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The Best Hilarious Comedy Impressionists On Britain’s Got Talent & America’s Got Talent

Hello, what’s your name? My name is Andrew Lancaster. All right. Where you from Andrew, I’m from, Lancashire And what do you do? I do impressions. What’s your full-time job, Andrew? I’ve done a vast array of jobs, like what I’ve worked in a biscuit factory And tell me why you’ve entered the show And what did what the dream is please? Well, I suppose the dream would be to have a my own Impression sketch show one day. It’s a big dream. It’s a big dream. Well, that’s what it’s all about Okay, we’re all best of luck. Thank you very much Ladies and gentlemen at the United Kingdom I Donald J. Trump proposed some changes to the way you’re doing things in your beautiful country Yeah Number one your children your greatest natural resource I propose Professor Brian Cox educate each and every last one of them. I think it’s going to go something like this Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are well actually we do know what you are I Think it’s absolutely wonderful Number two I believe that your National Health Service is a beautiful thing should be in charge By my good friend Nigel Faraj. He’s gonna do a great job Now wait a minute don’t do that. I mean come on, I mean here we are it’s funny, isn’t it? You know as soon as somebody says my name everybody goes bonkers you Know I think it’s quite funny. I’ve got another job And finally number three, is it number three, I don’t know I don’t know There’s no Number three folks your housing you got to get that sorted out folks I know just the man for the job is Russell Brand ladies and gentlemen Russell do your thing? Now seriously, right? Yeah, I think the most important thing is are No, no. No, I’m gonna say yet the most important thing I think please country the moment is to get everybody in a nice little ass, you know, because we’re also gonna live, you know I’ve gotta destroy The wrong, you know Those are my ideas to respond in your beautiful country if you don’t like then you’re fake news. Good night God bless you and God bless america Oh Darrin tell me do you have a day job I’m a voice-over artist actually. Oh for commercials and things Yeah, what product would we know your voice from mostly on the radio? Um, I am an I am scared Is this what your act is gonna be this evening tonight, I’m gonna do a few celebrity impressions for you. I love them all Okay when you’re ready off you go, thank you Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to face for view the impressions Actually doing the The X Factor guy, all you have to do is right at the very end roar like a lion sorry, Mon. Ciao Here we could work with the whole plethora of strange and fascinating creatures The obligatory wild pack of street dancers and the balding middle-aged car Into the body of this I Love the sexy curves the exquisite contours, but most importantly the two big airbags So actually today Jeremy you just have to get a few key points in you have to start low go up like this pause and Go back down like this So once you go to Jeremy it’s the reason To flip into God it’s all about working. It’s working it and looking good Hey big boy, yes, but to be paid well done yes to do for me You have to jump up and down as if you’re absolutely busting for the toilet. Yes And another die that also talks in quite a better manner who’s not a Million miles away ladies and gentlemen Do an impression are you doing? Ah? He also talks very pointed and staccato is This guy now to do your Dickman Donnelly what you have to do is always look like you’re on the verge of nothing While sharing a cheeky little in dog with members of the crew Gary on camera – he gets it No one ever trusted me Who’s this it’s Declan Donnelly ever decided him If penguin decided to go into politics what you’d have to do is send him to Eton lower his voice and then you would have um this chap now to do roar Boris you have to Tilt at different speeds whilst looking like you’ve been up all night downing tequila in a bush tonight The Bee Gees take seconds to make up By whoa But that I have to confess When I sing in falsetto, I feel like I have lost my testicles Who’s this out Is that I’m not sorry for if I don’t look like Elvis But because it’s genetically impossible Finally I’m going to impersonate Godfather. This’ll be good Dear judgey eyes. Thank you to heaven y’all – Nathan we have associates And Americans become families from England, Scotland, Ireland Thank you so much Okay, take it away We clawed we chained our hearts in vain we jumped never asking why Who each hissed I fell under your spell a love no one could deny don’t You ever say I just walked away I will always want you Or I voted wherever dig was Hit me let’s lose her Now your asses on there Thank you Great What’s your name? My name is Daniel, how do you I am 23 years old and Tell us what do you do for a living? I am actually a sales representative for a few radio stations in Mid, Ohio So what you’ll be doing for us today. I am going to be singing for you Okay. Can I ask you have you been performing a lot? This is actually my first time in front of an audience. Shut up So this is a big deal so just take in and you know, what don’t think about it don’t think about it Just do it. Got it. Go I hope he’s there See you looking around like you take you Not so serious for why those they hold? We’re just getting started. Don’t you tiptoe tiptoe? a heel race – to ration retraced article directories Will be running with me read hey real real vibrate to see their real right back to see grab a real bro prayerfully that Parker brain for sleep Talk to me, baby Sweet sweet phrasing while Westen’s are vine. Cinco frenzy crazy. Yay Keep I hope it will be gates by the ocean walk for me, baby Let’s do our minds and go crazy crazy Hoping really skate by the ocean Oh Crazy crazy Every day by the Thank you Dear 25 8:48 a.m And the new celebrity housemates have arrived by Big Brother car ah Did somebody mention car oh, yeah. Oh And I Simon or can I call you daddy It 49m the housemates are having doughnuts for breakfast and it’s a MIDI make doughnuts Doughnuts me is there anything they can’t do mmm Marge? Are you talking about Donuts here homie papi Oh We’ll be back after the break. Oh she said Dissipation 949 am Trying to find out if he’s got the X Factor You’re not talking pop star you sound like a pop But gara gara gara gara gara charm We need to find out the thoughts of one final judge Simon Okay, let me stop you there Thank you

100 thoughts on “The Best Hilarious Comedy Impressionists On Britain’s Got Talent & America’s Got Talent

  1. Great, marvelous, astounding, , But is there anyone who can imitate Hillary?? No please, but just skip the moment when in campain she🚴💨 in her self

  2. I didn't recognize a lot of those but the ones I did were great….Trump and the last one's impression of Simon were especially great.

  3. Britain jokes don’t seem to be funny to Americans? People are literally crying of laughter and I’m just like wait what? :O

  4. Why doesn't anyone like Nigel Farage ffs…he saved you pathetic lot a shitload of taxes you dumb British twats. Elect him PM you bunch of fairies.

  5. F*** that impressionist who made fun of President Donald Trump. Thumbs down from me. By the way, there is fake news. When news anchors are biased, they have a goal and mission to destroy President Donald Trump, they don't show the good things, and only the bad, twist the truth, take his words out of context, that is fake news. People who do that are political activists, not journalists. I caught CNN and other fake news outlets lying and then proven wrong, and they are such cowards they won't even admit it. #Trump2020
    Thank you for our great economy and all the other problems you solved, despite obstruction and power-hungry criminals fighting against you.

  6. If I ever go to Hollywood. I am going to wipe ass with shitty impressions liek this. LOL Yes I use impressions to wipe my ass.

  7. They boo Nigel Farage….I see the entertainment industry in England is a big of a leftist propaganda apparatus as it is here in America.

  8. He's gay energy I did it but it's not funny he tries to make people manipulate cuz he's not funny but they know he's gay and Jewish so they kind of laugh they feel obligated to laugh disgusting what up at 4

  9. The guy doing the impressions while singing was not good. He kinda broke character a lot and the ones he waa ok at 90% of people can do those impressions.

  10. Impressions are awesome for those who hate them but it's your opinion everyone's awesome to me😇

  11. Trying to I'm press with trump..Our fake news..Fucking Liberal cunt..I give you thumbs down just for being a panderer….PUNK!! Saying what he THINKS they wanna hear.Bitch ass fool….I've never even heard of the others..Also his trump sucked..His mannerisms were alright but Id give that his best a 6…I hate pandering.The demorats do it daily that's y you never get an original idea form them. They say whatever that audience wants to hear at that minute and they change from minute to minute..

  12. Who else listens to 'Cake by The Ocean' and you hear Simon nagging you in the back of your head?

    Just me?


  13. The kid that did Kermit and Simon was really good but he stole the other kids act. I'm pretty sure the first kid had that same act first

  14. The first one was terrible wtf. EDIT: Actually all of these are fucking terrible, who the fuck laughs at this shit??

  15. Hate the guy at 8:50, he does the same performance over and over again…
    He doesn’t really sound like them either

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