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The Full Robin & Steve Bathroom Coming Out Scene | Stranger Things S3

Have you… ever been in love? Yep. Nancy Wheeler. First semester, senior year. [imitates gunshot, chuckles] Oh, my God. She’s such a priss. [Steve] Hm. Turns out, not really. [scoffs]
Are you still in love with Nancy? -No.
-Why not? I think it’s because I found someone
who’s a little bit better for me. [chuckles] It’s crazy. Ever since Dustin got home,
he’s been saying, “You know, you gotta find your Suzie.
You gotta find your Suzie.” Wait, who’s Suzie? It’s some girl from camp,
I guess his girlfriend. To be honest with you,
I’m not 100% sure she’s even real. But that’s not–
that’s not really the point. That doesn’t matter. The point is,
this girl, you know, the one that I like, it’s somebody that I…
didn’t even talk to in school. And I don’t even know why. Maybe ’cause Tommy H.
would’ve made fun of me or… I wouldn’t be… prom king. It’s stupid. I mean, Dustin’s right,
it’s all just a bunch of bullshit anyways. Because, when I think about it, I should’ve been hanging out
with this girl the whole time. First of all, she’s hilarious.
She’s so funny. I feel like, this summer,
I have laughed harder than I have laughed… in a really long time. And she’s smart. Way smarter than me. You know, she can crack, like,
top secret Russian codes and… You know? She’s honestly unlike anyone
I’ve ever even met before. Robin? [tapping on stall] Robin, did you just OD in there? No. [sighs] I… am still alive. [deep sigh] [Robin] The floor’s disgusting. Yeah, well, I already got a bunch of blood
and puke on my shirt, so… What do you think? About? This girl. She sounds awesome. She is awesome. And what about the guy? I think he’s on drugs,
and he’s not thinking straight. Really? ‘Cause I think he’s thinking
a lot more clearly than usual. He’s not. Look… he doesn’t even know this girl. And if he did know her, like– like really know her, I don’t think he’d even want to be
her friend. No, that’s not true. No way is that true. Listen to me, Steve. It’s shocked me to my core, but I like you. I really like you. But I’m not like your other friends. And I’m not like Nancy Wheeler. Robin, that’s exactly why I like you. [Robin scoffs] Do you remember what I said
about Click’s class? About me being jealous and, like,
obsessed? Yeah. It isn’t because I had a crush on you. It’s because… she wouldn’t stop staring at you. Mrs. Click? [chuckles] Tammy Thompson. I wanted her to look at me. But… she couldn’t
pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair. And I didn’t understand,
because you would get bagel crumbs all over the floor. And you asked dumb questions. And you were a douchebag. And– And you didn’t even like her and… I would go home… and just scream into my pillow. But Tammy Thompson’s a girl. [softly] Steve. Yeah? Oh. Oh. Holy shit. Yeah. Holy shit. Steve… did you OD over there? No, I just, uh… just thinking. Okay. I mean, yeah. Tammy Thompson, you know,
she’s cute and all, but… I mean, she’s a total dud. She is not. Yes, she is.
She wants to be, like, a singer. She wants to move to, like,
Nashville and shit. -She has dreams.
-She can’t even hold a tune. She’s practically tone-deaf.
Have you heard her? -[Robin chuckles]
-All the time. [singing atonally]
♪ You see me now tonight ♪ -Shut up.
-♪ You see me… ♪ -She does not sound like that.
-She sounds exactly– -That’s a great impersonation of her.
-She does not. You sound like a Muppet. She sounds like a Muppet. She sounds like a Muppet giving birth. [both laughing] [sings like Kermit]
♪ And if you could hold me tight ♪ [both sing atonally]
♪ We’ll be holding on forever ♪ -Exactly.
-[laughs] I know! Okay. What the hell? [both laugh]

100 thoughts on “The Full Robin & Steve Bathroom Coming Out Scene | Stranger Things S3

  1. Ya know every time I watched this scene up until now 2+2 did not = 4. It equaled somethin else. That’s what I get for watching tv stoned.

  2. I really like this scene- a lot but… I just can’t get over the fact…. I have the same shoes as Steve🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  3. I think a romantic line was built up for theme. And for a romantic story as a guy everybody falls in love with the girl character, so when she came out as a lesbian i was so sad. It was wierd, she's just a fictional character i shouldnt be sad about it. 😅

  4. i wouldn't care that robin's a lesbian if it weren't for the fact that there were so many signs throughout the season that she liked steve. she literally said "i like you" at least twice but then she just turns out to be gay. like wut. i think steve and robin would be like so cute together. but oK

  5. I honestly cried so much during this scene. If I had guys say that to me after I told them then I'd have had a way different high school experience. They're honestly great together

  6. She sounds like a muppet giving birth

    lmaoooooo (if they dont get girlfriends next season someone is going to be pissed and that someone is going to be me)

  7. I love how even after Steve finds out she is a lesbian and he can't be with her, he just instantly lapses into friend mode like, "Naw, you could do better." Hahaha

  8. robin: “yo steve im gay, and i like tammy tompson”
    steve: “i loved you though T-T
    anyway, gurl, tammy? you can do so much better!”
    thats how i imagine them if they where in our generation 😂😂

  9. Bruh rip Steve his life is going down hill since season 1, he got his ass kicked by Jonathen, then by the demigorgan. Broken up with by Nancy. Started parenting a bunch of children then starts working a dead end job out of highschool. Finds out his job is controlled by Russians. He likes a girl and finds out she is a lesbian, and yet he still goes through all of this with a smile and as a supportive friend. Steve is a good mom, friend and overall character.
    Steve deserves better.

  10. What a good guy
    And my gosh poor Robin is teary eyed as she pours her heart out, confessing everything
    "You wouldn't like her. I'm not like ur other friends."
    I freaking love Robin and I love how she trusted Steve and came out to him after they both just went through hell and even though he cant be with her the way he wanted he automatically switched over to supportive best friend mode, like what a good guy. He can tell shes super anxious about telling him this and he just gets her laughing, is there for her and its this sort of relationship I want to see more of on TV. People dont have to be romantically linked to have a good relationship.

  11. I can’t watch the part at 5:37 where Dustin comes in and says “Okay, what the hell?” without thinking of the YouTube edit where his body is super large lmaoo

  12. well, that was exactly my reaction when my Crush told me she is gay. I instandly gave up on become her boyfriend and instead became her Bro xD

  13. i don’t even watch stranger things why am i watching this why is he bleeding what are they wearing who are they what is going on huh-

  14. I love that it takes him a bit to process it but clearly decides that he doesn't want to lose Robin as a friend and moves past it.

  15. this is SO alive. like i truly believe this is how it can be in real life
    and i didn't even watch the show lol

  16. Steve: she watches Netflix late at night thinking about him, wondering where he is..
    Robin: she!
    Steve: sh- SHes a LeSbiAn mY bAd, mY bad ThatS coOl tO we all know it’s coooOll

  17. What's missing from this comment section is the recognition of the unbelievable chemistry and absolute talent these two have that has me believing every. single. second of this scene.

  18. I’m hoping there’s a chance because Robin may be bi-sexual and might still be attracted to Steve. (I realize I sound so desperate)

    I know how GoT ends and now i know that Robin is gay. AWESOME.

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