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The Crucible – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Yo what’s good son? This week on
Thug Notes we separating wheat from chaff with The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Things ain’t right up in 1692
Massachusetts where Reverand Parris’s baby girl Betty in bed straight clocked out. See,
last night Parris peeped Betty freakin all pagan-like with her cousin Abigail and slave
Tituba, and now word on the street is witchraft be involved- and the uptight peeps of Salem
ain’t havin none of that. When the play’s hero John Proctor
rolls in to see what’s what, Abigail gets all up on his baby- maker like ugly on yo
mama. Apparently, Abigail used to be Proctor’s
maid but got her ass tossed out when Proctor’s wife
Elizabeth found her shining more than Proctor’s shoes. Straight scandalous! Even though Proctor been doggin
Abigail since then, she still think that if Elizabeth was outta the picture, she’d be
his new wifey. Later, word come that homies gettin
accused of witchcraft left and right. Turns out, Abigail playin dirty and say Elizabeth
been sippin dat witches joose. So the fuzz get all up in the Proctor’s grill and throw
her ass behind bars. So Proctor busts in to court and try to free
his boo, but all dat real talk backfires and gets his ass thrown in the big house. And
the only way out is by lying and admitting that he part of the devil’s posse. Proctor keeps it OG and don’t play
dat game til he gets a visit from his dip Elizabeth. And eventually he decides to fess
up to something he ain’t even do. When the law start sayin that they
gonna need a written confession so they can show all the hood, Proctor says “Hell naw!”
Cuz he ain’t gonna let them use his name on the street like dat. So he tears that sh**
up, struts up to the gallows, and goes out like a gangsta. Not only is this play flowin bout events that
really took place way back when, but Miller also pimpin
some parable up in here. See, Miller wanted to give a big “fu** you” to 1950s McCarthyism-
a time when a whole bunch of Americans started pointin fingers at they own peeps in the name
of tryin to sniff out any commies. And in Miller’s mind, those snitch
Americans only know guilty and not guilty. Like he say- See the problem up in here is
peoples always viewing things in extremes. To them, it’s all black and white which
means that if something ain’t of God, then it must be of the devil. So what starts out as political
opposites turns in to moral opposites. Dem crooked right wingers have made it so that
Capitalists are all holy, and communists ain’t nothing but devil worshippers. But it ain’t just political power
plays people trying to pawn. Sometimes you just gotta stab a brutha in the back,
but dress it up like you doin the world a favor. What you know bout this play’s
title, partner? According to Martine, a crucible is a severe test, obviously referrin to the
raw grind Proctor beastin through. And if you wanna keep it mad literal, a crucible
also used to melt away all da chanky bullsh** on a piece of metal til all that’s left
is pure, uncut, top-grade steel. So is the play saying that Proctor
is the purity that comes out of all this crooked ass mess? Are we supposed to put it all on
the line for our beliefs? Maybe. But truth is, John’s death doesn’t prove nothing
to nobody. You best not forget what Reverand Hale say to Elizabeth in the last act of the play: Don’t be a playa hater, get yo’self
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