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100 thoughts on “The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Mario, Stranger Things, Stephen King)

  1. WOW! I am actually shocked that none of these idiots knew who Richard Feynman was. I guess the Challenger disaster isn't a big enough deal to remember him…. damn you education in the USA!

  2. The stuff in the backround is so smart. Adidas back to the future shoes, a cube pokeball, a blue tmnt mask with the wrong weapon, Thor’s hammer with a hammer back to it unlike the real hammer, the wrong Spock hand gesture. All wrong nerdy stuff to be corrected

  3. Um actually, reproducing asexually is not a difference from Tolkiens work, since the Orcs in Tolkiens series can be created by torturing elves or somehow be made out of earth or some mud like thing

  4. Um, actually, your third time travel timeline does not depict Chrono Trigger, if it did clearly the protagonists would be traveling to twelve THOUSAND BC (visiting the kingdom of Zeal), not twelve HUNDRED BC as shown. adjusts glasses (Also there should be another hop from 12000 BC to another fixed point in time and back again before getting free time travel, that era is home to a massive class divide so OF COURSE the players had to be exposed to both sides of it on different visits before they could wash their hands of the period entirely.)

  5. Um, actually, 'lakitu' who drives karts in Mario Kart 7, 8 and 8 deluxe has a red shell, not a green shell like the real lakitu we know. Thus it isn't the same character.

  6. um actually the mind flayer doesnt look similar to its DnD counterpart at all and um actually lakitu also operates the camera in Super mario 64 which is how they explain the 3d view.

  7. Usually i watch this and think, "id be pretty good at this, atleast second place" but this one i for sure would have won… Shiny question made me think otherwise until they got one at most and i got 2 (chrono trigger and prince of persia)… One day, some day…

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  9. The amazing thing about the Ork Waagh! Fields.
    They don't need any actual form of tech for it to work, they just need enough of them to think it works.

    On one fun occasion, a Leman Russ battle tank (the standard tank for the Imperial Guard) was captured and looted by the Orks. It was then used by them in the field, and it was running circle's around scouting vehicles.
    When it was eventually recaptured, the Tech-Priests went to try and figure out how they did that and found it had no engine, but instead had a crudely drawn picture of an engine in the space it should have been.

    The Waaagh! Field also applies to things that aren't tech.
    A people theory is that Commissar Yarrik is only still alive because so many Orks believe he can't be killed.
    (Hard to say if this is because of the Waagh! field or just their stupidly robust bodies) A decapitated Ork can have their head stiched onto the neck of a different body, and be able to control it like nothing had happened (probably a bit confused, but he can be running around in a new body perfectly fine)
    There's even a relatively small group of Kommando's (Ork's good at stealthing) who believe that fire can't hurt an Ork. So, on several occasions, they have swam through lava in order to get to a good position

  10. Um Actually, Randall Flagg first appeared in a poem written by Stephen King called The Dark Man. This poem was published in 1969, predating the Stand

  11. Ummm actually, Lakitu is not pronounced “lack-ee-too”, but actually pronounced “lack-i-too” with emphasize on “lack”. (Correction: they pronounce it right and I’m wrong lol)

  12. Um actually, a member of the lakitu race joins Mario’s party as early as Paper Mario for the N64. Throwing spinies at Bower’s face is objectively fun.

  13. Um actually the mindflayer does not look very similar aside from both having tentacles. ST's mindflayer is essentially just all tentacles in a giant flying mass, while D&D's Mindflayer (which is actually shown in ST) is essentially a humanoid with a squidlike cthulhu head.

    Also but "A Demogorgon" does not exist in D&D. "The Demogorgon" is a singular entity, the Demon Prince of Chaos who rules over multiple layers of the Abyss and is one of the most powerful of the Demon Lords. While Demogorgon produces similarly looking demons such as the apelike Baragulras, no others can reasonably be called Demogorgons.

  14. Um Actually, the Stranger Things Mind Flayer got its name because of its similar powers and abilities to the D&D Mind Flayer, not because of its similar appearance.

  15. Umm actually the Orks in 40,000k have a caste of Orks who's jobs are to make technology and do so through genetic imprints in there DNA left by the Old Ones when they were made. The "Oddboyz" can reproduce technology and recycle tech at an instinctual level and as there clan or tribe increases and requires more advanced technology, more DNA blueprints will unlock allowing them to build more complicated systems. The powering of the tech via their collective psychic presence only works to make the tech better or "more" functional, it still requires actual fuel, maintenance and repair to function at a base level.

  16. Um actually the mind flayer also doesn't look like the mind flayer. The name is given because of their similar powers. When Dustin names it he has never even seen it. The only person who has seen it is Will and he never described it.(11 and Hop see it too but not until after its named)

  17. A DND Mind Flayer does not in any way look like a big shadow spider creature…not in the slightest. The reason on why it was called a Mind Flayer because it flayed minds!

  18. Um Actually, refereeing the game is fun. There are countless fellow Dungeon Masters who agree with me. Where's Brennan? Get in the comments!

  19. I think the way he pronounced feynman would have made me not realize he was referring to the physicist. Teach Trapp to say the things he's pronouncing or you'll trigger all the real nerds.

  20. Um actually, Warhammer 40,000 is pronounced Warhammer 40k do to the game taking place in the 40th millennium. My dad reads all of the Warhammer 40k Fluff (aka the game's story that has nothing to do with actually playing the game) and it is common knowledge for those who have play the game at all!

  21. Um, actually, the Connecticut yankee doesn't time travel back to the present, he's just cursed to sleep for 1300 years. 🙂 (Thanks, high school.)

  22. Hey long time fans here. Love this channel. But this needs to be limited to twice a month or something. I've never enjoyed an episode of um actually. Stop wasting trap for this. Put him back I'm skits. Also do more skits!!! Please. 🙂

    The Richard Feynman one is the only one I got right. And I'm not even a physicist.
    I'm the wrong kind of nerd for this quiz. I'd love a science-nerd episode of this show!

  24. Um actually, not only does the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things look nothing like a Mind Flayer from D&D, I have an even more pedantic answer. When we FIRST meet Mike in Stranger Things they are not battling (present tense) the Demogorgon. It creeps up on their party later in the scene.
    The Mind Flayer in Season 2 is a giant smoke monster with a spider like body, and in season 3 it is half the size but made or corpses. Mind Flayers in D&D look like skinny goths with octopus heads and are the height of a normal person. These creatures aren't named this way because they resemble their D&D counterparts but because they behave similarly. The Demogorgon is an interdimensional super predator, and the Mind Flayer is a mastermind that can possess people.

  25. They should make a new series in the stranger things universe called strangest things and is about a random dude who somehow is immortal but constantly dies and another who is a pyrocanesist that helps the other kids

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