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The Guy Who “Doesn’t Know” Mainstream Music

– If you go into a
California Pizza Kitchen, and you say that it’s your birthday, they have to make you a manager. – I don’t think that’s true. – Everyone! Discard your bologna and heed my words! I’m going to the Beyonce concert! – Oh, my god! Are you serious? – Yes, she’s playing at The Fonda tonight. – Oh, hey, cool. I’m gonna be at The Fonda tonight, too. – Rav! – Wow, the Hive is strong in this office. – I didn’t know that you liked Beyonce. Where’s your seats? – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to see Beyonce? I’m going to a Jumbo
Lake Michigan concert. They’re a German crunk-core band. – Who? Who?
– Who? – Who? – Jumbo Lake Michigan! It’s like, my favorite band! – Raf, you didn’t really just spend $300 for the opening act, like
these are Beyonce tickets. – I mean, I didn’t even
know there was another band playing besides Jumbo Lake Michigan, but, is your friend good? – You mean, Beyonce? – Hello? Yeah she’s–
– This is the Queen– Beyonce.
– The Queen Bey. – Oh! You’re talking about Queenie
McBaggins on synth French Horn. – No, no! – Yes, she really kills it. She’s gotta be at least,
top five French horn players on Jumbo Lake Michigan. – How many are there? – About fourteen. – Literally, I’ve never heard of this band until you brought them up now. – Jumbo Lake Michigan is
a little bit underground, but their sound is indescribable. It’s like, Lil’ Jon meets– – Wait, you just it’s indescribable. – The New York Philharmonics– – Now you’re describing it. – Meets Hans Gruber in “Die Hard.” – Yuck. – How is this freak show band
playing at a Beyonce concert? – I think Behamma is playing
with Jumbo Lake Michigan because she used to collaborate
with our lead vocalist, on like, a very small project,
like, twenty years ago. Her name’s Kelly Rowland. – Of Destiny’s Child? – Never heard of it. (sighs) – But, Jumbo Lake Michigan
discovered Kelly Rowland at an open mic in Omaha in 2007. She was in a real dark place. Said she’d give anything
to be a lead singer. – That’s ridiculous. – Actually, I kinda believe that. – You really haven’t heard of Beyonce? “Irreplaceable?”
– So good. “Single Ladies?
– Love it. – “Drunk in Love?” – No, sorry, must not get
a whole lot of air play, but you must have heard
Jumbo Lake Michigan’s classic single. (speaking in foreign language) And then it’s like– – What is this? – An eight-minute
kettlebell solo, you know! – No, we don’t know. – You do that the kettlebell is not a musical instrument, right? – Nothing is a musical instrument if it’s not in the hands a true artist. I mean, come on! – See, that’s a Beyonce shirt! I knew it! You’re not cool and unique. You like Beyonce just
like the rest of us, baby. – You got him. – No, this is a Jumbo
Lake Michigan t-shirt. – But, “Lemonade” is Beyonce’s album. – Really? Jumbo Lake Michigan’s last visual album was inspired by refreshing summer drinks. It’s really deep, though,
maybe a little over your head? – Oh, my gosh, Raf! You’re going to Beyonce concert! You’re gonna see Beyonce! You’re not better than the rest of us because of your obscure music taste! – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, god. I’m better than you because
of my obscure film tastes. – There it is. – I’m just saying, I
own “The Bicycle Thief.” God.
– On VHS!

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  1. For as much as I appreciate seeing all the support in the comments, I was really hoping to see more comments about the video itself. (Much love and support to the CH staff in these trying times, of course.)

  2. This is like when a star dies and we see its ghost in the night sky for millions of years

    This one will be too short 🙁

  3. I am this guy. I don't know most big musicians or actors, however i dont pretend to be better because i know some exclusive stuff like jumbo lake michigan. I just like what i like, mostly american rock from the 90s and really mostly just music from the 90s and early 2000s. Although back then i mostly listened to radio disney and Gorillaz… I was a weird child.

  4. Reminds me of a Marianas Trench concert I went to where one of the opening performances was by Walk off the Earth, they did a 35 min opening performance and when they finished, around 15% of the crowd left.

  5. All of these guys are amazing- the best of luck with whatever they do they’re all brilliantly talented and hilarious

  6. …but what if you don't listen to the radio and discover music on your own? I mean, I know most mainstream artists but sometimes find bands like a year later.

  7. I feel like this is the kind of conversations my workmates would have at work, and I would still not care enough to pay attention.
    Sorry about the news… I mean… I guess…

  8. I mean if you couldn't see the clearly cocaine riddled adult that is Katie Marovitch, she'd make a pretty convincing child actress.

  9. Um I'm the zoomer who goes to underground metal concerts hundreds of miles away in L.A. or San Francisco because music nowadays is just terrible… There are a few good bands (Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Five Finger Death Punch) but everything else is so bland and repetitive. I like music with a certain level of quality, no matter how popular the artist.

  10. This is what happens when YouTube media companies try to act like the average company. They had over 100 employees, for a YouTube comedy channel. Please.

  11. They should have used the name of a real artist like Michelle Williams or something. Beeonseh doesn't even sound like a real person. Silly.

  12. While I do know who Beyonce is and I have listened to many of her albums and singles, I do feel like this would be me when I hear people talk about new artist.

  13. God, I don't know what's more depressing. The silence because this highlights the backlog of videos that will inevitably run out, or the silence because this highlights that CollegeHumor is too dead to even acknowledge it's death.

  14. Dropout is only $5 now. Just got a subscription to support the newly independent CH. Hopefully at least some of the cast comes back, but I also don't want them to be without jobs so a lot of them probably won't 🙁

  15. I'm the guy ignoring mainstream music. I know mainstream artists until, dunno, 98? After that i dont care, get some names, some songs, of course i do know some mainstream stuff, but i dont freaking know what's trendy and i dont care. A lot of other sources got me busy.

  16. It's sad this is about to disappear after all this years, it was being good in recent times. I was nearly in love with some of the characters.

  17. I don't know why but I feel triggered at the woman going to the Beyonce concert because I don't see why people who like only mainstream keep up with telling everyone "what?! You've never heard of (popular probably just famous for the lucked clout singer name)

  18. Man, CH was the first YouTube channel I ever watched. POV, Hardly Working, Jake and Amir, Badman, CEOs, Total Forgiveness, All-nighters, and so on. Watching CH growing up greatly influenced my sense of humor, and for that I am grateful. Thanks for the memories. ❤️

  19. i just fell in love with collegehumor a few months ago and it’s been a huge source of comfort me when i’ve been down. i’m heartbroken that it’s coming to an end but i know all of these incredible people have bright futures ahead of them. thank you to all the cast for the laughs you gave us in hard times, i know i’m not the only one you saved 💛

  20. Like yeah a tragedy you were all fired. But figuring this is literally the premise of a skit from college humor from like 10 years ago it makes sense

  21. Life is going to be very different for all the 13M+ people who eagerly waited for each clip to get them their daily dose of happiness. This sucks.

  22. maybe do a skit with the group asking katie to "do her sexy thing more" for content; she's confused about whats sexy and tries a few awkward cringe moments with confidence: nobody impolitely discourages her but they really don't get what they wanted. She gets annoyed, but the moment she's angrier she gets more sexy she: (contouring and lighting and shimmers increase and keep being added on set for every dialogue exchange) so they anger her until she's super model hot, but now she's too angry to work with these people.

  23. Wtf are you guys talking about?? What's happening to CollegeHumor!? Please tell me this is just some kind of troll meme.

  24. I have heard of mainstream artists, but I don't know any of these songs. Since Spotify I have not listened to the radio voluntarily for like 10 years

  25. first college humor video watched in awhile. from the comments it sounds like their downsizing and everyone got fired? not a surprise to me cause this channel has been in a downfall for a long time now.

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