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The Farewell | Official Trailer HD | A24

What’s wrong, Dad? Please tell me. Your Nai Nai’s dying. She doesn’t know, so
you can’t say anything. The family thinks it’s
better not to tell her. Why is that better? Chinese people have a saying. When people get cancer, they die. We have to go to China. The wedding is an excuse so everyone can see her. He’s my only cousin. Don’t you think I should be there? You can’t hide your emotions. If you go, Nai Nai will find out right away. Shouldn’t we tell her? Isn’t it wrong to lie? It’s a good lie. Most families in China would
choose not to tell her. Mom! She’s dying! Can’t you be a little more sensitive? What do you want from me? To scream and cry like you? I want to believe that it’s a good thing.

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  1. Is this film based off a true story? Pretty sure I heard about this exact story line from NPR's This American Life. Can't be coincidence that it's about a Chinese family that doesn't tell their matriarch that she has cancer. Same name as well…Nai Nai.

  2. I think the moment we find out that we are dying, our mind kills us. Although my curiosity would want to know, but that could definitely expedite the dying process. Enjoy life.. YOLO!

  3. I just saw this movie earlier today and teared up like a bitch in the theater. I lost my nai nai last April due to Alzheimer's and it made me wish I had spent more time with her during her final years. She died not even remembering who her own kids were- my dad, uncle and aunt….or any or her grandkids. But I'm very grateful that all my grandparents got to move here to the US so I get the chance to spend more time with them <3

  4. So is this movie actually really good? or people are just saying it's good because it's about minorities? I'm chinese btw

  5. So this is insane. My por por (grandma) died recently just before her birthday and this movie releases on her birthday. That's today…

    If anyone who hasn't heard Lulu talk about this story before on This American Life here it is, I knew I heard that name before.

  6. this is a very common thinking in Chinese. When my grand father die in heart attack, his father and mother, my grand -grand father and g-g-mother, were not told their son die due to their old ages. But eventually, G-G-father found out, then he past away quickly after finding out the truth.

  7. This is brilliant. The practice is certainly not just in China but also in Korea. I was always puzzled when I actually saw this happening in my family and I’m glad that it’s being shed a new light through this film. Can’t wait to see it!

  8. I don’t think it is right to lie, but this happens everyday. In my mom’s philosophy, the patients themselves may already know that it is not good but just don’t want to be officially announced as a cancer patient. And eventually, except some illiterate, they would know from the drug names, the visitings from long distance cousins and childhood friends may haven’t seen each other for 30 years and the nice attitude from the neighbors hated each other lifelong. Just let time leak the information one bit a time, the patients will not be crushed suddenly and can accept the truth better. And something even more complicated is it could be a two side lie. The seniors pretend they don’t know to sooth everyone else. So everyone can still have a normal life. They know you are lying and they are very possibly losing the fight . Anyway, there is something weird called culture, you have to give in, like it or not. It may have some inner logic cannot be explained logically.

  9. 1:50 the shot when she was hugging her grandmother. What would i give to hug my grandmother again. She was the greatest. Value your grandparents folks

  10. I can't abide farewells and the film's name already got me. I think I'll cry when I first sit on my seat even in the cinema lol… sad that I'm homeless and broke and been ages since I enjoyed a glass of wine a good film…

  11. It’s also common in an African setting. A lot of this is similar. The whole thing about how your life doesn’t belong to you but the collective. Yep

  12. This is one of the best movies I've seen in years. I loved it, it's funny all the way through even though it deals with such a sad topic. It's more uplifting than depressing, and it genuinely brings you into the culture of present day China, which is so, so cool to see if you've never been. It almost felt like I was actually on the ground there with the family. The actress who plays the grandmother (Zhao Shuzhen) is reeeally good, too. Like, really, really good.

    (Oh, and I'm not someone who is put off by subtitles, but if you are – you barely notice them here. Like, I must have been reading them but it took absolutely 0 effort).

    Tbh I almost never leave comments and I didn't mean to write an entire fucking Amazon review, but I gotta add to the praise, in case it makes someone more likely to watch.

  13. I am not asian-american, but i too am an immigrant and some aspects of this story made my heart cry. I miss my home every day, I miss the ones I love, and I love how this movie portrays the feelings of loss immigrants have, and that’s it’s not always leaving your ‘horrible birth country’ for incredible america.

    Being an immigrant is a story of growth and a story of pain, and we’re all tied together by it.

  14. As a person of the U.S, this trailer shows me there's a difference between personal and public life. In the US, I show difference in dying and living.

    It's family oriented for sure, but here in Ohio, death is a personal experience, though personal insofar as the conversations behind closed doors. It isn't something discussed openly (usually). It's…more intmate.

    While this trailer is intimate in involving a family, I really believe here in the US it's seen as boring because of that intimacy. Due to a personal one-on-one connection.

    Just my thoughts; maybe you all feel otherwise.

  15. Lost my grandfather this way last year, he was 87. It was stage 3 lung cancer when he was diagnosed so we hid it from him and told him it was pneumonia. We didn't try chemo or anything invasive, just tried to keep his pain at minimum. Everyone flew back and we had a good 3 months together before he slipped into a coma and passed away. A week before he went into coma I made him braised pork with noodles and he finished the whole bowl. I'll always remember this.

  16. Gosh the stupid child part got me…
    Hearing a grandmother speaking in mando is a little traumatising for me so it’s weird seeing a cute and funny mando grandma that I can still kinda relate to

  17. A phenomenal film that made me cry not even halfway through the film. There were so many emotions that I felt and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go watch it. Would definitely go again if not for the heartache haha

  18. Wow from only limited views of the city, I recognised my hometown, Changchun! Will definitely go to the cinema to see this movie!

  19. As Chinese, we have surname before first name. Westerner has first name and last name (surname). Chinese values family and group more than self. We are fundamentally different. This made me cry. 😭

  20. I just watched this movie and cried within the first 10 minutes, in the middle of the movie, at the end, and on the way home

  21. This deserved the hype yall gave Rich Asians [which was so tacky to me I could npt even watch more than 20 minutes]
    – Akwafina is so believable here rather than whatever fake black character she was to play there

  22. i can't wait to watch this movie… as someone who grew up with asian parents in a western country this is gonna be so relatable (and emotional)

  23. 3 months ago. "Your father at the last stage of cancer he has around 6 nonths",doctor said. I can't stand even say anthing, my tears dropping on the table. The doctor told my dad didn't know he is very open minded. So we think it is better to hide the true. My dad is weak that doctors thought he couldn't get the echotherapy but thanks to the positive thinking. He is doing echo process now. I hard to come over this time by hiding him. I'm very sensitive like Billi. I cry when I think unfortunate things will happen. I change my mind and try to think positive. But it is hard for me and our family. 😥

  24. Umm… I’m chinese and I’ve been living in China my whole life, but I can’t relate to this, can’t even imagine doing something like this to my grandparents and I’m pretty sure my family will think the same

  25. Hey Guys! you should see the Movie from Philippines titled "Seven Sundays"
    That movie is like this but earlier than this movie.

  26. It's one of those movies where in the end, the grandma knew the WHOLE TIME! Dun dun dunnnnn

    And then we all cry because we're like "Awww grandma can still be happy even though she dead by next week awwwwww"

  27. As an Indian, I can totally relate to so many emotions and nuances of the plot!! I guess authentic expressions are always universal 🙂

  28. If that’s the custom in China, then it stands to reason that the grandma would have done something similar with her elders when she was younger. And she would be well aware of the fact that any info the doctor gives her might be censored by her family. So she always has the ability to say “don’t keep any secrets from me.” But if she chooses not to, then she has willfully chosen secrecy. Her choice

  29. Imagine this, and Korean film (Parasite) and an american-chinese movie (Farewell) being both nominated for best picture

  30. i have a feeling that i'm going to be a sobbing mess watching this movie since this whole story really did happened to my family in June.

  31. Ahhh not gonna watch this!!!not because its awful but because im a weaker!!!i even shed a tears watching the trailer!!!

  32. I can relate to this movie so much. When my mom had a stroke, they hid it from my grandma who was also dying. My grandma kept asking my aunts and uncles why she hasn’t heard from my mom for awhile. They told her she was just busy here in the states. They finally told my grandma when she was in a coma that my mom died from a second stroke so that’s why she hasn’t heard from her. When my dad was dying, we also hid it from him that he was dying of cancer and liver failure and that he had no more than two weeks left to live. He was already hallucinating towards the end of his life because his liver couldn’t clear out the toxins anymore. It’s a common belief in my family that we take on the emotional burden for the one who is dying.

  33. As a foreign i am admiring China, and the way how they treat their nation.
    The country i am coming from, our government cares more about foreigners than about us.
    Now we have democracy and is destroying our country. We lost the meaning of our nation, all because of the democracy and liberalism.
    For me China is the best example of how to protect people first and save them from western mindset, the mindset that gives more freedom to foreign influence.
    I won't avoid to say, yes they do have mistakes and those mistakes needs to be fixed. But what i am trying to say is that China cares about the nation, and that is very important.

  34. Didn't think much about this, but this little gem caught me by surprised. some tears were shed by the end of the movie. I love all the billy and nai nai's interaction, they're so pure

  35. What if she wants to say goodbye?
    That's when my tears started to show up.
    My grandma passed away so suddenly.
    She couldn't have said any goodbye and we didn't hear ANY last words from her.

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