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The Best of Bad Acting

[Applause] tell me what you kill the master tell me what who told you guys you’re lying just to save your life there’s only one way to prove my innocence [Music] trust me [Music] [Music] [Music] suspected box baby hurt stomach I think someone you love to take it away it wasn’t her fault Romero fuck you he was on her bump speed nothing it’s all because amass my husband is having an affair we can why I don’t think we should talk about it would you like to go out with me uh-huh yes I would would you like to fuck me bingo well then let’s see what you’ve got doesn’t interest me nothing there nothing there just exactly what would interest you something the size of a jumbo jet have you been circumcised yeah I have why so you a doctor mr. cut a big portion of it off no he he was a good doctor good doctors make mistakes too this is America land of freedom and law a man is innocent until he’s proven guilty you have nothing on me oh I got a lot of shit on you now I’m telling me son of a bitches that we respect the Japanese of this country who are honest businessmen and yeah this is the land of opportunity for legitimate business not for death merchants to distribute drugs to our children through schools and on the streets now I’m telling these motherfuckers that if they continue killing our children to make their precious Millions that they deposit in their secret Swiss bank accounts counselor before your lawsuit even gets up the court clerk’s desk I’ll have their stinking bodies and garbage bags and ship them back to Japan for fertilizer got it and you too excuse me miss by the way what’s an all-american girl like you doing with a geek like this see round [Music] ah [Music] darphus day [Music] your life too bad you will die this is my allow me to introduce I am created they annoy you I am [Music] come on bacon noise there something’s wrong with the tube we need a doctor ma’am very eager another going to eat me Oh [Music] my name is Aaron brand I always thought I was doing the right thing in preparing for life I was the first in my class in college in computer science I joined the military and became a fighter pilot I’m won many medals for distinguished service here you all isn’t I can’t go that American I’m a bad hand I love this country my country I love being I love you we learn ah [Music] I’m done talking really you killed him yeah don’t bully dad ah you didn’t see anything Johan how could you do this Jim can’t believe you committed suicide I cannot believe you committed suicide how could you have done this how could you committed suicide I can’t help you out of this one John we’ve all we’ve been through goodbye my friend goodbye they’re nice legs Lisa you have nice hahaha I’m tired I’m wasted I love you darling come on make love to me come on you owe me one hi can I help you yeah can I have a dozen red roses please oh hi Johnny I didn’t know with you here you go that’s me how much is this it’ll be $18 go keep the change hi doggie you’re my favorite customer thanks a lot bye bye bye I did not hit her it’s not true it’s bullshit I did not hit her and it’s not oh hi mark you are lying I never hit you you have tear me apart Lisa no I can’t anyway how is your sex life shakin feet are you just a little chicken [Music] don’t touch me motherfucker get out I kill you you kill me if you tried let me shred you you that good you just kick it just a 50/50 [Music] it’s not over everybody betrayed me I put up with his world [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and you’re not but if you want to hang with me I’ll give it one back function is I will never be hit I’m hot and you’re not but if you want the hang of being out give it one

100 thoughts on “The Best of Bad Acting

  1. 2:55–3:50 he couldnt even memorize his lines. He needed to had it written on a cardbourd out of the screen and constantly check it. U can tell by his eye rolling……acting is fun!


  3. lol Not just bad acting, but bad special and practical effects, bad singing, bad dance and fight choreography. Also the most awkward sex scene ever.

  4. 6:14 you can see him holding the fake blood packet in his hand. if you are gonna slow it down that much give a stain before he grabs it.

  5. Whew… That dialogue for the Samurai Cop scene went on foooreeeeverrrr! 🤣🤣🤣💤 No wait, I meant the slow death in Karate Girl🤣🤣🤣. Oh nevermind 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. How could you have done this? Jim! I can’t believe you committed suicide. I can’t believe you committed suicide. I can’t help you out of this one.

  7. Nobody:
    Literally Nobody:
    That Bald guy at 11:40:

    And now because i'm unbelievably immature:


  8. If you think, that was bad acting just look at this!

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