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24 thoughts on “The Comedy About A Bank Robbery – Trailer

  1. These guys are amazing! I've become such a huge fan in the last year. The staging is incredible and the comic timing is impeccable!

  2. I'm a 55 year old man who has never been to the theatre in my life ,but my daughter and son inlaw took me to the criterion to watch a comedy about a bank robbery and it was absolutely fantastic the whole cast were funny energetic ,charismatic and very very talented I was enthralled the only downside is they have made me realise what I have been missing for all these years and I'm already planning my next theatre trip and now have a deep respect for actors who work so incredibly hard to bring us great entertainment…..BRILLIANT

  3. I just saw this tonight and it was absolutely hilarious. Does anyone know the names of the songs they sang throughout?

  4. I've seen the play that goes wrong on stage and it was really funny and I'm seeing this one soon 🤣😃🙃

  5. I saw this play last night, and wanted to give it a review. This is film noir meets the Marx Bros… A silly cartoon-ish slapstick caper, that never gives you a chance to stop laughing . There is plot somewhere here, but it is lost in this gag per-second show. I was reminded of the work of the director Frank Taslin, who was a cartoonist before directing live action comedy, and how this play had the pace of a cartoon. Again, the plot is ridicules, but who cares about plot, when you are having so much fun.

  6. Got boring relatives coming to visit? Keep meaning to do the decorating? Kids driving you up the hat rack well forget all that and get down to the criterion. Saw this show last week with the wife (we both in our 60s) ,the funniest thing I've ever seen!!!. The timing, the actors, and even the music both before and in the interval were BRILLIANT. if you don't laugh at this then check your pulse😂😂😂😂😁😁

  7. I watched this play last summer on my trip to England and if i was there just to watch it and go back home I’d say it’d be worth it

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