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THE CURSED VENDING MACHINE!!! - Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep. 1255

hello and enjoy episode 12 55 of your daily for 9 moments there is only a few hours left for the end of our special giveaway so this is your last chance to win the legendary dart vertex game to participate all you need to do is subscribe and enable that notification bell as well as leave an interesting comment and click the like button on this video this is an extremely rare fortnight skin and it's actually worth close to a hundred and fifty dollars the lucky winner will be randomly chosen from the comments and revealed at the end of episode 1256 in a couple hours from today remember that you're more than welcome to watch our other videos and comment and like for a better chance to win our giveaway also be sure to subscribe and enable that Bell send us your moments to get featured in videos just like this link to submit your moments is found in the description of this video and in the pinned comments are you fucking kidding me that was easy what yep that's me you're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation hold up oh no mister no no he tried it go Rica he's right here see you soon there's another kid right here it doesn't don't even see there's a double bit all I got him i snipe random somebody Nick the clip that's going to go on Yeow – Yeow – oh my god is why the line supplier semi-happy table it's dangerous bosses here are the best comments from yesterday we'd like to give a huge thanks to Ally Brock cool man Jonathan and sash for their supporting comments remember to join the giveaway while there's still time for a chance to win the dark vertex skin will reveal the winner in a couple hours today at the end of episode 1256 if you want to support us leave us a like and subscribe to be part of the community in the meanwhile take care and we'll see you very soon

31 thoughts on “THE CURSED VENDING MACHINE!!! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep. 1255


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  2. I’m not kidding i swear I found a legendary heavy in a vending machine and then in chests 3 times in a row and it was not 1 shot

  3. Hey,Daily🤪
    I like your videos I wacht every day your new video and I like it!
    Tnx for your videos!
    (valeri9028 ps4)

  4. I liked all of your videos that you upload my brother was I showed him your videos he was laughing thank you and I think I will not win the skin pls I wanna win it

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