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The Cool Kids (FOX) Trailer HD – comedy series

You realize you’re
all here voluntarily. Now don’t you touched him. Jerry has seen better days. Boy, you don’t
see that every day. You’re liable to drop. Act like we have Alzheimer’s. Everybody just relax. [SIRENS SOUND] All right. So I’m driving a stolen car? It’s not my car. I’m driving. Which one of these
dials is your speedometer? I don’t know. I can drive you guys. and get Jerry’s ashes. Man, woman stuff. We got to hop in the car
and go on down to that morgue If you really want that spot,
I know a way you can earn it. What would I have to do? Oh, you know. Do you want that woman
sitting at our table forever? I’ll take off my glasses
so I’ll look more butch. I don’t think I could do this. You want me to flirt with her? (LAUGHING) Him? Damn straight we are. The cool kids? Who are you guys? Why not? I don’t know who you are,
but you can’t sit there. Look, lady. It has been a
bitch of a morning. Do you mind? on anymore. Long story short, I can’t
eat apples with my clothes England hard cider. I once mixed six tabs
of acid with some New The best streets are
a few blocks over. Bourbon Street’s OK. this place would look
like Bourbon Street. If we threw a rager
every time a person died, No, it’s a sex
festival in the desert. You want to burn a man? The rules stink. I go every year. We need to throw something
like a Burning Man. People getting
butt-naked up in here. like kegs, and a DJ, fireworks. People want something
epic, you know Jerry’d like to party. To Jerry! prescription drugs and alcohol? Yeah, a good time! I haven’t taken my pills yet. Do you know what
happens when you mix We are? Whoever said growing
old had to be boring never spent a day at Shady
Meadows with these guys. My kids are liars. One for me, one for
you, and one for you.

35 thoughts on “The Cool Kids (FOX) Trailer HD – comedy series

  1. Are you fucking serious FOX? You canceled B99, The Mick, and Last Man on Earth for this?…… This is absolutely the worst trailer I have ever seen for any new show… period.

  2. Wait, was this supposed to make me laugh and think "haha, this is gonna be so funny"? because I didn't … well too bad you canceled B99 for this comedy, because your viewers will probably be as old as the actors themselves … and don't get me started on Lucifer

  3. Check out Shady Pines Trailer. I'll let you decide who made a better nursing home show –

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