Laughter is the Best Medicine


Step 1: Try to look at your Brain Yeah, you so tried that. Step 2: Pretend you have superpowers. I have superpowers! I’m controlling you with my mind! Walk over here! What you doing? That right say something! I made you do that! Hello? Talk again! Now look at me strangely! Now walk away! Yeah!!! Feel the power of Jason! Wow, maybe I do have superpowers… Maybe I can fly! Weeeee- Step 3: Try to find waldo. …i dont see him. And finally, my favorite: Step 4: Punch someone in the face! If you are still bored after following this guide, then go to hell! Copyright © Element Animation 2011

100 thoughts on “The Crack! – HOW NOT TO BE BORED

  1. Hey crisi are you bored
    Try to use your laaers as a super power
    Also i want to keep you all in my kitchen and also I like your (GUYS) Videos

  2. Step 1: try to look at your brain, wait why dont you look up a picture of a brain? You guys are hilarious!!!!!!

  3. "If you are still bored after following this guide, then go to hell"
    What would you do if I say I don't wanna go to hell?

  4. Well playing call of duty advanced warfare and call of duty black ops 4 on Xbox one doesn't make me bored I always use a sniper rifle to do like Quick scope and 360 no scope those two things that's makes you like MLG…….it stands for Major luggage Gaming.

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