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The Bullwhip || Mail with Mike

All right Welcome to mail with Mike, episode 2 all right three packages is this week big heavy small ALWAYS start with the biggest package>:) *Opens the package :p* A ukulele! I think this is really, really cheap Lemme see what it is on amazon.. Yeah this is $60 on Amazon A tuner A strap, a cloth pick and ukulele pick strings Start Guide! If this is anywhere half-decent then for $60 this is amazing Alright this segment of the show will be called Mike kinda learns a little bit of something in ten minutes Silver just responded: Sandstorm by Darude, obviously. Okay a bunch of people saying somewhere over the rainbow which yeah, I guess it’s to be expected So in the last episode I did an unboxing just like Casey Neistat And in this episode we’re going to continue that theme, this is my birthday present from Kim yes, It’s my birthday today, and she wrote this on the side All right Hey, what’s up guys and welcome back to ripping off other people’s content for my birthday this year Kim bought me a pasta maker Amazon gift wrapped and everything so we’re gonna see if we can quickly learn how to make homemade fresh pasta. First we’re gonna crack an egg into a little amount of double 0 flour and mix all together letting those guys get to know each other and consulting Binging with Babish recipe when you forget Need this ball of dough for around 10 minutes until elastic and smooth And then let rest for at least 30 minutes. In the meantime we’re gonna make a quick pasta sauce Add chopped onion and garlic to the pan over a medium heat letting those guys get to know each other before adding some tomatoes to let those guys get to know the other guys. Add in some fresh basil and a little balsamic Vinegar and have a sip of red wine before rolling out the pasta We’re gonna make fresh tagliatelle here Which we roll out gradually before cutting into, well, tagliatelle Cook and boiling salted water for around 1 minute before serving with the sauce and eating immediately on camera Mmmm.. Oh WOW! Fresh pasta is super easy to learn to make and will blow your mind how much better taste than the dry stuff Thank You Kim for the gift and Binging with Babish for the inspiration All right, last package of the day Dear Mike, keep up the great work on YouTube and don’t hurt yourself, from Jack Holly This is a handmade nylon bullwhip in the Scottish colours Isn’t that really cool. Thank you so much Jack. That’s very very kind of you to the hand make this I hope I can learn to do something with it. It’s pretty dark outside now so I’m gonna enjoy this bowl of pasta We’ll get started on this whip tomorrow So the milestone for this one is to see if I can Consistently crack this whip make that familiar noise as always, This is day one hour zero No you’re gonna ruin it. F***ing hell, I went off right next to my ear It’s like a the the cracker is is whipping like right here That cracks, but I don’t think this is, Its just hitting me! This is pretty dangerous [Cursing..] Do i have to throw it? Can we please get this cat away! Jesus right this is its getting dangerous now, i’ve whipped myself in the leg in the head in the hand, in the arm, i whipped myself in the arse! That was it That’s it. We’re getting there now AOOOOCH There we go There we go There we go so what the trick is to keep it nice and high That was badass Now go you lie there and pull your pant step. Just getting the cows into the field nice and easy *continues whipping imaginary cows* *whips a piece of thin piece of wood* Okay, I’m just wondering here back would I be able to smash that with a whip Breakin that wine glass with this whip would be a good milestone that requires accuracy and timing Have you ever wanted to learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube just like that well last year I learned how to do this and since then I’ve got pretty good at it and what I’ve done is I’ve created a tutorial class that takes you through all the steps learn how to do this the most intuitive way using the least amount of memorization of Algorithms, and I’ve put these classes on Skillshare in case you haven’t heard of Skillshare It’s an online learning community with thousands and thousands of clear concise classes delivered by people who know what they’re talking about It’s not just classes on the Rubik’s Cube either. You can learn whatever you like there are classes on app design game development photography character animation anything you can think of Usually skillshare premium as just ten dollars a month for unlimited access to all the classes but since they’re sponsoring the show the first 500 People to sign up using the link in the description will get two months of skillshare premium for free You’ve got nothing to lose here, and if you’re not satisfied at the end of two months You don’t have to continue your subscription But hurry because there’s only 500 spots available for that offer So don’t put offline in that new skill whatever it may be any Longer go check out skillshare using the link in the description, and thank you very very much for watching

100 thoughts on “The Bullwhip || Mail with Mike

  1. I learned how to use a bullwhip at school several years ago, by using jump ropes. I don't think the yard duties liked me.

  2. Learn the overhead crack with the whip and if you want a video showing what it looks like or sounds id be happy to show

  3. I learn how to swing with a bull whip indiana jones style as a shirtless 6 year old when ya whack yourself it hurts the area swells for an hour or two but its fine

  4. Being from the great state of Texas (USA)…and a country boy…i feel your pain, but i laughed my ass off! The bullwhip is a tricky beast. Your video did give me an idea…catnip impregnated bullwhips as gifts for my cat loving friends 😀

  5. Your supposed to throw the end of the whip infront of you before pulling the whip back or else you are going to hurt yourself

  6. Actually, the glass was broken because a whip breaks the sound barrier for a minute amount of time. That produces waves, which are the whipping sound and breaks fragile objects near it

  7. 6:02 mike laughing while he has a whip! Jjajajajjaja he looked like a crazy asassin jajjajaja killed me

  8. Is anybody going to wish him a happy birthday? No? Only me? Huh…

    Well… Happy (Late) Birthday Mike!
    Hope you had a amazing day!..

    Sorry for being late

  9. 4:40 the whole “please don’t hurt yourself” plan flew right out of the window, but hey you successfully learned a new skill! XD

    Happy really late birthday Mike!

  10. I don’t know how you learnt it but I learnt it after 6 whips but my brothers wrapped it around his arm and ive done it around my leg and you could see the welts

  11. Are we going to ignore the fact that this man just picked up a ukelele, tuned it, and then played two songs well enough to recognize what he was playing? Like wtf dude…

  12. guys watch 6:13 in slo motion…. the whip isnt even what breaks the glass its the energy created by the whip

  13. Now get your dad to hold an expired lasagna noodle and whip it without hurting him… do that and then you will be on the same skill level as me… i did that while I was 13.

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