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The Best Worst Food Jokes Ever | 30 Funny Bad Jokes About Food (Kid Friendly)

Hello and welcome back to you In the
Kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor. Today I’m going to do something a
little bit different I am in the mood for a good laugh and I love a good joke
and I love jokes that are so bad that they are good and so what I decided to
do is the compiled a list of some of my favorite food jokes Oh jokes that are
all about food you could say they are a bit cheesy see what I did there or corny
anyway and so I’m gonna run through these jokes and read them to you and
hopefully you’ll laugh maybe out of all 30 of them maybe you’ll laugh at a few
of them I thought they were all pretty funny but then again I am easily amused
so without further ado let’s get on to the jokes and I’ll list a down below in
the description I’ll list the three different sites that I pulled these
jokes from I didn’t write these jokes but here we go number one did you hear
about the restaurant on the moon great food no atmosphere
number two what do you call a fake noodle anam pasta these
are so bad number three how many apples grow on a
tree all of them yeah am i right all of them
what do you call cheese that isn’t yours nacho cheese nacho cheese get it
nacho these are not jokey anyway number five what did the grape do when he got
stepped on he let out a little wine obviously
Oh number six whenever the cashier at the grocery store asked my dad if you
would like the milk in a bag he replies no just leave it in the carton
number seven I would avoid this sushi if I was
you it’s a little bit fishy oh my gosh
alright number eight I thought about going on the all almond diet but that’s
just nuts oh you’re so bad they’re terrible telling you terrible jokes yeah
they’re so bad they’re so good if that makes sense
number nine what did the baby corn say to its mom where’s my pop corn I like
that one I love popcorn number ten why couldn’t
the sesame seed leave at the gambling casino because he was on a roll number
eleven mushroom walks in a bar bartender says
hey you can’t drink here mushroom says why not I’m a fun guy oh goodness
number 12 why did the tomato blush because it saw the salad dressing oh
snap you should keep your eyes to yourself tomato number 13 I tried to get
into my house the other day but I couldn’t want to know why because I had
no key oh my gosh so not laughs really isn’t my real
laughs oh it’s my fake laugh when the jokes are pretty stupid
number fourteen where did the onion go to get a few drinks the salad bar number
fifteen why did the orange go out with the prune because he couldn’t find a
date did it a date sidenote dates are really good and they are a
good sweetener if you want an alternative sweetener to sugar use a
date or two or five number sixteen why did the students eat their homework
because the teacher said it was a piece of cake oh my gosh so I hopefully
hopefully you’re laughing at these jokes if not maybe you’re laughing at me
if either way that’s okay number 17 why do watermelons have fancy weddings
because they cantaloupe alright that’s pretty funny kind of all right number 18
why did the can pressure quit his job because it was so depressing chan
crusher is that really a job um I guess so could be you could be your job
crushing cans all day number 19 did you see the movie about the hot dog it was
an Oscar wiener that’s very appropriate for the Oscar season coming up right xx
why did the cabbage win the race because it was ahead
these are so terrible number 21 what do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter pumpkin pie number 22 why don’t oranges do well in school only
orange juice can concentrate Oh number 23 what do you give to a sick lemon lemonade number 24 how do you make an apple turnover push it down the hill Oh number 25 why did the chef get arrested for assault because you got caught beating an egg oh my gosh number 26 when potatoes have babies what are they called tater tots I do love tater tots number 27 how do you make a gold soup well you put 24 carrots in it of course Oh number 28 what do you call a stolen yam a hot potato number 29 what do you get if you cross an apple with a shellfish a crab apple and number 30 why do potatoes make good detectives because they keep their eyes peeled oh my goodness so hopefully you found some of those funny I know I found some of them funny well mostly funny kind of funny anyway I’m Matt Taylor this has been another episode of in the kitchen with Matt thank you for joining me as always if you have any questions comments or requests put them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can thumbs up down the corner push it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel check that notification bell so you’ll know any time I have a new video posted alright until next time happy laughing happy joking happy something take care

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  1. I already know how to make pasta puttanesca but I want an easy tutorial from you! Keep up the good work!

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