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THE BEST JOKE IN ANIME – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks

WHAT’S CRACKING GUYS! (You are…….hopefully not……….) And welcome back to a classic Noble “What’s cracking guys!”(Ah the one where he WAS cracking) Was I really always that hyper?(Yes.Yes you were.) I don’t know. Was I? I’m sorry if I was.(Too l8 m8 I can never r8 8/8 anymore I now h8) What if I keep doing inception with that “What’s cracking guys”? What would Happen?(OH GOD NO NO NO!) WHAT’S CRACKING GUYS! And welcome back to…*chokes*x3 (Demonic Voice) WHAT’S CRACKING GUY! And welcome back to…(NO GET IT AWAY! I KNOW I WANTED SATAN BUT THIS IS WAY WORSE!) DOY Anyways (chuckles) welcome back to another Noble reaction video guys Today we got something for ya Some more cracks here of course by Zaikozila It’s been awhile since I last reacted to one of this beautiful sons of guns cracks here In fact he’s on #70 now That’s a lot of f*cking cracks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It’s probably more crack than you guys claim I sniff every single day(AND I STAND BY MY VERDICT! YOU WILL BE CAUGHT! I KNOW IT!) Anyway the beautiful son of a gun left me a message saying (Quality Noble singing) “Noble~ I love you, pleeaaase do a reaction- Yeah I don’t think he actually sounds like that, nor did he actually serenade me in that terrible voice.(Lets hope he did) (Snake) but you know what I mean! I don’t know why I sung it like that. (laughs) Regardless, I’m being goofy-silly, and I want to see some goofy-silly sh!t So let’s just get to it here. He recommended me a few, I’m gonna watch them. Ayyyy! Some “Toradora” Very good anime, recommend it! Watch it, love it.(PRODUCT PLACEMENT!) (Laughs) Anyway um baga, bonga… BABONGA! Headshot! OH! Oh God no! Oh no WOW! That’s pretty deep. MR.PETER! MISTER Peter! No you can’t shove Mr. Peter up your a$$(How do you know that? Hmm? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) I would not recommend that, nor pepper Suck, really? And we all know how that ended … right? WHAT! Why you holdin……alright Holding up your cute little loli. Alright, I mean I’d hold up cute lolis Yeah boy, rub dat meat (Laughs) Alright, I like this. /) ‘w’ )/ Alright, no I’m done. Oh, some Tome and Jerry. He’s been coming back. Mister Tom and Jerry. *Everyone hears the best joke in all of anime history and dies* This is perfect! Oh my God! That was perfect! No dude, get the f*ck out, yo.(y tho?) Like you (Laughs) OHHHhhhhhhhh… Yeah welcome to Fate/Stay there. That’s f*cked up man *We hear the best math skills I r8 8/8 m8 no h8* That is not the correct math addition there.(Like you know…..) It’s free real…Okay~, I wonder where that was coming. Really? Man I was expecting dadadadadadadada, or something like that, “I would walk a thousand miles”. *Noble insults a pro Yu-Gi-Oh player* (Noburu Y u do zis?) Oh man! NO It’s too nerd It’s toooo nerd (Laughs) (Goes super sayain) Oh my God! That’s amazing. Ahh, I love the speed lines. It’s great. Ed, what’re you doing man. Why would you eat an entire bed? That is..That is not something I’d imagine I’d be saying there. But. Oh my God! That f*cking Tom and Jerry had me f*cking dying there Oh my, that was- that was good f*cking sh!t. Oh good! I think I recognize this anime. Gee I wonder what’s going to happen? Oh!… I think it just struck me.(Why….why must you torture us with the puns) Alright, anyway, let’s just… um (Singing) Under my umbrella-ella-el (Laughs) Alright, alright, you just keep going with the beat. I like it. Oh God. The rape. No! Don’t want to be touched by a lesbian. No please. Oh Jesus, just chuck the motherf*cker. Uhhhhhhmmmm…That’s inappropriate. Um…Oh! Hey, what’s going on girl? [insert I love Emilia joke here] Oh God. No! I don’t like where that’s goin- Ohhh, my Lord. Hol- I don’t think that’s how it worked! (Laughs) I don’t think that’s how it worked! But it’s close. Oh man, some Sonicomi Or so- (Laughs) What! It’s cus he’s bald. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh….! Right up the but- Oh no. No. No. No please, no. No sound warning. Oh God please. (ears bleeding) Thank you. (laughs) Ye- Yes, that is- that is how you go even further beyond I really like that meme actually. Oh! Oh! She’s just sniffing Oh God. I don’t. No God. I- That’s creepy as f*ck man. I mean, I guess it’s cute when it’s a cute girl, but- (Laughs) No! Really? That’s-That’s what you’re doing?(Now watching the triggered nam loli , my nam flashbacks are triggered) Awww, I don’t think Rika’s ever been in Vietnam- Oh man, this is violent. (Laughs) Nippon? Gangster Nippon, alright. I see it. Th- Ohhh, your opponent’s left the match! (Laughs) yea-yeah. Oh, is it? Thanks Obama. Alright. It’s Trump now. That is um- (Laughs), that- Nyaruko is actually pretty good too. I like the humor, and the ecchi was pretty good too. I know you like both, alright. Yeah, boy… yeah. (Laughs) Anyway, yeah I’m just watching the old thing there. That was- That was pretty good. Those were legit. heeheehe. Yeah, boy. You’re gonna rub at me. (Laughs) Alright, no, I’m sorry, I am being bad. DOY But- Oh my Go- I can’t stress enough dude. The Tom and Jerry sh!t is coming back. I’m just gonna say- There’s- Everybody- People been spamming me with that Tom and Jerry, where he’s like looking really pissed and he’s reading the Nekopara(IT GUD THO) (Laughs) That’s That’s honestly like f*cking gold to me. I love that sh!t And plus, when you did like the whole “Naruto I love you” bullshit. Yeah, f*ck that dude. That’s f*cking hilarious. Not even Naruto himself bought that shit when he heard, that’s like “B!tch, b!tch what the f*ck you’re smokin- get the a$$ out of here. Stop that, get some help.” I’m really turning into Michael Jordan lately saying that.(osht u can do a slam dunk now) I don’t understand why this #71 was so violent. Lots of guns, and things inserted up b-holes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) My Lord. I- I did not want to see(and/or)say that. (Laughs) But, that’s- that is that It’s not like you can unsee it, I mean Literately…ergh Anyway, while the videos are super quick What’s important is that the quality’s really f*cking good too, alright. It’s just one after another of really quality sh!t, and that’s what I really like seeing there. Zaikozilla, one special bootyslaps to ya. Thank you very much for that. That was very enjoyable. And since this beautiful son of a gun has, I don’t know, like up to 75 f*cking now That’s crazy! That is absolutely nuts you beautiful [email protected]! I- That’s- That’s good stuff, good work. Keepin at it. So anyway, hope you guys enjoyed me as well. I’m- I’m being extra silly today in my… I don’t know (Laughs) And may- maybe give me a bootyslap if you liked it, and maybe sub too. I don’t- I don’t know. And anyway, thank you once again for watching, and I hope to see you beautiful, beautiful sons of guns again, next time. Maing my way downtown walking fat, faces past and I’m homebound. dadadadadadadada dadadadadadadadadadadadadadada (outro plays) /) ‘ W ‘)/

100 thoughts on “THE BEST JOKE IN ANIME – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks

  1. Sakura : Naruto i love

    Somemoegaming :get the fuck outta here with yor lying ass

    Naruto : bitch what the fuck you smiling go get some help.

    Me : why you always lying the fuck you lying mmm oh my gosh stop fucking lying.

  2. I felt like we almost entered the twilight zone in just the first few seconds… (Noble, sometimes you scare me).

  3. The fact that noone commented about "What anime is 2:22 " makes me feel like everyone knows it and I'm an idiot

  4. guys if you want to laugh even more turn on Close captions. Because whoever came up with that writing sure was clever.

  5. Can you please do a video of your recomendations of action anime that has a epic male main character I seriously cant find any

  6. 3:15 Noble, oh Noble,eating your bed has an entirely different meaning… xD #adolescence we alll had gone through some shit.

  7. 4:08 inappropriate? WHY? coz ppl had died? get real. ppl die every day. history is hardly inappropriate and making fun of history declutters it emotionally for future generations n allows for academic conversations n learning. ppl who avoid such topics r basically avoiding conversation n thus aint getting anywhere. inappropriate, from the evolutionary standpoint ! just saying. our entire modern civilization is built around the hypocrism.

  8. I honestly ship sakura and naruto (plus its been shown that when he sleeps he will mutter her make like in that one episode where he helps that ghost guy)

  9. 2:20 to 2:27
    I like how he went from best joke in anime to gtfo as soon as he heard someone say boko no pico is best anime. Hahahaha

  10. while watching the bdz part of this video I decided to see if their was a clip of goku going super saiyan where he accidentally poops himself only to discover that their is a page on the official dragon ball z wiki completely dedicated to poop.

  11. I think that Fairy Tail joke with Lucy in the beginning didn’t get enough attention. That one hit me hard in the feels.

  12. I like how Sakura said she loved naruto when years earlier naruto loved her and Sakura used to sucker punch him into concrete and trees

  13. And on that day,
    Humanity was reminded that they live in the midst of the greatest joke ever told.
    "Naruto, I love you."

  14. I’m sad. That channel is now deleted and now I can never know what all the anime’s names in order were 🙁

  15. What would you do if you saw your favorite anime girl/loli got hypnotized.

    Tell me your answer in the reply comment.

  16. Watching this in 2019 and I see the animation of Subaru holding up Betty from Re:Zero and instantly I'm going "Was that fuckin Isekai Quartet? What year was this video put out?!?"

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