an enemy in sight dude. alright I’ll start I’ll start that was good. I was nice very nice ok stage 3 with 75 lives a apoca… something jump man journey Oh god God we get to skip it. I think we get to skip it. Oh My god, maybe I don’t know though, I don’t know for sure. I Don’t know for sure We get to skip it we killed munchers. Yes. F*ck. Yeah Good lord. That’s a big jump Okay, Knocking out goombas, but not killing them Oh God Don’t know what I’m doing here I was gonna jump Lucky Alright I’m obviously not going in there I Don’t even think I can jump that high What Oh God It’s tempting me to go over the top no way dude No way get out of here Okay, here we go here we go the biggest weight I can’t kill the bullet does that count it get counts Dammit I was gonna do a huge jump But I can’t kill the bullets. It didn’t think about the bullets. I didn’t think about the bullets Don’t see anything out there. Anyways, I’m going in the pipe I am going in this pipe right here What The heck is going on You don’t want to hit the p-switch Am I screwed here Hey, I think I can make this jump No, Damn it. Okay. We need to get over there thought hitting the p-switch Yeah, we’re going in this pipe Don’t rrust any p-swithes but think we have to Shit, no Dude am I crazy? Why would I jump like that? Get a P-switch for the road I mean that can’t count right? I can’t skip the level at this point dude. We just killed a bunch of Bowser’s by clearing the stage The run is officially invalid that brings up another important question Is this pacifist run if you get to the the ax and a castle stage and there are enemies by the axe Can you beat the stage or do you have to skip it because beating the stage would kill the enemies I think Moving forward moving forward I think that you got to skip it I think that was an illegal move, but you know what? We’re still figuring it out. And there’s nothing I can do at this point. So next level. All right task 10. Oh Jesus wait, there’s not 10 seconds. There’s actually a lot of seconds am I doing here? It’s a mid-air, is it several minutes Oh No Just throwing an enemy off the edge Count as killing an enemy am I murdering that spiny by throwing them off the edge? I Can’t even do a mid-air, please I just want to do one and see if I have to do another if I have to do more than one I’m gonna claim That that’s killing a spiny so I can skip it And it is a repeated midair stage, you know what? I think throwing the spiny off the edge counts is killing it. I’m just saying, you know, you know guys That’s that is spiny cruelty right there this is another legitimate gray area if I take this spiny and Simply it came off the edge. Does that count as killing him? I want to say yes, just so I can skip the stage otherwise our run is over. There’s a ten in the title Which means is this ten mid-airs in a row? Okay, I’m skipping it. I’m skipping it. I’m skipping it is spiny cruelty. I’m skipping it troll bot by Julian All right, oh my god wow I was lucky And I’m dead Okay, this is another that’s another important question for the comments section If you throw an enemy off the edge, does it count as killing it? but that’s a tough question because Like what if you do a shell jump off a wall and there’s a gap under the wall So you do the shell jump and then the turtle falls down Does that count is killing the turtle Wow, dude dude I almost saved that with a wall jump p-switch jump What about that Koopa walking off the edge right there didn’t mean not saving him count is killing him or is that his own problem? That’s hard. You have to twirl out and then jump off the wall really fast That’s so hard You know what, you know what screw the wall jump I’m out of the pipe and just do a p-switch jump Hey, here we go. Here we go simply Jump and you got it stage 5 with 47 lives the healing power of laughter by jay Pizzle. Oh, look at that. I got skip the stage. You got to kill some munchers too bad forty second speed are on And we got a skip I killed some enemies though, I gotta take a death 50 second speed run And we gotta skip it gotta kill munchers Dude I love how you get to skip all the speed run stages because you gotta kill munchers and every single one of them lizard hop ping Yoshi must be the lizard. Okay. So here’s the yoshi I will leave him behind wonder what’s in the door You have to keep up with that thing I think you have to keep up with the blue platform the lizard Get stuck because of the fire and go in the door and go in the other door and Be up here and don’t do that. Just keep riding. Oh My god, okay, we’re gonna hop off Here And try going down here. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s good. That’s good. All right There it is Yeah, wait did I kill something Dude the end happened so fast, did I kill any hammer bros? I killed one didn’t I say it ain’t so I think I did. I think I killed a hammer brother. Oh my god, dude okay, so in the event that you’re actually Let’s say you’re streaming a pacifist run If that happens you finish a stage and you kill an enemy You gotta restart the run all over. Okay, so this stage here starts with a frame jump And then you grab a shell and then you oh Wait, you spin jump you do a spin jump out of the frame Then a p-jump and then a spring jump This is my punishment This is my punishment for killing that hammer brother. I accept my fate like a man Didn’t they patch frame jumps? There’s something I thought they made a change to frame jumps like in new stages. You can’t do them. Oh I Stand corrected unless this is an old stage, but I really have no idea Got it. I am such a beast And I’m dead That’s so exciting, man Twice in a row. I don’t understand how you do. It better sometimes than others. I’m gonna keep trying this. You know, what? This is my punishment for killing the hammer brother, but we’re gonna try it Anyways, I was gonna give up but we might have a shot. You never know Look at that Look at that Wait, hold on there cheese Can you make that jump You can Do does it just set up some other ridiculous section. Oh my gosh, just go dive coffee Twice in a row Wow I Think you need that spiny shellmet So if you guys aren’t familiar with this trick we call this a frame jump when the level starts If you jump there’s a one frame window if you hit the jump button during that frame Mario will jump And if it’s a level that starts you in the air Mario will just do a jump out of thin air Fuck. Yeah, I don’t care. I’m going for it You need the shellmet you have to put the shellmet on to kill the thwomps, but you might I don’t know I I can’t believe how many times I’ve gotten this Caused buffering because I don’t want to lose Forced hit, how about a checkpoint? I lost Well Wait Another trick another crazy trick So that’s a trick where you get a powerup over some spikes and after you get the powerup you actually get Maybe a couple frames to jump out before you take damage top it off. I got a hair in my eye This couldn’t get any worse Hold on I don’t think we’re in a rush. Oh, there’s a music note here. Why is this here? Did I also just realized that we just killed a shit lot of thwomps Us invalidating the pacifism, right This run is a shit show look at that look at that. We did it Dude could I actually beat the stage I just died to a simple shell jump After doing all that other stuff. You know what this run is a hot mess. Anyways, let’s go down swinging on this ridiculous stage There we go Got it Look, you don’t have to kill the thwomps Got it That window is actually a little more forgiving it’s more than one frame Okay, how are we gonna do the shell jump without killing this Koopa? Okay, okay we didn’t kill him nice nice pow drop Okay, I think that works All right, we’re alive we’re alive how did I get this far as ridiculous this is the shell That could have been the end I think that was a Hold on oh My god, hold on. Oh I thought I was gonna be a one life clutch That level can be completed pacifist was that the final trick did I die on an easy final trick There’s the goal tell me it’s not that pie it tell me Wait, wait a minute. What a dick so yes, I died on the last trick which was debatably the easiest part of the whole stage But he had an overlay pipe. So I probably would have went into the overlay and died Oh no No Yes in there, all right, well we went back to the stage and beat it passifist style so Except for killing that hammer bro a little bit. All right. Thanks for watching everybody this was a really fun experience a lot of debate to be had on what counts as Pacifism and what doesn’t this was the first attempt and it was a failure. It was close though. It was close Oh, it was close. Either way if you want to see another pacifism attempt in the future Let me know if you want to see a genocide attempts. I don’t know what that would look like I guess that would be just killing every enemy you see no matter what which would lead to more problems like Bowser and enemies that you can’t really kill and except you have a powerup. Anyways, thank y’all so much for watching This one was really fun. I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “The 100 Mario Pacifist Challenge [SUPER MARIO MAKER]

  1. Waiting for ryu to realize he just killed a lot of enemies

    Sips tea vigorously
    And stares with a smug look on your face when he dosn't and when he does realize

  2. We completed this stage pacifist style

    Sips tea and stares at ryu with a sug face
    remembering all the enemies he killed

    The hammer bro
    and regular old bowser

    not to mention the koopa, the millions of thwomps that he killed over and over
    and that poor wiggler

    and last but not least

    Ryu killed the run by letting mario die, and juming into the saws and spikes.

    R.I.P in chat for the poor souls lost in the filming of Ryu"s video.

  3. If i push you off a building and you fall. What happens? You die!
    So enemies falling into the void count as killing.

  4. The wiggler doesn't die, it's invincible so…. it just squishes itself and almost dies but never dies so it's always in suffering and IT DESERVES IT FOR BEING IMMORTAL TO ALL OF MARIO'S ATTACKS

  5. what if an enemy runs off the edge themselves? what it you do a shell jump, the enemy would fall into a pit, but before they do you enter a pipe? if bullet bills are alive, are cannonballs, too? what about empty shells?

  6. You guys should play my level the code is MY5-L1F-XHG its is an auto swich speedrun and it is really good plz play it

  7. bowser is a fire turtle, so what if he swimms in lava a bit? hes done so for idk how long and is still healthy enogh to be after some human hoe.

  8. if you could have saved them and you let them die than its not a true pacifist run

    you must be the savior mario maker needs

  9. Just because an enemy falls off a ledge doesn't mean they die, does it? There's no fall damage in the Mario universe.

  10. I created a level which forces you to be pacifist in Super Mario Maker 2!

    it's possible to defeat the enemies but you won't WIN unless you find a peaceful way through. Forced pacifist run. 124 attempts. 0 clears. Can you cheese it, kill, win, Ryu? #RYUSMM

  11. 11:58
    People die all the time, but if every person that died and I didn’t save counted as me killing them then I would have murdered thousands! So, the koopa is fine

  12. I have a challenge for YOU ryu you have to star ⭐️ every level even if you hate it and if you don’t start every level you lose and you have to restart the whole thing and I have to be super expert!

    like if you agree he should do this challenge!

  13. If you get points for killing the enemy, you've killed an enemy.. So knocking a spiney over the edge counts as a kill.. Goomba jumped.. Not on you what goombas decide to do..

  14. Ryukahr: "So today i'm doing a pacifist run witch means killing absolutely no enemies."

    Also Ryukahr: Kills an innocent wiggler like 20 times 😂

  15. So, just cause murder happens around you doesn't make you a murder. That being said, Pow triggered by thwomp, Bomb set off by flame, esc= mario innocent bystander. About throwing "enemies" off of cliffs, If it won't ever wake up, then It's already dead like everything else that has gone to "sleep" and won't ever wake up. If the enemy is falling over a pit/cliff when you jump on them one could argue it was a failed attempt at saving their life b^_^b even if they die earlier or because of your failed attempt >.<. Also, you could argue that if you would have died if you hadn't jumped on them that they in turn were trying to save YOUR life even if it meant sacrificing themselves(koopa turned traitor against Bowser lol… maybe not). And finally, If mario hits a p-switch in most cases I'd say it's not his fault things died.
    Did you have malice towards others if say you called your dog back home and a bunch of cars crash into each other trying to avoid your dog that ran in the middle of the road…..? Or lets say someone is working in a gearbox for a bridge. You know they'll die if you flip the switch to close the bridge. But there's a train that ran the red light or maybe the red light was burned out. You don't know but you do know that if you don't flip the switch every passenger on that train will die. In that situation, what ever you chose to do (for what ever the reason. Maybe you figured that the bridge wouldn't close in time anyway)… what happened is an accident and not on you. But lets say there wasn't a train and you know that your buddy will die if you flip the switch, doing so would be murder.
    So I guess I'm saying that if you do a run and flip a p-switch and things die, you can continue the run(you didn't know for sure that they'd die). However, if you are forced to trigger that same p-switch again now knowing what it does, then you have to skip unless yoshi/other things will die if you don't flip it >;3.
    I really enjoyed thinking about this if you couldn't tell. I find this a very interesting concept and look forward to seeing more like this and what "Rules" you decide to implement.

  16. Nice justifying that level was not pacifist after clearly establishing you couldn't beat it 😂😂 oh, the human mind

  17. The Bowsers & Jr dying at the bridge doesnt count. It was self defense lol. (I know this is an old ass video, just wanted to say that.😜)

    Edit: I don't think a pacifist run is a great idea lol. Too many unavoidable situations & technicalities, no real rules or exceptions…it's sloppy AF..

  18. I know he was late, but in my opinion, if an action of yours causes death, it is your fault. If you release an enemy and walk towards emptiness it is not your fault. If you jump on it and it rolls in a vacuum, it counts as a death caused by you.

  19. Unless it's a castle theme, enemies don't die if they walk of the edge because they can reappear without reloading the area.

  20. That last level was stupid as shit. Glitches to get through the level, only to end on a fake pipe? That's pathetic. Levels like theres are disgusting and the reason I can't find it in myself to buy the game, not to mention the absurd amount of troll levels and pick a pipe levels. Oh well the rest was fun to watch

  21. the first level is garbage? not a good one but definitely not horrendous. also (for me) killing enemy=mario kill an enemy with his action (jump, powerup, POW) not one suicided himself in the level. and yes, the first gloomba is your kill because he died in the void, or you should did the midair level

  22. For the "Genocide Run", maybe challenge your viewers to create levels for the run. Now that we're on SMM2, the rule for submitting a level could be that it has the Clear Condition of defeating all of some enemy. You could then just focus on meeting the Clear Condition as the "genocide" rather than having to worry about having missed some enemy.

  23. Ryu literally said he killed something the same way that the level before he didnt kill the other thing, ie the wiggler and the goomba. The wiggler died because he couldn't fit in that area, not because you spawned him, same principle as the goomba, you knocked him out he died from the fall not you knocking him out. Weird logic…

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