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The City’s Best Restaurants (That Are Nearby)

– Hey, everybody, it’s
me, Katie Marovitch, a serious foodie. Join me as I eat my
way across Los Angeles, tasting the best food
the city has to offer. This is The Food Adventurer. First up, let’s take a look at my favorite place for breakfast, Soleil French Bistro. (dot plink) Now, I actually work right
above Soleil French Bistro, so you can believe me when I say, it’s very convenient for me to eat here. Let’s go meet the head chef now! Come on! Joining me now is Soleil
French Bistro head chef, Shane Crow, Shane thank
you so much being here. – Of course. – How do you bake such
flavorful cheese danishes? – Yeah, we don’t actually make those here. Those just came from a package, but I did open them up. – Mmm, I love that! I love
that you’re just downstairs. (laughs) So Soleil French Bistro also
has my favorite fruit cups in all of Los Angeles. – The fruit just comes cut up like that, I think they’re most fresh though. – It’s so convenient, I
don’t even care! (laughs) Let’s see what else this
incredible city has to offer. Next up, we’ll take a look
at my favorite sandwich spot. Come on! – Am I good? (cheerful music) – I’ve lived in this
incredible food paradise for five years, so I’ve had plenty of time to scope out the sandwich scene. Oh, thank you. (giggles) And let me tell you,
the best sandwich place is the Coffee Lounge, which
is located down the block from my office. (dot plink) They offer this incredible
turkey and cheddar sandwich. Mmmm! And I’m certainly not
exaggerating when I say, it takes me less than
five minutes to walk here. (laughs) The Coffee Lounge offers some of the best international
food in the city. For instance, they have a falafel platter, a pasta salad and sometimes
even a California roll. The Coffee Lounge
technically doesn’t deliver, but sometimes they make an exception, like if you tell Jonathan the cashier that you’re having a really
rough day and he agrees to bring your food to the lobby. Of course, a culinary trip
to LA wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of our
incredible Mexican restaurants. Tito’s Taqueria in Marina del Ray has the absolute best tacos. Oh no, that’s super far away. My search for the best food
in LA bring me right back to Soleil French Bistro. (dot plinks) Now this is going to be
super convenient because after this, I will ride the
elevator up to my 4 PM meeting. Soleil French Bistro has some
of the best meals in the city. From their Caesar Salad
to their Greek salad, to their chopped salad,
there really is something for everyone. But make sure you save room for dessert, because they offer two types of cookies. And at 6 PM I know exactly
where to go for the best Happy Hour in the city. That’s right, it’s Soleil French Bistro. – Uh, actually we don’t
serve alcohol. We close at 7. – Soleil French Bistro
does not serve alcohol and also they close promptly at 7 PM. But they’re so close that
I’m still gonna recommend it. (laughs) Well, this has been another episode of the LA Food Adventure- – Katie? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at work? – Sam, just mind your own business. – Do you review salads now? Is that what we have you do? I’m going to talk to Trap. (phone ringing) Trap, I think she’s doing it again.

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  2. Initially, I thought Katie conned College Humor into treating her to incredibly fancy meals like how Grant and/or Ally got their student loans paid.

  3. I give 0 shits about seeing these vids early
    And not even my favorite CH video is good enough to pay for.
    So stop. Just stop.

  4. This is LA. There's a great, highly rated restaurant on a busy street you can only get to by doing an illegal u-turn, then stop in oncoming traffic which is going 45 mph to wait for the other cars to exit the parking lot while your life flashes before your eyes. Or there's a Jack in the Box on the way to your apartment.

  5. Bruh at least that food looks good.
    My equivalent is the worst junk you can imagine.

  6. Crazy SATIRE of those "25 Great Restaurants in Los Angeles" videos. Seriously, in this city, no one has time to travel an hour or two to get the greatest whatever just for lunch.

  7. This is such a READ. I feel ATTACKED. When I lived downtown near Staples Center, The Original Pantry, LITERALLY DOWN THE STREET, often felt too far.

  8. Can somebody please explain the CH organizational hierarchy? Why is Sam CEO when clearly Brennan has way more experience at leading giant corporations?

  9. I live on top of a pizza restaurant, and they have the driest, blandest chicken rolls you can find in this city. But they're just downstairs! 10/10

  10. I need to know which staff member is liking every comment mentioning the video length of 4:20 instead of complimenting this local gem that is Soleil French Bistro. Low key rude. Support local businesses!

  11. There are too few authentic Gelfling restaurants in LA. Glad to know Katie's doing the legwork for all of us Gelfling cuisine enthusiasts.

  12. You have GOT to try this new place 'Mom's House', the food is AMAZING, reminds me of my childhood.
    It's just far away enough to go there only when I want to. And the prices, they're basically giving this stuff away.

  13. I couldn't stop laughing because her impression of Food Reviewers was so damn accurate. If she hadn't mentioned the distance, it could have been an actual show!!!

  14. You know, until 2:14, that would be a review video I'd like to see. The best restaurants around are really valuable things to know.

  15. I mean, fair. I've gotten better about not eating at the Sonic right outside of my apartment, and I've only made the mistake of eating at the Panda Express across the street by the Walmart once (got food poisoning — shockingly, I'm sure, the restaurant next door to Walmart did not seem to hold its kitchen staff to a particularly high standard), but the three places I eat the vast majority of the time are still: the Culver's between the highway on-ramp and my apartment (there's a McDonald's next door to them, but my standards aren't that low), the Raising Cane's on my home from class, and the Chick-Fil-A on the way to class (although that one much less frequently). Also the mediocre food at the Student Union, although the sandwich wrap ain't half-bad.

  16. "Our search for hte BEST food in LA takes us to Costco, where you can get this AMAZING 40-pound ham for just 20 bucks"

  17. When she first introduced us to Soleil French Bistro, it reminded me of when I used to work at Taco Bell and Mcdonalds. We never actually made the food. But we did open the packages and warm them up to where they could become edible.

  18. This video made me realise that one of my favourite things about CollegeHumor is that while years pass, cast members come and go, times change, styles change: Sam Reich is always there somewhere in the background.

  19. Having actually lived in LA and seeing the rough location on the map…. There is an ACTUAL Soleil French Bistro around that area and it is actually pretty bomb and they do serve alcohol and stay open past 7

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