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“THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading” (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)

***You can turn these captions on and off using the CC button below Quit squawking and leave! How am I still living? I mean, you hit me right in my face! Hit him again! Dang it, Ricky! Hold up, you know Ricky? He’s a demon machine and if he keeps shooting me- Shut up! I will end you, demon! This morning I wanted a frappe and they wouldn’t make it Every time I come here you’re buying a frappe It’s not important to get a frappe But it makes me happy Big fat deal Seriously, there must be something that makes you happy Not really A pickle? Mmm-mm The zoo? Never. A sassy vagrant? Six kittens in a bag of water? Uhhh Poop on a stick? That’s disgusting. Are you serious? You’re so freaking weird. I like monkey You’re the monkey That’s nice Your chest is very hairy Yeah, you like that? You better believe it babe We oughta hang out tonight I get off in one hour Okay, I’ll be over there at the bar just being hairy No! Nuh-uh! Come on! Come on – just – Man, he cut my jacket with his nail! You know I’ll turn this ship around! He’s always touching on me! No I’m not! I licked your fries HAAAaannnn! He licked my fries! I’m coming back! Yes, destroy them both! music plays: “don’t fight the warmth, you’ll just wear yourself out…” Can I buy you a drink? Whatever, weird girl, but it would be great if we could play with my kissy bits I always have real funky breath I wonder what you smell like… I guess like cinnamon and something “It puts the lotion on its skin…” You get it? I guess not… Myah, myah, myah, myah, myuh, myuh, myah Learn how to speak Myah, myah, myah, myah, myuh, myuh, myah Huhhhh? Does anybody understand what he says? He’s got some kind of stupid accent I think An accent…. I shot a clown! I feel like that’s not related. I don’t know! myuh, myuh, myah, myuh, myuh, myah Yeah, we can hear you I think robbers stole his sister’s trinkets and he’s embarrassed He’s an idiot myuh, myuh, myah, myuh, myuh, myah Actually, I think he said tomorrow is his birthday Oh, happy birthday, Bill. I don’t mean that. What do we got there? Ninjas Did you say ninja? Yeah They have karate and can snap your shins clean! Serious? I’m scared now, all right? They’ll pluck out our eyelids Wait, could you still fall asleep? How are those your first words?? I doubt you could Oh really? No? You know what, I tried to make chocolate shoes Why? Because the guy’s a tool and he most likely sleeps in an L-position Listen baby, you know I need that puppet bird I think you’d better run along before it gets dark You know, I can see your nads Uh ohhh They have a gift shop? Yeah Be right back Did that shop have any food? Or a hat? Or like a cool belt buckle? Or maybe a bacon flute? Yesss No, but try this Why is your neck wet? I don’t want to relive it They got a sick blouse – on sale! You’ve been really bad company I made you a bird It’s a finger puppet As you can see I never painted it I would have given it to you but you’ve never trusted birds Quit looking at me like that Okay, yeah, I think I’ll just go home and have celery Look, he likes it! Uh oh! This bird pecked out your eyes That’s something different! No, no, I’m a vulcan VULCAN MY A-

100 thoughts on ““THE FORCE AWAKENS: A Bad Lip Reading” (Featuring Mark Hamill as Han Solo)

  1. the force awakens was like someone shat on something I loved … this was like someone drew funny pictures with the shit

  2. The REAL dialog is just about as intelligent. Star Wars makes NO sense to me @ 58, sorry kids. I was 17 when it came out but Anakin's dialog during the prequels really did it in for me.

  3. I feel like the song Kylo puts on the record player is a parody of a real song, does anyone know what it might be?

  4. I like how Han who was the more goofier character In the first three BLR parody’s is more studious and Leia who was more studious In the first three parodies is the goofy one

  5. You totally got to do some Ewok Adventures videos maybe the Christmas special 2 oh, I mean as well. I'm a Star Wars addict. Also thank you for remembering Katie Fisher in one of her greatest roles I'm probably one of the biggest gaps between movies that bring back costar for a long time in any franchise for Cinematic Universe. God save Carrie Fisher. One of the most iconic actors to Grace the Silver Screen.

  6. Could you imagine.
    The sole of Han Solo coming back in Luke Skywalker's body. Mark Hamill would just 'Own It'!
    Hans down (pun intended)

  7. I would like at least a full length movie of a bad lip reading at the next star wars days or comic con. It would be cool if Jack Black and Mark Hamill both were in it

  8. Chewie has an Adorable part in this, way better than in the original movie. He's a real person instead of Mary Rey Sue's Uber Driver.

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