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The Cracked YouTube Trailer

-[Dan] Welcome to our channel!
-[Soren] Welcome to our YouTu– [Soren] YouTube Channel. [Dan] [BEEP] you. [Off-Camera] Okay. [Soren] I think we nailed it. Let’s Go! [Dan & Soren] Welcome to our YouTube Channel!
[Michael & Katie] Welcome to OUR YouTube Channel! [Michael] Where you can see all the CRACKED shows. [Katie] So many shows! [Soren] Who could name them all? [Dan] After Hours, 8-Bits, random sketches! [Soren] So thanks for visiting us! And be su— [Dan] Supercuts! Mash-ups, cartoons, the Spit-Take, Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder… [Dan] Today’s Topics,… Starship Icarus, “Welcome Back, Potter…” Anti-Heroes, Adventures in Jedi School… YouTube Exclusives! More YouTube Exclusives! Even more YouTube Exclusives! And…future stuff that WE KNOW YOU’LL LOVE! So please… SUBSCRIBE TODAY! [Dan] Did I get too “advertise-y” at the end?
[Soren] Oh, yeah. [Michael] It was disgusting. [Katie] Yeah, we were like here…and you took it to, like, [Katie] Like waaaay up here. [Dan] Brave new levels. Brave new heights! [Off-Camera] Great! Do we need to do it again? [Dan] I really don’t think we do. [Off-Camera] I don’t think we do.
I would like to call a wrap.

100 thoughts on “The Cracked YouTube Trailer

  1. Could you please take this down from auto playing on your home page. Constantly hearing two guys yell "Welcome to our Youtube/Channel Channel" is really annoying.

  2. Hopped on the website after a couple years out of curiosity. I guess they're begging for subscription there too.

  3. So are you gonna record a new trailer or just continue to make money off the personalities of people you either forced out or fired?

  4. How can you still be running this when you just fired all the most talented people working for this site? Absurd. #unsubscribe

  5. Ironically, I just unsubscribed. Due to the fact that most of the people in this video were let go, and the only reason I subscribed in the first place.

  6. How about you do a new channel trailer that doesn't show all the people you sacked enthusiastically endorsing the channel?

  7. Remove this video. It's disingenuous since Cracked FIRED ALL THESE PEOPLE. Fuck Cracked. Unsubscribed from everything and uninstalled the app the day that news broke. Such shit.

  8. What channel? 2 of you guys quit, 1 got fired, 1 is in limbo, After Hours is dead, and Cracked hasn't but out any new videos of weeks.

  9. Doncha think this video should be taken down now considering ALL of the talent featured in it have either been fired or quit? I unsubscribed as well as thousands of other people. Cracked YouTube is dead, and is dead. Follow these talented people elsewhere in their respective endeavours and let the YouTube channel feel the burn of unsubbing.

  10. RIP Cracked Youtube. Your bad parts were really shitty but you really made up for them with the good parts because they were godlike. I'll miss After Hours most of all.

  11. And I did subscribe and no I’m unsubscribed because you fired all your great talent in a bout 2 weeks, with a few expectations…. man

  12. It's disgusting and disingenuous for you monsters to keep the amazing talent that you have spit on as the face of your channel.

  13. Hi
    just wanted to drop by and say you're content is awesome
    Thank you for making it
    Have a nice life

  14. I got a great idea! Let's book mark a video asking for subscribers using everyone who doesn't work there anymore.

  15. It's weird you're still using these guys to promote your channel even though neither one of them work for you anymore and you even fired one of them for christmas

  16. Some News got a little too real so you shut down the whole department, then continue to use the faces of people who no longer work for you to promote the channel you no longer update. You guys used to be cool.

  17. The management of cracked is unbelievable. They destroyed an excellent quality comedy site/team. In these times and economy they only needed better promotion to be even more popular, but no… Fire them all

  18. YOUR PARENT COMPANY HAS FIRED 25 OF YOUR TOP PEOPLE, GO SUBSCRIBE TO SOME MORE NEWS, THIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN NEUTERED, SAD, parent company gas links to trump ,didn't li3je a the smartass ,lippy stuff , you smart off ,you get fired ,thanks capitalism

  19. thank goodness these vile people stopped producing their anti-American Trump Hate sjw style of ideological cancer. It's hard to make a buck on stupidity and hate, huh?

  20. This is fucking sad …like shamelessly sad worse than Paul Walker is FF after his car wreck shamelessly sad

  21. This is the saddest video I’ve seen for a long time. It’s like walking through the valley of dead content and that’s upsetting

  22. WOW, click link for this specific topic is a buzz kill when after you click the link you have to search through a few dozen videos for the topic it was suppose to link up to. Great Job, no thanks on the sub.

  23. It’s kinda fucked that you’re using these four people to promote your channel when none of them work there…? Seeing them go “welcome to our channel!” After literally everyone left in like a second / got fired after devoting years to the website is just a reminder that this used to be a beloved website that’s shit now

  24. As soon as I learned you fired Swaim, O'Brien, O'Brian, Stoll, and many others on Cracked who gave me reason to enjoy Cracked, I shunned Cracked. It seems to me that Cracked became corporate level stupid, and most of its good former staff, fired or laid off, entertains much more prolifically, at a higher standard of intelligence, than the website in its current incarnation could possibly do. I really don't know, though, because I don't want to contribute to your success as a number who gives credence to Cracked as an audience member. I listen to, watch the heck out of, and appreciate everything the former Cracked employees bring forth into the world. Unpops! Daily Zeitgeist! Small Beans! Even More News! Are some examples of the creative output of former Cracked employees.

  25. Unpops! Daily Zeitgeist! Small Beans! Even More News! Are some examples of the creative output of former Cracked employees

  26. How the hell is this your channel trailer when you don’t even employ these ppl anymore??? Please for the love of good content bring back the good content!!!!!

  27. Too many content in 1 channel tbh
    I've just subscribed this channel for Honest Ads and unsubscribe it after seeing the trailer & video list

  28. This was an amazing podcast, amazing webisode site, … used to be amazing. Now it's absolutely AWFUL!! All these people above? Fired!! You know who they kept? That unfunny idiot who likes to be called, "Schmidty the Clam". A.I.D.S is funnier than that fucking idiot whose real name is Alex Schmidt. During his podcast, he laughs at literally EVERYTHING a guest on the podcast says….it may not be funny…it may not even be intended as humor in fact – but ol' Schmidty the Clam is going to laugh at it….you've never heard anything like it!! It's amazing how he sucks up to the show's guests….after their real talent (Michael Swaim, Cody Johnson, Daniel O'brien and Soren Bowie) left, the show is utterly humorless now. In fact, it's worse than just being, "not funny"! It's maddening! FUCK YOU ALEX SCHMIDT!!! You're as funny as a cancer diagnosis!! Quit! You've practically killed the entire site!!

  29. Isn't it sad that Cracked had magazines as far back as the 70's and now it's just a piece of shit youtube channel with no real content?

  30. This website used to rock before it was inundated with cucks, feminists and sjws , it literally killed the company. Finding out all those people got fired was a feel good moment.

  31. This video is an awful intro to a channel. Turned me off and now I'm not going to review other content. So annoying.

  32. When did Cracked go from a cartoon nudie mag (aka knockoff MAD MAGAZINE )that I hid from my mom,to this # beta male # PC woke nation SJW swill? What a nightmare. Kids,go back to 1980 and find out where your magazine came from and who your fan base was.

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