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The Craziest Talk EVER  | David Goggins – MOST Motivational Speech

I’m not the best at anything. I’m not.. I’m not gifted. I’m just driven. I’m a guy that came from nothing anybody’s capable of doing shit like this… anybody… and I sat in that tub She put the water on me She called my mom up And my mom was dating a doctor at the time the doctor said “you need to get him to a hospital now” She came back in
All I wanted to do is call Chris Koster on the phone and race instructor from badwater and see if I can get in. So she said “take him to the doctor” and I said no, let me sit here. Enjoy this pain She said what are you talking about? I said “you don’t..” I go “I need to go the doctor. I realize that..” But I never thought that it was humanly possible to do what I did I went 70 miles.. and at 70 miles. I was dead. I was at a hundred percent… what I thought when I thought was 100 percent I went thirty Thirty-one more miles after being in the worst physical shape I’ve ever been in in my life And I sat in that tub and the water’s hitting me.. it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment I I did this However as crazy as it sounds it was the most amazing moment of my entire life To overcome such… to come from this kid Who is mr “tortured soul” was tortured isn’t tough, this kid..
to this guy, now… who was able to overcome such amazing odds and obstacles And I called Chris Kostman the race director at bad water and he said “the idea of a 24-hour race is to run 24 hours” “You only ran 19” and he put doubt in my mind that he would let me into bad water Two weeks later roughly December 5th was this marathon that we all signed up for.. I couldn’t walk I could not walk I ran a hundred miles before I ran a marathon It’s ten days or two weeks after this hundred mile in one race I did This marathon December 5, Las Vegas That gun went off 2005 14 days after I broke myself off and I qualify for the Boston Marathon and ran 3:08 Like, the gun went off.. and that thing came back like “Alright, man.. what if..” And then I went to the hurt 100 race in Hawaii 26,000 feet of climbing over 100 miles probably one of the top five hardest hundred mile races in the world out there and got through the race did in 33 hours with a ninth place finisher and I qualified for bad water and got in I went on to lose weight and train hard and I got fifth my first year and went back my second year and got third I’m not the best at anything. I’m not I’m not gifted.
I’m just driven. Out of a hundred men that go into war:
10 shouldn’t be there
80 of them are just targets 9 do most of fighting What is a warrior? Saw it going through training.
I saw it everywhere I went. There’s so many people who just show up to life There’s something about talking to a guy like you,
a lot of people hope that you’re gonna say some magic thing that’s gonna click in their brain what you’re saying is that you have to do those things.. you have to suffer.. You have to live in it.. You have to be comfortable in it. And then… Maybe.. Some of that shit will help you a little bit along the way Me now, is the guy that with this shirt off who can do 4030 pull-ups in 17 hours Who can run 205 miles in 39 hours..
who can do all this crazy shit but what they don’t understand is..
they don’t understand the journey that it took me to get to this point.. and what got me to this point was,
I was just the opposite of what I am today.. I was that guy who ran away from everything.. absolutely everything that got in front of me I wanted to quit so badly, but I quit everything in my life. I copied through school. I wanted to prove people wrong and so here I am in this Air Force program starting to get a little more confidence, but this water was kicking my ass and Six weeks in the program that doctor gave me a blood test. It was I have sickle cell So they put me out training for a week and when you go from being very uncomfortable in that water situation And then now you’re comfortable and I’m sitting back watching the guys drown I’m not you know, I’m not part of the activities anymore for this week. I don’t want to get back in that damn water again So the fear overcame me, all my insecurities.. from my dad, from this small town, from everything
started coming back Me not wanting to go back in that water… The doctor called me back up, I thought to get like a like a medical kick out of the military. so, no quitting for me there..
kicked me out, so I can have some pride The doctor said no.. You know, we could put you back in the training And the sergeant said, hey you got to start from day one because you missed you know That week of training and that broke,
I broke. I couldnt imagine going back though that again And and I pretty much quit even though they gave me a medical. Yeah, I quit.. So, um From the age of 19 to the age of 22, I went to the job called TACP, where you control jets behind enemy lines Cool job, but there’s no water I was afraid of water. So I’ve avoided it and I gained 125 pounds in that time frame. I went from 175 to almost 300 to 297 was my heaviest and I started finding things that was comfortable and The more things I found comfortable the more uncomfortable my mind was because that voice I was telling you about Always was there I was just trying to avoid that conscience I said I wanted to be left alone from that conscience, and it wouldn’t leave me alone so I got out of the Air Force and I started working for a job called ecolab, where we spray for cockroaches, and I’m 24 Spraying at different Steak N’ Shakes, Red Lobster whenever from 11 o’clock at night at 7 o’clock in the morning And what changed I came home watch this Discovery Channel show Umm class 224 I came home from Steak N Shake I sprayed it down last get a big ol large 42 ounce shake walk across the street and get a box of mini doughnuts from 7-eleven now I Drive home for 45 minutes this big old fat guy Was watching these guys going through hell week class 224 and these guys ringing the bell quittin dropping their helmet down rolling out a lot of guys is leaving and It made me reflect on my fears my insecurities and I saw real men when I thought were real men who were staying Who were overcoming adversity who were overcoming all these different things that… I had blamed so many fucking people in my life.. my dad.. My mom for not being there Everybody was to blame, my learning disability, my skin color.. you know me being everything and so I sat there for a while and I was like I got it. No one’s gonna fucking come to help me No one’s gonna fucking come to help me. It’s fucking ME against Me period and so I had to man up I’m exactly what people said I was gonna be.. But a lot of us have these fears that you just don’t want to fucking face I have a lot of them had a lot of them and that’s what created the person who’s in front of you today I had two options to either be that 300-pound guy who spray for cockroaches and made $1,000 a month and At 24 years old knowing we’re now 50 fucking years old I can reflect on this and think about what
I had never became or I can totally just sack it up and fail and fail and fail until I succeed To get into the class I had to get into, had to lose a106 pounds in less than three months. I cant do that.I grab my chocolate milkshake and went back to Ecolab. I’m going back to work man. This is my life Next morning or this next night. I went to work and I hit the.. I dont like cockroaches too much.. And I hit the mother lode of cockroaches.. This restaurant got full of cockroaches and rodents and everything else and I sat there I said, this is my life. This is it I quit my job, left my canister in that reastaurant.. my spray canister, got back in my Ecolab truck, and I went home and I started working out like somebody I… I became the most obsessed person on the planet Earth And I said, “this ain’t gonna be it for me” We all want to read about how we can quickly get somewhere that’s why this six-minute abs is so powerful You may get some results from it. They’re not permanent The permanent result comes from you. I say it all time you have to suffer You have to make that a tattoo on your brain. So when that hard time comes again, you don’t forget it I’m trying to find more of myself And only way I can find more is to silence the world out as much as I can because it’s getting busier every day It’s getting faster. I I put my phone away up and I go dark. I Go dark a lot and it’s because I have to find out I’m on a journey of life and we all have a different journey I like to take this four-lane highway The easy highway we all love that four-lane highway. We always step over the shovel s shovel. I made my own path But going through this path of life this journey over here that you make yourself that’s incredibly difficult and we’re afraid It’s easier to accept the fact that I’m just not good enough You have to go into the dark chambers that we often shut off you got to open them up It’s not some easy, lit up, streeetlights… with nice smooth roads, right? Fail and you’re gonna be in your head. You could be saying “I’m not good enough.” it’s how you get through THAT. That is how you get through that on a daily basis when that thing is saying “Man, I’m 43..” “‘ve done so much…”
you start to become civilized… The refrigerator gets full you start getting making money and you start I’m not getting cold anymore I’m retired at 40, people shouldn’t be playing basketball or football or at 43 I’m still putting hundred-mile weeks Still doing thousands of pull-ups…
thousands of push-ups because I’m not allowing myself to become civilized. the worst thing that can happen to a man is to become civilized You want to be uncommon amongst uncommon people. period You start putting yourself in situations that suck.
You’ll find yourself. I’m big on being.. with yourself.. I want to be forever proud of who I was as a man. and change who I used to be.. the liar. The insecure guy the guy who can, Whatever.. I want to be proud.. But if I died now, if I die at 90 100..
look at myself and say “I’m proud of myself.” I believe in patience. I’m a patient dude. I can watch the piece of grass grow for 20 years because I know that.. This is how you get somewhere in life by being that look like mentality Being able to watch something grow, very calmy, patiently Okay, body faster.. Well, I can’t go any faster..
We do that to our brain. Put a governor on our brain Pain. Suffering. All words that we hate to say could be on this happy peaceful world we live in now… We stop We slow down If you can get through these different barriers and gain 5 percent 2% 3% That 40% becomes 60s 60 per kid you just 70 80 and 90 and then you’re hopefully one day near a hundred That that dreamer mentality just would always fuel me. It was just fuel for me. What if I can be but if I can be a SEAL man…
now I run 205 miles What if I can go but just what if I can go in and what if how would that feel? You have to go into the dark chambers that
we often shut off and you gotta open them up. I was, like I said, I was about 32 percent body fat and I went my idea was to run four miles for my first run. I ran a quarter mile and walked home I walked home and sat on my couch and cry I sat down I gave up You start out on the first day. And then do you start running again the second day? Yeah second day We’re right back after the ginn, but I start realizing I can’t run that far, right? So what I did was I became damn near a professional cyclist with the miles. I put it on the bike. I Go to the gym and I developed this crazy workout where I was doing volume like 2-300 reps And I spent hours in the pool hours in the pool I had to live in the water The bike got easier I was able to run more I went from like one mile when I was a great accomplishment 2 miles and then from 2 to 3 was a big one then I went from 3 to 6 I failed I go back to scratch But I started realizing this a part of the process. That’s a part of the journey. I’m just not good enough I’m gonna make myself good enough When we have bad times in life, even the hardest person where we forget how badass we are during that hard time I Have a thing where I take a couple seconds to reflect on I hang on man you meant to been through this you’ve been through that you overcame this overcame that I Don’t ever close my mind to the fact that this can’t be done I’ve quit several things.
I know what’s on the back end of quitting.. Wanted to be a man that detests mediocrity Started callousing my mind at this point in my life.
I lost the weight and I went back to recruiter I got into that class I went through three Navy selects in 1 year Only guy ever be in 3 hell weeks in one year, to my knowledge the first one I didn’t make it through the next two I did And I started opening different doors that I didn’t think we’re even there They didn’t think even existed and the more doors opened up the more I start realizing that my potential is damn near endless. I Wanted to feel something besides defeat. I wanted to just go to distance and That going the distance pushed me to a point of where now I’ll go way past… I didn’t have a motherfucker come wake me up at 3 in the fucking morning, saying “yo! get your shit in!” I didn’t have a trainer. Didnt have a nutritionist. I did what I had to do to survive. I was too weak to thrive. No one say hey, man, you’re 297 pounds, man. I want to help you out. I had to overcome and.. It self discipline is everything if you don’t have it. I don’t look at you right… I know you’re capable of more. It’s not discipline so much for me. It’s all on you. It’s all on you the self part. It was big We count on people too much to get us through shit and We look to our right we look to our left we’re looking for help And if you can build that self you can build a total accountability in oneself We live in a society where mediocrities often rewarded We often forget how hard we are but you got to reflect back take a couple sides reflect I’ve been through this. I’ve been through that if you don’t believe it, you have an indoor chit You’re just blowing smoke man I’m not the best at anything. I’m not I’m not gifted. I’m just driven It’s all about trying to share that message with people

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  1. just did my first 50k today at 250lbs. never in a million years did i think it was possible. david goggins was on my mind during the run

  2. His mindset is incredible. He is one of a list of few people I hold in high regard. He is truly unique and although most of us will never reach the demanding level of dedication he has defined he still is a commanding figure that encourages us. The mindset of dedication and excellence.

  3. Thank you, I have been so depressed and I am 28years old I am changing my outlook starting from today.

  4. Personally , He's the most inspiring person ever for me. He and Gandhi . Different reasons. But their resolve and determination and vision are similar.

  5. This is what happens when u quit your job and go home to end it all,/then another door opens just Because you knocked,God is amazing!

  6. There’s nothing better than listening to a motivational speech than it being interrupted for a damn ad. Welp, I’m out.

  7. mad respect for this guy, not just because he is tough as nails, but because he is wearing that Pat Tillman shirt still in 1918. Remember the fallen.

  8. 7:48 "no one is going to fucking come to help me. It's fucking me against me, period. So I had to man up."

  9. The only person we need to prove anything to is ourselves… we are only limited by our mind. I've been on a journey over the past 5 years and lost half my body weight, done a whole pile of other things too… the journey isn't over, it's infinite. Every time I listen to your stories it's a reminder to dig deep within to fuel the desire to be better version of me because no-one else is going to do it!

  10. Black kids need to listen this guy who says you can accomplish anything through hard work. Not some spoiled athlete who kneels during the national anthem.

  11. He said he's not gifted, he's driven! Being a driven person is actually the best gift ever. There are a lot of gifted people that will never amount to anything, because they don't have the 'drive' to do anything!

  12. Wow this video really shook me. I'm that kid with a ton of potential who always sold himself short and never quite dared to unleash the beast and always worried what everybody thought. Today that changes. This man just put tears in me because I can just relate so much. Tommorow is my 17th birthday. I mentally gave up a Basketball career 3 years ago and common sense tells me it's too late now but what if I could pull it off… I just wanna know man I'm hella fueled now. Don't wish me luck. Please wish me discipline.

  13. You need to immerse yourself in brutality, and you will conquer. Conquer your fears, and you will conquer anything….. 🤔🤔🤔

  14. “In every 100 soldiers that are in battle, 10 shouldn’t be there, 80 are just targets, 10 do the fighting, but only 1 of them is a warrior” -David Goggins

    This is how all aspects of life are.

    Most of you have heard of the 80/20 rule. 80% of people just show up. They have no talent, no use, and no plan or expectations to win.

    According to the 80/20 rule it’s the 20% who who up and make shit happen. These are the winners and the ones who serve a purpose.

    I’m going to propose we start an 80/10/9 rule and follow David’s advice.

    80% just show up
    10% don’t even belong
    9% do all the work

    I can tell you this is true, because I’ve seen it in the workplace, in sports and in life.

    There’s a saying that goes “if the top 10% richest people in the world gave all their money to the other 90% they would have all their money back within a decade or two”


    Because 10% of the world shows up to do 100% of the work. Most people show up with an average working mentality.

    I’m not just talking work as in business either. I’m talking work at home, in church, in their health and fitness as well.

    Here’s the good news:

    It don’t take much to beat the 90%. While they aimlessly show up in life, if you get a purpose and on point, you’ll rise to that top 10%.

    In every job I’ve ever had I carried the majority of the business. I’m not smarter than everyone else, I just showed up willing to do the work no one else would.

    In my relationships I’ve carried the majority of the responsibilities. I don’t have a bigger heart than everyone else, I just show up to do what needed to be done.

    So ask yourself today: “Am I showing up enough to be the top 10% or am I the bottom 90?”

    Then, most importantly, don’t lie to yourself. Lying wont get you to the top 10. It will trick you into staying bottom 90.

    As for me, I made a choice a long time ago to win. And that’s all I focus on. That’s how I became part of the 10%.

    The Force of Average would prefer you stay in the bottom 90, but you’re reading this so now you know you have a choice.

    What will you choose?
    Are you willing to do the work?

  15. Right- but real success is never to get fat and unhealthy in the first place- then we can concetrate in getting rid of cancer and improve our well being . Imagine the time saved by not getting fat and unhealthy and poor- the problem is american consumerism kills- unhealthy addictice food- fix the environment and we dont have to obsess about people being healthy and active- we can make it the norm. And we can excel at more things simultaneously

  16. We all struggle… its inevitable. However goggins wanted to be better and he did what it took to do that. He wanted to be a marathon runner so he did that. He wanted to be a navy seal and he damn near broke himself to do that. He hated being fat and wanted to be fit so he worked hard to get fit and he maintains his fitness. Key word here is he wanted to be great at these things… choose what you want to be great at and go full force basically. If you have his mentality and you dont want do be great at certain things then dont be great at those things. Struggle for what you want to be great at. Choose your fucking struggle and live your struggle not someone else's.

  17. Truly emotional and powerful but at the same time – it's seems to me, to be just unwise to take on ultramarathon before you tried maraton or half-maraton.

  18. no reason to have ad's on a video like this…. thumbs down for putting ads on a movitvational speech video.

  19. @mulliganbrothers I would like to make videos on youtube but I almost always get issues wit copyright stuff.
    Do I still have this problem if I use the music and clips of Vimeo since I noticed that a lot of people here do that?

  20. I just discovered this guy. I also just discovered my hero. I’m at a loss for words. I’m 31, and spent the last decade of my life being the victim, giving up on almost everything, all while having a deep heart but a weak mind. No motivation to fulfill the dreams I tried so hard to push away. I battled the worst depression Imaginable, gave up on my life and my health, and got into some pretty horrible things.. all while hopelessly looking for purpose. I had to stop comparing myself to everyone else, and I had to approach my life a day at a time. He hit the nail on the head when he spoke about patience. I only allowed myself to cry for 5 minutes a day, I moved across the country alone to get away from everyone and everything bad for me, and I had to dig deep into my spirit to reshape my life. Now, I’ve completed my first year of college, my GPA is a 3.9, and I am hoping to get accepted into the Officer Candidates School for the Navy after I graduate. Trust your struggles and don’t let your circumstances dominate your identity. Trust God. Trust yourself. Explore. Experience. Expand.

  21. face the truth and your reality , know that you are the responsible of you life and you are in control of it , have a vision of where you wanna be and how that feels and the most important thing is to put yourself in unconfortable situation and throught suffering and KEEP REPEATING IT OVER AND OVER …you will make it if you stay disciplined

  22. Being driven is the holy grail. Many are gifted and talented, some get big opportunities, but still amount to less due to not being driven enough. On the other hand, some super driven people accomplish and achieve a whole lot, even with little or no talent or gift.

  23. Great message, but this music is unnecessary. David Goggings doesn't need any fake emotional elevation through epic music. His words is all you need to be inspired.

  24. I don’t care about the journey, I want results now, immediate and effortless triumph, that’s why I’m going to kill myself.

  25. Today I woke up 6:40 am and took a shower ate and went to the gyn by 8 I read like 20 pages of his book also and then later I walked 2 miles just to get to MMA training for 4 hours I almost passed out do to dehydration Because I didn't want to stop for water and now I just got home and I don't know what the hell is going on i got confused turned around asf because I fell asleep for 1 hour and Im exhausted. Im 15 btw

  26. You listen to his whole story and it is truly inspiring that he overcame so much. Going through one of his experiences would break many. I listen to him at least once a day to remind myself that I have not yet started to really challenge myself.

    It is so insidious how the message you hear everywhere is if something makes you afraid then run away from it. If you don't feel like doing something, don't do it. If you fail at something then don't do it anymore, it's not meant for you. All of these are encouraging people to not push themselves, not challenge themselves, not step out of their comfort zone. It's laying the foundation for a group of people who are going to look back at their life with regret that they never even tried. Just give up.

    I am doing my darnest to not be one of them.

  27. I work construction with a rude as hell boss and I listen to this video all day in 100+heat and the crazy thing is I made it

  28. Since i started listening to David, i went from 100 pull ups in one hour to 180 in 50 minutes, from 250 squat reps to 400, and from not running at all to run 15 kms non stop. Destroy the governor.

  29. I’m not gifted…just drivin.
    No one is coming to help me. It’s just
    me against me.
    Some of my favorite lines

  30. @MulliganBrothers
    Why do you steal people's videos and put your water mark on them ? This is Joe Rogan's Video you thieving bastards

  31. What do you do when every person in your life GIVES YOU THE EXCUSE "yeah, but David Goggins didn't have kids"
    Then what?
    Make a list of my fears and concurring them one by one?

  32. S.E.A.LS-Sea of endurance, air, and land. (or Sea of extreme air, and land)
    S.U.A.L.S-Sea of ultra, air, and land.
    S.B.U.A.LS- Sea of beyond ultra, air, and land.

    This is how I describe life of pure mental toughness.
    Shall you accept this mission or challenge to master all of them is up to you but, if you do accept it then you dare yourself whatever challenge you can think of that exist even if haven't thought of or unusual way to do then make it happen. Your reward will guaranteed you to exceed beyond your own expectations of your against what you believe in but, with only two rules don't quit and always add more reps, distance, time or whatever challenge that wanting your mind to quit. By adding your total reps, distance, time or again whatever by dividing by 40% should be your near or over the theoretical max limit according to your expectations if you go beyond that congrats you exceed part of your expectations now make that a routine i dare you at least take about minute to try if your that weak a day or more. Always increase your target range by dividing 40% to the total number you did and mark that as a challenge for that day.

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