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The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

Let me give you some advice,
bastard. Never forget what you are. Wear it like armor. It can never be used
to hurt you. When I first heard they were
interested in me for a fantasy show, I went,
“Ugh. No.” I had an inkling, reading
the first book, going, “Oh, my God, this is… this is amazing. This… this could really kick off.” MAISIE WILLIAMS:I was
quite young
and I had such
a big imagination.
In those scenes when I was
I would really convince myself
that I was there and it was happening, you know. I’d never had any experience
of acting before. I went to a very theatrically
based drama school.We did three hours of camera
training in three years,
but then my fourth hour
in front of a camera was day one onGame of Thrones.KIT HARRINGTON:My first day
on set was Castle Black.
My first scene was, I think,
just a very quick scene where I’m walking
down the rampartsand I was so nervous.EMILIA CLARKE:Yeah, I remember
my first day on set!
Oh, my God, I fell
off a fucking horse! (LAUGHS)Jesus, this was my first job.This is, like, the first thing
I ever did and then they stuck me
on a horse! Oh… I was falling off the horse,
trying to act, still. -Oh… A Khaleesi… (LAUGHS)
-DIRECTOR: Okay, let’s do it
again, please. NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU:Well,
I remember my first scene
we shot from the pilot. And that
was, uh, the king’s… arrival.
You know, the king rides in
on horseback
and he has to get off his horse.And his robe was enormous. And the horse rides in;
he’s like… (GRUNTS) And then, “Halt… everyone.”
And then they run in with…like, like a ladder.They help him down and they run
out with the ladder and then:
“Carry on. (GRUNTS)” SOPHIE TURNER:I vaguely
remember it. It was, like,
Sean Bean and Mark Addy
and Lena
and I remember being
so overwhelmed and…terrified.LENA HEADEY:I remember
everybody clear.
I remember baby Sophie,and baby Maisie, and baby Isaac.And now, they’re… you know,
out there, full-grown. (CROWD JEERING) The most shocking scene… that I didn’t see coming… (SCREAMING) Stop him! Stop! From then on, I started
to distrust the show as to, like, whether they’d kill
my favorite character or not. I think the most shocking was
probably… -(STABBING)
-(GRUNTS)…my death.The Hodor moment I couldn’t
quite believe. MEERA REED:Hold the door!
Hold the door!
such a sort of, “Oh, my God!”
the Red Wedding
and I didn’t really read into it
in the script…
of what happened.
I think I just…
did my bit and went,
“La, la, la.” And then, when it came out,
I remember I watched it in the morning. I’m a big guy, a big, tough guy,
but, guess what, I burst into tears. That was
an absolute shocker. I remember just watching, going, “No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! What!” (CHUCKLING) It was brilliant! Do I have to call you
Lady Stark now? Yes. My favorite day on set would be the day that I was
reunited with Maisie. WILLIAMS:That day on set, I…I’ve never laughed so much
in my life.
It was so much fun.It was the day
with the wheelchair– I’ve still got that video. Jeez.Me and Sophie just messing
around on, um,
(CHUCKLING) Bran’s wheelchair. COSTER-WALDAU:I think the most
fun scene we shot was…
Season seven,we shot this big sequence:
the loot train attack.
And we shot that in Spain.It was such a beautiful…
And there was something about
being outside every day
and being on horseback;
I love riding.
getting the Unsullied, was the first time that I,
Emilia, got to be, you know, like, bitchin’ badass. (LAUGHS) (SPEAKING VALYRIAN) (DRAGON SQUEALING) Dracarys. -(GASPS, SCREAMING)
it was really cool.
(LAUGHS) Favorite day on set
was definitelya day in Osuna when we were
doing the gladiatorial sequence.
My little girl was there.You know,
she watched her papa work. David, uh, said, you know,
“Come and sit here.
You can call it.” And she was like…
(HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) “Action!” The fight between
The Hound and… Brienne of fucking Tarth. We’d studied
and trained for thata long time,
and it all came to fruition.
That was just fantastic.HARRINGTON:Iceland, Season Two,
the first day we were there.
That was my favorite day
onThrones.I’d never been
to a more beautiful place
in my life,
and it was special
for so many reasons.
(PANTING)It was the scene where I was
not able to behead Ygritte.
Strike hard and true, Jon Snow. (SWORD CLANKS) HARRINGTON:My favorite actor
to work with was Rose Leslie.
There was something
really special about
working with Rose. I really, really enjoy
working with John Bradley. You saw this in– in a vision. HEADEY:I really enjoyed
the scene with Mark Addy
way back in Season One,just because
it was so intense and there– It was, like,
pages and pages long and it was really unexpected
from those two characters. Sometimes I don’t know what
holds it together. Our marriage. (BOTH LAUGH) There’s an ease that I get with
acting with Iain Glen ’cause he’s been my pal
the whole time, has been my one– My buddy!
(LAUGHS) IAIN GLEN: And the most
beautiful thing about Emilia, she has no idea how good she is.
She genuinely has no idea.And she still has no idea.-(INDISTINCT CHANTING)
-She’s always, sort of,
which gives–
It’s part of her–
Part of a great gift. JOHN BRADLEY:I think in terms
of my favorite scene partner,
it would have to be Kit.
Kit was the first person
I ever had
an acting relationship with
because it was my first job.I think that the friendships
that you form when you are
a bit scared
and a bit uncertain,
and treading unfamiliar ground,
they’re the ones
that tend to stick, because you cling on to
each other for support. Sansa, come here, little dove. I always loved working
with Lena. What are you doing? Praying. You’re perfect, aren’t you? Praying… Just watching her
and learning from her was the best drama lesson
I could have ever hoped for. I disobeyed my king,
your father, and now I’m
paying the price. I don’t care, you’re my friend. LIAM CUNNINGHAM:
Shireen Baratheon.
I had a couple of scenes
with Shireen that I loved doing.
To have her level of humanity… uh, and decency, and cleverness,
and brightness.He just treats her as an equal,and I really liked that aspect
of the relationship
that they had.
I really miss Charles Dance,
who played my father,
Tywin Lannister. We had such a great chemistry
and a great friendship… Tyrion.…despite our
on-screen relationship.
(ARROW LOOSES)I’m very fortunate to work with
the greatest cast.
Everybody is so professional,
and so incredibly kind and generous
to their fellow actors. Everyone involved is– is–
like a family, and it’s a family that,
amazingly, still laughsand gets on with each other
eight, nine years in.
There’s been no assholes.
No people… divas. There’s been no… nothing.
Not even a suggestion. WILLIAMS:
When it’s all said and done,
I’ll miss
the dynamic of the show
’cause there’s nothing
like this show. I mean,Game of Thrones
means my twenties. I started this job
when I was 22. And I am not 22 anymore.Game of Thrones
is my entire career.I think I am gonna have
a hard time
saying goodbye to Sam.It’s gonna be very hard
to say goodbye to playing Tyrion. I will miss simple things.
Like walking onto set for the first time each year
in your new bits of costumeand just knowing you’re part
of something which is…
sort of
at the centre of attention. Yeah, it’s gonna be very strange
without it, it’s been eight years. I’ll tell you what I won’t miss: walking around
with half a fucking beard three quarters of the year. ARYA STARK:
That’s Jaime Lannister,
the queen’s twin brother. COSTER-WALDAU:
I was like a little puppy
when I arrived.
I was like Bambi on the ice. And coming to Belfast just… I learned just how to walk
with pride and joy. TURNER:
I’ve grown up with these people,
I’ve changed so much as a person
because of these people. I’m so confident.
I’ve just got this confidencefrom the show
and from playing Arya.
I really feel like I just wanna
inject that into each and every person
that I know and love, but then also any girl
that admires the work that I do. CLARKE:
The journey that I’ve been on
with Danaerys,
it’s sharpened me as an actor, it’s shown me the range
that I can– That I can do, and…because of the heights
that she goes to,
it’s forced me to find them
within myself. HEMPSTEAD-WRIGHT:
Game of Throneshas been suchan education for me
in everything.
Having to be around adults
from the age of tenand work on a professional set,
get up and learn your lines,
and really think
about a characterhas also taught me
a lot about myself.
HEADEY:As an actor,
you work, and work, and work
and you audition
and you don’t get parts,
and you do get parts
and sometimes
they’re great experiences, and sometimes
they’re really shitty, um, and this has been incredible.Thrones is the holy grail,
where it’s something that is enormously, globally,
massively popularand people think it’s cool.HARRINGTON:People are always
trying to copy things,
or do variations of things.
It’s rare get something
which is a completely
original fantasy. It’s the most realistic show
that I’ve ever done, that also happens to have
dragons and dead people walking around in it. I think a lot of fantasy
is heavy on the dragon and light on the character.
We’re the opposite. This show will be discovered
by generations to come. It’s timeless. Every season,
there’s something else bigger than the last season
and better than the last season. And here we are, season eight. It’s cinematic. We’re making
ten-hour movies every year. That fact that this is really
a full stop, um, on this story is sad because…I think everyone’s
been so invested in this story
that we never want to see
this come to a close.
But it must.
And it will be good.

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