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The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Star Trek)

(upbeat electronic music) – From Cooja to Cujo. Nerds like a lot of things but there’s something
they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat game show music) Joining us on today’s episode, we have Sam Bashor. – Hello, thank you for having me back. – [Mike] Thank you for coming back. We also have Ryan Martin. – Good night, and good luck. – [Mike] Okay, and we have Tao Yang. – Ahoy. – [Mike] Ahoy, Ahoy. Well, three fantastic contestants. The two of you have played before; Tao you have not. But the rules are very simple. Which I will explain for you, and for any viewers at home who are joining us for the first time. These are false statements,
incorrect statements, about the things that you know and love. It’s up to all of you to find the thing that I’ve
said that is incorrect, buzz in, and correct me. All of your corrections
must preceded by the phrase “Um, Actually” and you can interrupt me at any point in the question. So just two rules, just that simple. But the questions, they’re pretty hard. Got it? – Got it. – Got it. – Got it. – [Mike] Cool, love it. Here’s our first question,
which is about Pokemon. (deep exhale) [Mike] The Pokemon anime
has been on the air for more than twenty years now. In that time, its protagonist, Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum has only won two Pokemon league championships. He’s also never caught
a legendary Pokemon. (buzzer beeps) Tao. – Um, actually he has
caught a legendary Pokemon. – You sound extremely sure of yourself. – I feel very sure. I think he caught one and
then let it go or something. – [Mike] Mm. That is not what we’re going for, no. – Okay. (chortles) – [Mike] Yeah. (chuckles) (buzzer beeps) – [Mike] Ryan. – Um, actually– – [Mike] Yes? – Ash Ketchum has caught
a legendary Pokemon and it’s Pikachu. (laughter) – He’s iconic, he’s legendary– – He’s a legend. Absolute leg, Pikachu. (laughter) Uh, no. (buzzer beeps) – [Mike] Sam. – Um, actually he, Ash
specifically, has won every single one of his Pokemon
league championships because he is supposed to
be the best there ever was, per the theme song. – [Mike] Per the theme song. The theme song would
lead you to believe that, but that is, that is incorrect. – That blows. – [Mike] Yeah. Well I’m going to say,
obviously no one got this one. Ash has only won one
Pokemon league championship. So it’s not that he’s won
none, but it’s just one in those twenty years of
trying to be the very best like no one ever was. He kind of blows. (chortles) – But to be fair, he’s still ten. – He’s still ten. (in unison) – Yeah, he is ten, yeah. – [Mike] Maybe canonically
in-universe, he is still ten, so like maybe I’m expecting
too much from him. But also, literally anyone
who’s played Pokemon is probably a better
trainer than Ash Ketchup is at this point. – Oh yeah, I’ve won eight I’d say. (everyone laughing) – All right, calm down. – Just eight? – Yeah. – Oh my. – [Mike] The millenia-spanning
conflict between Highlanders, known as “The Game,” is
governed by a set of rules. For example: Highlanders may not engage in combat on holy ground. This rule isn’t limited
to a specific religion, and over the course of
the series cathedrals, Buddhist shrines, Stonehenge,
and even a Roman temple are referenced as holy ground. (buzzer beeps) – [Mike] Ryan. – Um actually, the plural of
Highlanders is Highlander. (laughter) – I have no clue. – Incorrect. (buzzer beeps) – Um, actually it’s not called “The Game,” it’s called the, “Duel of the Ancients.” (laughter) – No, it is called “The Game.” – Oh wow. – It is called “The Game”, yeah. – Fun. – I was gonna go with that one, too. (buzzer beeps) – [Mike] Sam. – Um actually, (chortles) One exception being Stonehenge, because of reasons, for final battle they would’ve looked
cooler there, for sure. – The classic loophole. – [Sam] Mm-hmm. – No; any other guesses before I call it? – I don’t know anything
about Highlander, so– – [Mike] Yeah. Clearly, I mean, that
clearly seems to be the case, so we would just be sat around anyway. That’s fine; Ay look, you know. I hadn’t had any Highlander questions, like I wanna ask about Highlander. So what we’re looking for here is, Um actually– and Ryan you were kind
of starting to get close. But instead that they are
not called Highlanders. The Highlander is the
one specific character to the protagonist. They’re called, Immortals. [Mike] It’d be like calling
all Pokemon Pikachu’s or something, you know like– – My Grandma did do that so– – [Mike] Which people do do. (laughter) – All game systems are Nintendo’s. – [Mike] Oh, they’re all Nintendo’s? Exactly. – Yeah. – But yeah. But all the rest is true. It’s like, “Yeah. We’ve got a competition going on. Where we’re just gonna
fucking murder each other until there’s only on of us left, but let’s respect World Religions. Okay? Like be open to other cultures and like, let’s not be rude, okay– – Right. – I wonder what the limit
is and if like, you know, Pastafarianism– – [Mike] Yeah! – Is a religion can you not fight were there post-mortem D-day. (crosstalk) – Yeah, there’s like some super pedantic, like immortals , just like, it’s like, “well you know there’s
actually small sect, it’s not a mainstream religion but it’s a small cult and they actually live right
here at this house, so– – We can’t fight here. – I’m actually founding
my own religion and– – You’ve been at the Olive Garden. You can’t fight at Fazoli’s. (laughter) – [Mike] Welp, no points
for that one either. – Whew. – Feeling good. – [Mike] Here’s a video game question. Rather than using a
traditional “Belmont clan” vampire hunter, “Castlevania:
Symphony of the Night” has players assumed a role of Alucard, a half-vampire seeking to
destroy his father: Dracula. However, on first playthrough, the game’s final boss is
the dark priest Shaft. To finally confront Dracula, the player must beat the game and then start a “new game plus” which is the same game, but with harder enemies and new secrets.” (buzzer beeping) – Um– – [Mike] Tao. – Actually, new game plus is not harder, you just have all of your– you start at, with all your
weapons from the previous game. – Incorrect. – Damn! (electrical buzzing) – Um Actually, I’d say first playthrough you are able to unlock
Dracula as a final boss. It doesn’t have to be played through all the way from the beginning again. – Hm. Your wording of that, I don’t think it’s what you intended but it’s technically true. (surprised cry) [Mike] So I’m going to allow it. – Wow. What we said is true that, that on first play through the final boss you encounter is Shaft. But then what happens
after you defeat him, is the whole game turns upside down and you have to play it backwards through, through the game you just
played but now, upside down. And then once you get
back to the beginning, then you face Dracula. – Is that like, the basic reason why like, Dracula backwards is alucard? – Ay! You picked up that one; yes it is. – Because you play Alucard
who is Dracula backwards. [Mike] Well, point for Sam on that one. (tinging noise) (mumbles) And this is a fan submitted question. So this question comes from
a fan sent in this question with the express purpose
of trying to stump the three of you. From Justin Burrough, aka Jabelz Wavelz. “Everyone needs a best friend!” Superman famously had Krypto the Superdog as his animal counterpart and Batman had a long list of pets including Ace the Bat Hound, Mogo the Bat Ape, the Bat-Mite, and Bat-Cow
aka the Battlin’ Bovine. (buzzer beeping) – [Mike] Yes, Sam? – Um actually, Bat-Mite is not a pet. – That is correct. (relieved cry) – Thank God! (laughter) God, I feel so smart. – [Mike] Do you? – That’s never gonna happen again. (laughter) – Do you know anything
more about Bat-Mite? – It’s a fifth dimensional imp. Kinda like Mister Mixi-Spitleg. – Yes. – [Sam] In the comics,
where it’s just there to– he’s Batman’s number one fan
from the fifth dimension. This is heavy drug-age of writing comics. (laughter) Like a, 80s. Like a, little fairy that
dresses up like Batman. – [Mike] Yeah– – And happens to know
everything about Batman and it kinda just messes with him. – He’s like the world’s worst fan. Like most obsessive fan. – [Sam] Mm. – And very funny to me, just like, it’s like, “Yeah, Bat-Mite. You know anything more about Bat-Mite?” it’s like, “Yeah you know. He’s a fifth dimensional imp.” (laughter) (crosstalk) – Special imps. Just one of your standard
run-of-the-mill things. Well that is a point for Sam. For recognizing Bat-Mite– – Wow. – [Mike] As the fifth
dimensional imp that he is. And this will bring us to our first shiny question of the game. (magical harp sound) Alright, this is a game called, Order Up. [Mike] You have a selection of robots on the other side of this board. I would like you to please arrange them from smallest robot to largest robot. [Mike] Okay, go head and flip those over. Let’s take a loo at those bots. (intense timer music) – Great. So Sam, let’s take a look at what you got and just run us quickly through that order that you think yo got there. – Alright. So we start out with smallest. [Sam] Microbot , Metal Sonic. ‘Cause I feel like Sonic’s like four feet. Johnny five, he felt
like an even five-seven, (laughter) something like that? TARS, I felt like McConaughey was like, looking at the console eye-level. Anyways, after that it’s pretty easy. Iron Giant. I’m not familiar with this gentleman. And then Unicron, I
feel like is the largest of these gentlemen on here. – Very good. Ryan, let’s see what you got. – So, I really don’t feel good about this but we’ve got Metal Sonic, and then Johnny 5– – [Mike] Okay. – [Ryan] Then I’ve also got TARS. Unicron? I thought it said unicorn. The other person I don’t know. The Iron Giant and I feel
like Microbot was a troll and so I made it the
biggest one on a whim. – Very good. And Tao? Let’s see what you got. – Alright, I think this was
a trap and I fell for it. ‘Cause I feel like
Microbot’s probably big. (chortles) – [Mike] Okay. – [Tao] But I put them there anyways. And then same thing like Metal Sonic, is like, tiny I’m imagining,
basing off the game and it’s not that big on my TV. Johnny 5 could be gigantic but- (laughter) – [Tao] Just from based off this photo he looks kind of small. TARS it’s like a human-size. This is a transformer, I think? I have no idea what this is. But I just love the Iron Giant the most, so I put that one as the biggest. – The power of love will bring him up. Okay, great. Ryan, you got none of these correct. (chuckles) Tao you got four correct, and Sammy you got five correct. – Whoa. So, let’s take a look at
what the answer should be and where we’re at. [Mike] It was a double trap, Microbot is just in fact a tiny bot that is from Big Hero Six. Microbot, Metal Sonic, Johnny 5, TARS is about six feet tall. And then the last, the end is where people tend to get tripped up. But the Iron Giant is about 50 feet tall. Unicron is larger than a planet and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is over 10 million lightyears large. So easily the largest robot on here. That is our order. – So when Tengen touches
his toes or something, it’s going through 10
million light years– (laughter) To touch its toes. – It takes a long time to touch his toes. Takes a long time do anything, it’s really a drag. (chimes) And that’s it for this
preview of Um Actually. If you liked it, there’s a whole lot more
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your free trial today. I’m Mike Trap, reminding you to get your
pet spade and neutered. And your zombie-pets, obliterated. Zombie-pets. They’re not the pets you
loved anymore, they’re gone. They’re gone. Kill them. Kill them. – [Mike] We are going to show
you an image, some iconic but we’ve taken that image and we have pixilated it all to hell. There’s five levels of pixilation and you can only guess once, what you think it is to identify it.

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  2. I've got one for you:
    One of the most important bugs in Hallownest is Hornet, the spider daughter of the Pale King and White Lady. She wields a needle and thread, and in the final moments of the game is the one who helps you enter the mind of the Hollow Knight and defeat the Radiance.

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    Also – Um actually, just because wrestling is for some reason on SyFy, it doesn't mean it's a nerdy thing.

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    I was all over that Middle Earth being round one, I just re-re-re-read the Silmarillion this spring, but they guessed every other answer first, even disk world!

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  15. Um actually, Ron "Faroouq" Simmons was the first Black WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Big Van Vader for the title.
    Fucking awesome match btw

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  26. Oh boy baseball: that sport that brits don't watch because it's only popular in America… because that means it's nerdy? I don't get the reasoning here: all you do is hit a ball and if you run well you get points: surely that's more about if you're good at 100 meter dash than it is if you can calculate a projectory of a baseball. Unless you're measuring a player's worth by arbitrary numbers that don't really mean much in the first place.

  27. Um actually… I have YouTube Premium already and by telling me I have to sign up for a completely different monthly pay subscription service on a different website to watch the rest of this show, although mildly entertaining, is more likely to make me remove College Humor from my subscription feed all together. I'm tired of being nickeled and dimed by every YouTube channel that wants me to pay to see their content elsewhere.

  28. Un Actually, you made an error the most decorated Superstar in WCW goes to Rick Flair who hed the title 12 times in WCW but a record of 16 times total in both WWE and WCW. Rick Flair has the US Championship 4 times, NWA Tag Titles 4 times, and World TV Title 2X Prior to Boker T. Ron Simmons aka Farooq in WWE was the first afro champion as well as Tony Atlas, Mr. USA. This is what WWE does not want people to know. However, the official records go to Ron Simmons and Tony Atlas, officially.

    When Tony Atlas beat Rick Flair. President Jack Tunney made an immediate decision to strip Tony Atlas of the title due to his color. The same happened to Ron Simmon and WCW Chairman JJ Dillon stripped Ron Simmons the following week in WCW. However, it is in official records that they did have the titles before Booker T, officially. He was the first person who did not get stripped of the titles, only.

  29. Umm actually making a new table top RPG is not a waste of money because the RPG subculture is very vast and diverse and we buy and play so much more than just D&D

  30. Um actually Ron Simmons was the first Official Africa American WCW/NWA heavyweight champion, as well there was another man who held the title before Simmons in the 1950s but his reign was declared unofficial

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