Laughter is the Best Medicine


receive your breakthrough welcome to a Father's heart with dr. Phil Godot dr. Brenda Goodell we are a family-friendly church that teaches the Word of God so you can live an effective christ-centered life this is where the word works when you work the word while I'm excited about this message it's a game-changer is a life changer on the healing power of laughter I can't begin to tell you how much difference is going to make in your life and how the enemy tries to steal our joy just Eli laughter and I'm telling you this is a must listen to and you've got to get a hold of it because every time you laugh there's healing flowing and you there's deliverance flowing there is the peace of God started feeling your life there's things that happen and that's why they say the people who laugh a lot live longer than people who don't people who laugh a lot don't have a much sickness or disease they even associate heart disease with people who that don't laugh a lot and I'm just telling you they say kids laugh between 150 to 200 times a day and adults only about 3 to 4 times you've got to get this you got to listen to it take some notes I got all kind of research and Sciences have done all kind of research on laughter nail and nail hospitals or having classes and teaching people how to laugh again and so the enemy wants to steal it God wants you to laugh let the joy the Lord abound in you look listen let's get into the message and then you can now get back with you okay go ahead and laugh now our father's heart broadcast so go ahead and have a seat that you hear about the the son-in-law that his mother-in-law was having a birthday party that you're here about that got in here about and she's having a birthday party so he wouldn't bought her a gravesite a plot a plot yeah we bought our plot gravesite and so a year went by and when her birthday came next year he didn't buy her anything and then she got mad and said well why didn't you buy me something this year he said because you didn't use your gift from last year yeah okay so live with me in your Bible to proverbs the 17th chapter verse 22 proverbs 17:22 I want everybody if you will take notes write down some day how many first time as we got here raise your hand WI let me see all the first timer first timers glad to have you here today in fact I can't remember the last time I did it but today I'm gonna give every one of you this CD today so I'm gonna give you the CD today alright so look at me in Proverbs 17 and verse 22 it says a merry heart doeth good like what come on everybody a merry heart doeth good like what so the opposite had and then a lack of a merry heart doesn't do good like medicine is that right so he says the merry heart doeth good like medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones and you know what we're dealing with today and in our society is a lot of people with broken spirits lemonis this even for myself beside myself I've been broken I've been hurt or crushed at time in my life does anybody else know what I'm talking about I think that all of us at some time in our life have been crushed or hurt look like beyond talking about it almost but but what the enemy wants to do is to break you or crush you and keep you crushed and the Bible says that when you get a broken spirit it dries up the bones in other words the enemy is not just that incident is there just to break you and hurt you but he's out to destroy your whole life for the rest of your life and so you got to work your way through that the antidote to break brokenness the antidote to that hurt of that pain watch this here is laughter is laughter you in learning how a merry heart doeth good like medicine I'm very hard as someone who laughs who in the midst of it you got faith to believe God that he is the god of more than enough and no matter how bad your situation is he can turn it around failure so a man a merry heart doeth good like medicine in other words he said laughter I know this might be hard for some of y'all but he's saying that laughter is healing medicine to whatever it is in your life and turn your neighbor and tell them you need to learn how to laugh more tell me you need to learn a lot more so let me let me read this let me read this out the amplified bible out the amplified uh says a happy heart is good medicine a happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind calls us heal it causes healing but a broken spirit dries up the bone dries up the bone and I'm declaring all the dry bones in here gonna be healed today your Jesus man I'm declared in the name of Jesus that whatever the enemy has done to you to try to tear you down crush you it's gonna be broken today you're gonna mark this day down you will never forget this day today June the 9th 2019 is a day that is going to be transforming your life for the rest of your life [Applause] glory to God live with the passion translation says here and it says a joyful cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul but the one whose heart has been crushed struggles with sickness and depression that's why Jesus y'all ever heard of him that's why Jesus said I've been sent to heal the broken heart because God doesn't want any of you are you watching my television or the internet he doesn't want any of you to be living a life with brokenness in your life and your brokenness is not going to be cured by going to the to the saloon or what they call over the bar or even even getting you a where they call them thanks for get you some weed yeah that weed is only gonna give you temporary relief I don't know cuz I never smoke none I don't know why I feel like I got a lot of men here been smoking it don't but anyway you shot and died huh but but but Jesus is not about putting a bandaid on your issues but he's about total deliverance over your life and delivering you from whatever the issue is in your life some people cannot even move their life forward because of the brokenness and the crushed nurse that they struggling therefore they're struggling with the court into the scripture look what it says here struggling with sicknesses and depression now watch this video real quickly hours and I was preaching in Bishop Butler Keith Butler's church there in Detroit and one of the great churches of the world and I one of the leading neurosurgeons head of a major hospital and his parents came to Bishop Butler's congregation when he was 8 years old so he was raised in the word of faith man he's a very dynamic man and he was talking about laughing therapy and in the hospital where he is a head of surgery there they have laughing classes oh yeah for people that are in a lot of pain because endorphins are a major painkiller produced by the brain and he said they have proven scientifically that the brain where endorphins are released does not know the difference between a put-on laugh and a big belly laugh it doesn't know the difference in respond to hahaha but the thing that is you can't put it on without breaking into it I know because the time of great pain I had a disc just explode in my back and in 2004 and I'm happy to announce to you I'm completely pain-free Khloe's ago but that faint just that's an image scruciating pain I got out in the backyard I couldn't stay in the house let's go out in the backyard and and I got two heating pads and wrapped him around my left leg and took the sashes from two bathrobes and tied those heating pads on there turn them up just as high as I'd go trying to make them hurt worse than this other thing or at least catch up to paint it didn't work but it happened but I found out that if I start shouting than praise of God this starting laughing just start just to let at the top of my voice and and you know I'm loud you know yeah you know and so about their shout and then landed and that pain would just die down and when I hush here it would come back so I just started praising God started thanking him for the grass and thanking him for the trees and the birds that were flying around and as long as appraised and as long as I laughs get dr. you knows latest message on the healing power of laughter it's like medicine to the soul and body you will be sick as much you won't be challenging thing a lot of the things that you're dealing with in your life will not bother you no more if you just start laughing in this series you'll learn the physical mental and social benefits of laughter just laugh more it gets ready to stress the attention and your immune system is building up so something gotta come and get you your music the minstrel most people new system is weak because most people don't laugh Holi at all come on stop being all stuck-up laugh a little it'll do you some good the healing power of laughter order today this who's got a brand-spankin'-new website you've got it Calvary Christian calm it's much easier to navigate and even give online you've got access to the word 24/7 livestream services or video on-demand work customized for your computer or mobile device so you can beat the crowd and register for upcoming events it's your church hold on the go cavalry Christian calm it's available for you right now log on to Calvary Christian comm I don't think that we've really got a revelation concerning the hearin healing power laughter but I'm I'm declaring today that there's gonna be a lot of healing manifesting in here today a lot of breakthroughs that are going to happen in here today because some of y'all you're gonna get back your laughter do you know they said children laugh between a hundred and fifty to two hundred times in a day and they said adults laugh between three and four times in a day turn your neighbor and tell them you need to laugh at yourself you need to laugh at yourself well somebody told me I don't have nothing to laugh at I said we'll get in front of the mirror look at yourselves they said well that ain't funny I said didn't take your clothes off better make your laugh better make your laugh amen so you know so he says here so we got to make we got to step up our level of listening every one of you in here [Laughter] everyone brother Copeland was in within the meeting and he didn't know I was teaching on laughter and stored talking about laughter Bishop Butler gonna be with us in another money here he just said what is the greatest church in America no it's right here this is the greatest show in America right here that's the second greatest church but I couldn't explain that to him you know I just let him I had to laugh at that anyway so the eastern revived version says happiness is good medicine but sorrow is a disease it's a disease and we're dealing with mental illness on levels we have never seen before we're dealing with suicides on the levels we've never seen it before we're dealing with mass murders we're dealing with the area of people that's got all kind of issues come on y'all divorces family breakups we're dealing with all type of sickness and disease you can't even turn the television on and without every commercial was trying to sell you appeal I'm declaring a pill free zone all of y'all just got owned some pills I'm declaring God to deliver you in your area and that you'll be able to live without have to dealing with all them pills because you just laugh every day yeah I know I know I know that blue is the oldest person in here how you doing blue Oh grab him but you know what you know when I went blue was young and I was right along right close by him but anyway but you know what we's young everything on television was all about comedy come on talk to me anybody remember laugh-in rollin in Martin come on I love no you don't I Love Lucy and II mulberry blueberry Mayberry and come Oh y'all what else what else huh Stanford and son huh what Gilligan's Island [Applause] Gilligan I oh that I already said that you saw me slower I said that was the first thing I said Omo anyway so we got honey I mean know what I'm talking about so I tried to watch some comedy the other day and it was so vulgar and so nasty I turned it off because most of the is all about cussing and and sand nasty things and stuff like that I couldn't even let none of that kind of stuff so what I'm gonna do go back at my wife loves I Love Lucy so I'm gonna go back I ain't never loved I Love Lucy but I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna watch what's your name Lucy and Ricky Ricky I'm gonna watch some loose anything that's gonna make me laugh that I am for laughter right now and I'm gonna look at some of this stuff back in the days okay okay I'll even watch Gilligan's Island now amen is that what y'all say this Gilligan Island section over here but you got to do something turn your neighbors said you got to do something that make yourself laugh Lord when you talk about three to four times in a whole day that you are laughs huh and children are laughing all the time a hundred and fifty to two hundred times in a day what happened we got uptight as we start growing up we got it uptight we started looking at situations and and short there trying to work out things on our own instead of trusting God so somewhere we got to start working on ourselves do you know that when you when you laugh some of y'all they've got high blood pressure do you know your blood pressure go down do you know that I laughing helps deal with and heals heart disease do you know that a hypertension and headaches and and stomach problems are all healed to laughter so what no there wasn't no shock that the neurosurgeon would tell the people that we're gonna get some morning surgery you got to go to a laughing class you know what I'm thinking about Brenda something about starting a laughing class in fact anybody that want to make this their church home a part of your your king the building classes is you've got to have four weeks of laughing class well once you're coming in with your little sourpuss self and they're coming in here all uptight and want you to get some joy and you get your deliverance amen and I might have you to be the cheerleaders show them what a cheerleader does real quickly now that was alright those all right you know amen but we got a stroke working turn you in everything you got to work on your laughter gotta work on your laughter so so it brings good health it relaxes your whole body release physical tensions and stress caused you a muscle to relax you know people that that husband and wife that let together stay together a church that laughs together will you know a lot of them the marriages they're breaking up today is not breaking up because of some others because they lost laughter in the marriage they're lost laughter this drug getting uptight and you know when you lose your letter you're always picking at each other see Brenda is my little red riding-hood and I'm the big bad wolf [Applause] now it's in a babe that you can see though don't know you stand up in this wave at them Little Red Riding Hood right here Amen that's my girl 46 years amen so live with me live with me in Philippians 4 and 4 real quickly look with me in Philippians 4 and 4 and it's not a it's not a a big one but look what the Philippians 4:4 says rejoice and uh what and again I say what all the time you need to have a spirit of what rejoicing rejoicing rejoicing rejoicing rejoice in always and again I said we to look with the liquid to the passion translation says rejoice in the Lord always and again I own says be cheerful with joyous celebrations in every season of life and let joy overflow for you or United with the Anointed One now watch this here real quickly look what it says here be cheerful with joyous what celebration in every season of life I remember when I was at a brother Hagins meeting and and several thousand people there and so I was like if you can say it is wit like a celebrity there so I was sitting at the front rolling and and then he this why he was teaching he just said he said everybody get up and shouted he was teaching in his stops they get up and shout and dance right now so I stood up but I wouldn't shout and dance because you know I was the man you know so I can't do that so everybody was shouting and dancing and they're just going on then he said all right sit down then he told another thirty minutes then he elders and he just said he said honey y'all came for healing the day he said raise your hands up it was several thousand people raised their hands for healing he said well I'm not praying for one of you he because because the Spirit of God told me to tell you to dance and shout and if you would had you two got your healing at that time God puts us in some time some place that we're not ready used to it and he wants you to do something and he wants you to move by the spirit so I'm declaring today laughs [Applause] laughs in the name of Jesus receive your breakthrough receive your miracle if you haven't accepted Christ in your life open your heart and say this with me right now say Lord Jesus I open the door to my heart and invite you into my life is my Lord and Savior take control of my life this day I receive you in Jesus name Amen ladies it's time to save the date this August is the Women's Conference with your host dr. Brenda Kay Kutta this year's theme is taking care of business you'll learn how to start or build a better business with a better business model network with like-minded women and poor already taking care of business as entrepreneurs like iron sharpening iron lady entrepreneurs this conference is a must the power of validation inspired by dr. Gatos classic message on where are the father's the power of validation is the exclamation point as to who you are in Christ say when you understand who you are in Christ when you understand the power of validation system ain't nobody can take nothing from you the power of validation will show you how to manifest that Dunamis power of God in your life power to the people the power of validation order it now PG is on the IG Instagram there you will find inspirational quotes and encouraging messages open up the app and you will also see a live stream on transformational Tuesday is where dr. Godot not only delivers an inspiring message but prays with you directly as well follow him on Instagram and Phil Godot PG on the IG download the app and check it out now that you've heard the message on laughter I'm declaring that the healing power of God is flowing into your mind and that the enemy will not be able to disturb you or destroy your mind and I declare that you have clarity of thought and purpose now and declaring that healing is flowing into your body find something find something to come and read something that will make you laugh every day and I'm telling you you're gonna see a tremendous return there to talk about laughter relieves pain and stuff alone airline let me stop you heard it so love you and if you can be a partner with this writers call us text us get connected with us you know when you help somebody else who what God called him to do god I help you to do we want you to be a partner where they want you to be a prayer partner and financially helping us to continue get the word out in Jesus name Amen see you next time [Applause] Thank You partners this has been a Phillip Goodell ministries broadcast you

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