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The Flash || ❝But you’re just a dick❞ [Humor]

I’m gonna rip off your heads and eat them for lunch. Delightful. I’m sorry. Yeah. Yeah not for killing you, I’m sure I had a good reason. Joe, I’m sorry. I’m starting to think ”Joe I’m sorry” Is my actual name considering how often you say it to me. Thank you. *Laughters* That’s embarresing. Harrison, don’t get up. *Ironic laughters* AH! Sorry, I thought I slipped on an ear. I didn’t. If i did i’d be hearing things. Oh hell no. Hi. Hi. Abort! *Shook* OH MA GOOD! *Laughters* You know, our Doctor Wells might have been evil but you’re just a dick. You’re all wearing your finest jewlery, almost like you knew we were coming to rob you. The shoes. Looks like they’re all the same size. Men’s 10’s I’d guess. Just like you captain. Not that you’re a suspect sir. *shots fired.* Your ability to multitask is truly remarkable. The way you can embarress me, the captain and yourself, all at the same time. How are you still alive? I don’t know. Because you missed. Is there a metahuman who can time travel? Time? no time travel’s not real. You wanna to go out with me? *impressed* *flirt* Hey Harry! Hey over here! *ignores* Hey! Not many men can keep up with me. Barry it’s Caitlin. *shook* *what* Hey Caitlin. *shit* How’s your day? Cisco? Hey! To your left. Other left. Cisgo! *Bam* *shocked* *payback bitch* Caitlin… ..good. Ehm. Thank you. Come inside. Use my workroom. Use my computer. I don’t care. Thanks! Goodnight.

46 thoughts on “The Flash || ❝But you’re just a dick❞ [Humor]

  1. that move when Barry stops the bullets just epic ,is it me or both Barry and Cisco look oh so cute in blue?!

  2. I ❤️ the flash ⚡️ It's my fav show. Even though I'm still on the 2nd season. (But I'm almost done maybe like three more episodes)

  3. I love the banter between the members of Team Flash and Team Arrow. it's why I watch these DC shows. my favorites are Winn (Super Girl), Cisco (The Flash), Felicity (The Arrow), and Atom (Legends of Tomorrow)

  4. Barry: I'm The Flash
    Spivot: I'm spivot 🙂

    Barry: I don't give a fuck im fast!!! RUNNING AROUND IN THE SPEED OF SOUND
    Sorry wrong show! :/

  5. “Y’know, our Dr. Wells may have been evil but you’re just a di-ick.” This has to be one of my favorite Cisco lines.

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