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The Good Place – The Trolley Problem (Episode Highlight)

Why don’t you just tell me
the right answer? – Well, that’s what’s so great
about The Trolley Problem is that
there is no right answer. – Ugh. – This is why everyone hates
moral philosophy professors. – I’m on your side here,
dude, but he is not wrong. – Okay, Michael… trust me. When it comes
to human ethics, I just know more than you. I’ve been studying it
my whole life. – It’s just that
it’s so theoretical, you know? I mean, you know,
maybe there’s a more… concrete approach. Here, let’s try this.
[snaps fingers] [trolley droning] – Oh, God!
Michael, what did you do? [trolley bell ringing] – I made
The Trolley Problem real so we could see how the ethics
would actually play out. There are five workers on
this track and one over there. Here are the levers
to switch the tracks. Make a choice. – T-the thing is, I mean,
ethically speaking– – No time, dude!
Make a decision! – Well, it’s tricky!
I mean, on the one hand, if you ascribe to a purely
utilitarian worldview– [crashes,
wheels screeching] – Okay. So… what did we learn?

56 thoughts on “The Good Place – The Trolley Problem (Episode Highlight)

  1. SEE!!! THIS is what I'm talking about! Philosophy is TOTALLY theoretical, but people into the situation for real and they are just lost. The idea of simply choosing a way of thought and sticking with it seems SO wrong that philosophy just isn't relatable nor useful in practicum.
    …rant over.

  2. Wow, this clip actually made me laugh out loud ,and that rarely ever happens during any comedy show I watch, Usually the most I give is a light scoff

  3. Chidi is all talk. He can dream about making hard decisions all day but he doesn't make decisions at all. He wants to theorize, not live. I don't blame Michael for making him put his money where his mouth is.

  4. First time watching with my little brother was a bad idea. Really didn't think they'd go through with it until Chidi was already splattered with blood and I was already getting yelled at. (Which is so conflicting, because it's one of my favorite episodes…)

  5. got to love that Ted Danson creepy smile. it's at that moment you can see him thinking, "oh, I'ma mess with this guy"

  6. So, the two things I love: 1) "Strangers Under A Train" marquee, and in every experiment, Chidi is the only one who gets splashed with blood and viscera and ugly boots. Eleanor and Michael remain spotless. I love this show.

  7. Chidi probably shoud know better than use phrases like 'trust me I know more than you' when talking with immortal being. Such level of arrogance should be punished, so I'm totally with Michael here.

  8. "Strangers Under a Train"
    "Bend It Like Bentham" (Jeremy Bentham, moral philosopher best known for his theory of utilitarianism"
    ahahaha! I love this show.

  9. This clip makes me realize Chidi is the LAST person you'd want as an ethics professor. Ethics is about making decisions, choosing what is and is not the right thing to do and then living by those moral standards.

    Chidi…can't even decide which hand to throw in Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  10. The answer is you kill the one. What we learned is that given a situation where the person deciding wasn't the cause of the situation, that person isn't gonna want to kill anyone. That being said, if you can't make this call in a spilt second, you shouldn't operate a car.

  11. Where was this shot? Why were the extras and cars selected to look like an early 1960s period setting? Was this some set that was already being used for a movie?

  12. personally, i love everything about this episode and the series as a whole but here's the thing, though. he explicitly said there is no right answer. so what good would it do to play it out in real time?

  13. I actually like the idea of forcing a real world practical example. I mean ethics that isn't tested is pointless.
    Even those who claim that they would pull the lever, kill 1 to save 5, might hesitate to actually pull the lever if actually presented with one.

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