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The Critics Have Seen Joker And This Is What They’re Saying

Todd Phillips’ new film Joker is no laughing
matter. “haha.” This dark, gritty, R-rated take on DC Comics’
infamous Clown Prince of Crime isn’t premiering until October 4th, but the film had its debut
on Saturday, August 31st at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. So what happened when audiences finally saw
Joaquin Phoenix portray the mentally unstable comedian Arthur Fleck? “Well no one’s laughing now.” “You can say that again, pal.” Most critics agree: The film is pure magic. According to Deadline, “[Joker] was met with an eight-minute standing
ovation and shouts of ‘Bravo!’ at its conclusion.” Critics raced to their laptops to publish
their first impressions of the film, and most reviewers were effusive in their praise. Right now, the critical consensus on Rotten
Tomatoes proclaims that, “Joker gives its infamous central character
a chillingly plausible origin story that serves as a brilliant showcase for its star and a
dark evolution for comics-inspired cinema.” Writing for Vital Thrills, Jenna Busch applauded
Phoenix’s transformative performance as Arthur Fleck: “The physical [movement] of the character
alone could convey what is going on with him, even if there had been no dialogue. […] He’s awkward and twisted (particularly
his arms and the position of his head) when he’s trying to be ‘normal.’ The little dances he does as he tries to act
sexy or confident are the sort that make you embarrassed for someone at a party. As he becomes who he really is, the movements
are powerful.” Busch gave Joker a perfect score, adding, “I’m struggling to find something to critique
here. As I’ve spoken about the film to myself and
my colleagues, I’ve come up with nothing. I’m sure I won’t be the only one. This standalone film was a brave choice by
Warner Bros., and it’s very likely going to pay off. Again, this is a difficult film to watch,
and it’s going to take time to process, but ultimately, I think this is going to be a
definitive part of Joker canon.” Empire Online’s Terri White also gave the
film a flawless score five out of five stars writing that: “[Joker is] a sad, chaotic, slow-burn study
of someone who isn’t visible; who doesn’t even exist to the world around them.” Elsewhere in her review, she writes: “What writer/director Todd Phillips and co-writer
Scott Silver[…] have written into life is the Joker as a character. What they and the film [are] interested in
is the mental, moral, emotional, physical make-up of the man who became the Joker. […] Bold, devastating and utterly beautiful,
Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have not just reimagined one of the most iconic villains
in cinema history, but reimagined the comic book movie itself.” Time Out’s Phil De Semlyen also gave Joker
five stars writing: “This is a truly nightmarish vision of late-era
capitalism – arguably the best social horror film since Get Out […].” In his review, De Semlyen also writes: “[Phoenix] runs Heath Ledger cigarette paper-close
as the finest screen Joker.” Brandon Davis at also gave the
film a perfect score five out of five stars. He writes that Joker is quite unlike any DC
film or comic book movie that’s come before it. In fact, he predicts the film will rake in
lots of awards, writing that: “Phoenix’s Arthur laughs his way through terrible
scenarios. For this, the actor demands an Oscar nomination
[and] it might not be the only nod this DC Comics movie earns. The cinematography, score, and direction create
something unlike anything before it and it’s terrifying, thrilling, and moving.” He also makes a point to say, “There has never been a movie like this in
the genre. […] You’ll need to see to believe it and,
even then, you still might not believe it.” Pete Hammond at Deadline loved the film too,
and was particularly affected by Phoenix’s work, writing that, “[The actor gives] a performance so dazzling,
risky, and original, you might as well start engraving his name on the Oscar right now.” He also claims, “No joke, this is a movie […] unlike any
other from the DC universe, and you will find it impossible to shake off. At least I did.” Hammond absolutely loved Phoenix’s performance,
writing that: “Heath Ledger took it in a different direction
in The Dark Knight and won a posthumous Supporting Actor Oscar, and now Joaquin Phoenix gets
his turn as the character in the stand-alone origin movie Joker in a bravura piece of filmmaking
that speaks to the world we are actually living in today in ways that few movies do. If you thought you knew Joker before this
Joker, think again.” Many reviewers said the film offers a stark
commentary on modern society. Deadline’s Pete Hammond argued that the film
will make audiences think about the role that violence plays in our current culture. Of course, not everyone enjoyed Joker but
negative reviews have been few and far between. critic Glenn Kenny didn’t feel
like the film offered any sort of meaningful message, writing that: “As social commentary, Joker is pernicious
garbage.” Kenny also claimed that, “The final minutes, which will move any sentient
viewer to mutter ‘would you just pick a g—— ending and stick to it?’ are likely an indication
of what kind of mess we would have had on our hands had Phillips been left entirely
to his own cynical incoherent devices for the entire runtime.” Stephanie Zacharek of TIME Magazine felt similarly: “The aggressive and possibly irresponsible
idiocy of Joker overall is [Todd Phillips’] alone to answer for. Phillips may want us to think he’s giving
us a movie all about the emptiness of our culture, but really, he’s just offering a
prime example of it. […] Joker is dark only in a stupidly adolescent
way, but it wants us to think it’s imparting subtle political or cultural wisdom.” She also found Phoenix’s performance extremely
off-putting, writing that: “[He’s] acting so hard you can feel the desperation
throbbing in his veins. He leaves you wanting to start him a GoFundMe,
so he won’t have to pour so much sweat into his job again.” Well, viewers will finally get a chance to
form their own opinions when Joker hits theaters on October 4th and we’re sure the film is
going to hit hard. “Is this a joke to you?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “The Critics Have Seen Joker And This Is What They’re Saying

  1. Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing , talented well known, succesfull actor and a good man. Now who the fuck is Stephaine Zacharek?

  2. Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing , talented well known, succesfull actor and a good man. Now who the fuck is Stephaine Zacharek?

  3. This is fiction……I keep that in mind when I hear the Hollyweirds ranting ecstatic…They did the same for Harvey Weinstein……

  4. How can one discern the difference between the personal desperation of an actor and that which seems integral to the portrayal of a character?

  5. i can tell already I'm not going to like this movie.but hey , I'm still gonna watch it when it's out on DVD but for free , if you catch my drift

  6. Haven't seen the movie so I don't have an opinion for or against it, but film critics nowadays are a bunch of overly pretentious twats that think their shit doesn't stink and that they could sell it for the price of gold. Stop listening to these people because they have become so pessimistic in their views that they themselves don't enjoy any piece of cinema in the first place and their egos have all turned into good year blimps as a result of them thinking people give a shit about what they think.

  7. Interesting. Feedback so far paraphrased are saying the society and mental illness made the Joker. This could be the dark morale of the story, and maybe one reason of how most anyone of the outcast or forgotten can be the Joker. <><> Yes, Joker, you may now put a little unease and fear into the world, or into those with fortune and fame; and even to one they call IT. KEK KEK LOL Have you ever danced in the moonlight? KEK LOL KEK – Very interesting dynamics of such anticipation already brewing for the Joker. LOL

  8. Lets hope this last DC villain iteration wont be as garbage as the ones in past DC movies. DC set it's own bar very low for some time now.

  9. This is either gonna be one of the best or one of the most controversial movies to date and I am assuming the latter rather than the former.

  10. If they had a woman joker 🃏 it would have sucked mayor butt ✅

    Sweet trailer can’t wait to see it!!!

  11. This movie shows that people ignore mental break downs that occurs in some people. Even though it exactrates from a comic book character.

  12. The drama in this joker installment is setting up a mega blockbuster in the second one. Playing what happens to someone who is bullied by society

  13. Pheonix gives a fuck about his roles, and not every movie has to have some MEANINGFUL messege, i wish Hollywood would stop putting out cookie cutter films and plots that are woke,balnd and completely predictable. Keep originality alive and let art express its self.

  14. I just hope that at the end he does look like a super criminal after going completely crazy… And not just a bit of facepaint

  15. Comic Book Batman World is Chaotic And A Psychological War ground. Even Bruce is Some what … Disturbed Alot.
    And that's the Real Candy Depth that makes Batman Stories insane Intense .

  16. Glenn Kenny and Stephanie Zacharek are typical reviewers and these two like to try to sound smart rather than give a real review… if you give a bad review you get a few min. in the sun lol

  17. Actor not trying hard
    Critics: Shit acter -_-

    Actor actually trying his best
    Critics: Why the fuck is he trying so hard? e.e

  18. I was interested in this movie when the liberals didn't like it. But now it sounds like they like it. So not interested anymore.

  19. It seems that those negative reviews are from critics who have a real highbrow snobbish attitude towards film making
    I would go with does the film emotionally grab me and get drawn into story of the character
    Was I entertained
    I wished I could watch this film
    Each rendition is going to be different
    And will fascinate and disappoint you in different ways
    I would love to be able to play this character on screen but so would a lot of people and like a lot of fans I have an idea of my own origin story

  20. Understand that most critics are bitter wannabes that couldn't or wouldn't make it big. So in their jealous spout they "critique" on things they think they could do better. But they can't!

  21. A lot of the people attacking Stephanie for her (admittedly awful seeming) review (I can't really comment because I haven't seen the film) come across as the exact type of people who would criticize Stephanie for being pretentious if she uses words like "problematic" or "systematic" when discussing politics.

    Should we respect people's efforts to produce art, to solve problems, to make people think?
    Or should we criticize them for being "over-educated" or "pretentious" even when their actions and motivations say otherwise?

    Can't have it both ways people.

  22. No, Phoenix's joker and Ledgers joker are NOWHERE close to each other. They will NEVER be a joker like Heath but we can all say the same about Phoenix. 2 completely different Jokers, so they are not even comparable. Ledger left a legacy of his own with his joker, and I will guarantee that Phoenix will leave a legacy of his own with this joker

  23. I knew from the moment he was cast and from the trailer that Joker will be at the top of the box office and earn loads of awards.

  24. I’m not sold on this film. Joaquin is hit or miss for me and most audiences. And the directors best work is the Hangover….

  25. the critics are falling all over themselves about this movie, which means in reality it will be terrible. This version of The Joker looks as bad as Heath Ledger's version. Joker fell into a vat of acid and was permanently disfigured and that's what drove him insane. His skin was permanently bleached, it wasn't makeup like Heath Ledger's version or this version. I'm tired of these Hollywood elitist a-holes that make stupid comic book movies like this one and Endgame, Captaim Marvel, etc. where they take great heroes that they had NOTHING to with creating and bastardize their stories and turn the stories into garbage instead of sticking with what made them great in the first place. P.S. – Where's Batman? Joker is Batman's foil, without Batman, who cares?

  26. Lol WHO are those critics that shitted on the actor. Why everything has to be political? It's about the Joker, it's Joker's deconstruction opportunity so we can see how he was before being joker.
    Shit, there should be requirements to be a critic, some awards, a fucking Oscar award I don't give a shit. But who are those people, omg. It's like they have no respect for other people's hard work.

  27. "Late era capitalism " ….hmmm, isn't that how the movie & actors & all involved to make money? Lol… ppl are gonna go pay to see the movie, that's how Phoenix makes his millions…but capitalism bad, communism good… it's a movie not political shit…stop ruining entertainment

  28. I find it weird that people actually care what a “critic” has to say. 😂😂😂 Go watch it yourselves and decide. You too can be your own critic.

  29. A half-starved and emaciated Joaquin Phoenix. Yeah, that's creepy, alright. No make-up and red nose necessary. After Heath Ledger… Let's just say there's very few actors who could ever have held a candle, much less, possibly surpass that performance. Can't wait to this. Hyped? Check

  30. Trying to remember the last time I heard a film critic review without made-up communist phrases like "late-stage capitalism," but no dice.

  31. As a young man who has spent his ENTIRE life ….. In Bedford park …. { See the leaked footage of this joker movie where the people are running off the train .. literally just left that station a few hours ago . As I do every single day . I'm in Bedford now } .. who as a KID . Since the first time I EVER heard the twisted nerve whistle . ALWAYS…. Associated it with walking down the street on Bedford . Just what it's like to do so . I couldn't even tell u why . As a man with a very painfully twisted spine . Who can't afford physical therapy to straighten it . As the unanimously elected class clown for the 5th grade year book . From my school 2 blocks from the train station aforementioned . My gym teacher asked me every year . Still wanna be a comedian when u grow up ? As someone who's been ostracized by his interests because …my interests are off the beaten path simply put . I induced the pariah lifestyle into my world just by trying to be unique where I could therefore As someone whos generally invisible wherever he goes . I make myself present thru humor & a funny remark in order to nonchalantly very matter of factly relay to those who don't see me…just how merciful my outlook is on day to day occurrences with a grimness in my tendency to just ACCEPT . Expect…. The short end of …. Lol idk .sticks ? … as someone who's been – time & TIIIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEE again to all the locations they shot in . Seen the trailers while they were filming . On days where I was homeless living in the street because smart as I am . I do so much drugs I'm very financially unstable . I'm an unsuccessful writer & musician . As someone who wanted to set fire to the emtire mosholu parkway ( block away from train station ) after reflecting on Heath ledgers Jokers chaos speachb. To BEGIN a venture into anarchism . In order to send a message to my neighborhood that an attempt to gain control over you world is an exercise in futility . I once spray painted thought provoking messages all over the hood . Like " persevere " " the sun the moon the stars there is a reason for it all ! " " B. U. " " Forget stress yes I'll accept the charges . Armed with curse words & verses to get the guards pissed " "stop bitchin start a revolution " " what's in your head ? "Yo the kids need VIOLENCE . To live means DYING . OPEN UP THE GATES SOUND THE BLITZKRIEG SIRENS " "I knew that gods admissions were both open & free they slowed the medics down the river's too fast for me edits rewrites me as he pleased in the human thesis any day I'll be embedded in a perfect sentence please believeth " " peace to the national the gods & Earth's ! ( Google it ) " "so if my MIND is the box … What does that mean when im thinkin OUT of it ? " " It's been discovered that man is made up of enough iron to make a few pennies enough zinc to make a few nails enough chemicals all together to equal about $28 therefore there is something more intrinsic about a man … or woman… that makes up their value what makes up yours ? " I actually spray painted these all over the hood . They were painted over within days . Futility . As a man with nothing to lose . An extensive CRIMINAL rap sheet .for reasons mostly circumstantial but white a few charges were earned . As a man COMPLETELY disillusioned since I can remember . Who laughs at everything . But will tell anyone to their face if I don't laugh I'll cry . As a human being . These parallels . Between me & this character . Really…. REALLY scare me. I don't want to be this . There is a force tendingour strings . Good or bad idk but some coincidences are too specific to get coincidence. I'm awkward. U prolly realized that . I'm ugly . I want to be the good guy . I want to he a hero . Die a hero. But I am on a road to bitterness & resentment .. ostracism . the road to villainy . The ugly bad guy . Help <– shit .. another exercise in futility 😂 . " HELP " LMFAOOOOO . 1 thing I'm stuck on . The fact that the joker is NEVER seen to be portrayed doing any kind of DRUG.. is either a JOKE in& of itself…a terrifying thought . Because that's just his mind . Or ? COMFORTING ! because I do ALOT . But These parallels unnerve me greatly . A seed planted in my mind in dnager of flourishing into a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY ……….. But hey .Bedford is LOVELY this time of year . What do I do ? Who am i

  32. Stephanie zacharek

    She became chief film critic of movieline in 2010, and was fired in mid-2012. There is no reference article that proves she was laid off due to her position being eliminated. Any indication of such development was an elaborate ruse on Stephanie's behalf to save face.

    That says alot about a person.

  33. Definitive part of the Joker canon!?
    How does that work with Bruce being a little kid, he will be fighting Joker when he's like 60.

  34. The last critic's bad opinion of the movie is based on the fact the Joaquin took his acting work too seriously and did too good of a job at portraying his character. …huh?

  35. Does anybody know if this movie is safe to watch with my 2 10 year old boys? We both love DC and feel the same about marvel lol

  36. It sounds like a bunch of angry critics as usual (towards the end)

    "He was acting too hard"……..he's the fucking JOKER. Nothing that guy does is supposed to feel normal, and any sane person would come across as that, which is what we are NOT expecting Phoenix to be….sane (at least in this movie). These critics are typically people who also don't enjoy their own lives, and nitpick everything in everyone else's lives. Can't wait to see DC's attempt at Suicide Squad redemption, and I don't think it's going to be a disappointment at all. Cant wait for October!

  37. If critics like it that means it sucks and its boring as fuck. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, No Country For Old Men, Moonlight, Birdman, and many other oscar winners and nominees

  38. I agree with her. Joker looks like a cringe fest. She's probably a die hard joker fan, but she sees this abomination of a movie and it's a disgrace to the iconic joker.

    I mean why not throw the chemical dipping into this movie? The chemical dipping doesn't necessarily have change his skin white and hair green. If they decided to go the dark and serious tone, they could've nailed the chemical dipping perfectly. A missed oppurtunity.

  39. I don't care all about critics or anything . I just love JOKER and all clowns . I think Joker and clowns are the ART . Everyone have joke in their self . We are all clowns BTW
    Why so serious baby? Just enjoy this world with laughing, smiling, crying . Up to you hahahahaha

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