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The Hole

(Swishy Swishy Fist Fist) (Music Sting) Tom, have you seen my copy of the greatest
movie of all time? 17 again? Yeah Pretty sure it fell in the hole What hole? OH MY GOD!! (Dramatic sting) What is that? It’s a hole Yeah, I can see that. What’s it doing there? Well, I woke up this morning… (Slurp) Then there was a hole What are you gonna do about it? Well, I put a rug over it (Dramatic sting) Yeah, it fell in the hole Shall we call the police or something? Oh yeah, I called the police yeah Well, where are they? They’re in the hole (Dramatic sting) Where is your girlfriend? Tom, where is your girlfriend?! She’s at work Oh, where does she work? In the hole (Dramatic sting) God! How deep even is this thing?! That was my favourite mug… (Dog falling noise) Now it’s in the hole (Dramatic sting) Tom, do you even know what this is? Like for
all we know it could be an interdimensional wormhole or a gateway to hell or… Tom? Tom?! TOOOOMMM!!?!? Hey, what’s up I got a snack Tom, will you please take this seriously! (Monster noise) (Intense screaming) (Gun shots) What was that?! Hole person Where did it come from?! Right! The hole! Yeah! Dude, why are you being so calm about this?! I’m more worried about the space octopus… What space octopus?! That one Oh, here it is! (Dramatic sting) Oh shit! (Dramatic sting) (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

100 thoughts on “The Hole

  1. Plot twist: the hole is actually just a hole. Tom just put a stereo that plays ominous sound effects in it and convinced Oney to provide jumpscares.

  2. Random person: "You cant do so many jokes about one thing"
    TomSka: "Hold my mug"
    Random person: "Which mug?"
    TomSka: "The mug in the hole"

  3. Where are all the actual comments? You know, the ones that don't say "it's in the hole"…

    Yeh there in the hole.

  4. Little brother:Hey have you seen my phone

    Me:yea. I put it away sips coffee

    Lil bro:Where’d ya put it?

    Me:In the hole

    Also me:*brings him in front of the hole and pushes him in* I never liked you. Goodbye old friend.
    (Me and my brother were basically like bff’s but now we hate each other)

    Lil bro yelling:Hey look it’s my phone!

    Me:dang it he found it sips coffee again

  5. If you didnt know listen carefully and you can hear Tom from Eddsworld since this channel is made by tom! I support you Tom!

  6. I know this video was in 2014 but I have to say Tom that this video was still damn funny.
    If you still use this channel here's a thing I want to say.
    How are you doing today? Is everything going good in the Eddsworld community?….Is Matt's wife not being harrassed no more on discord?…anti fans are leaving Tord alone?…Have you gotten over the pain with Edd's death?.. I'm sorry if this is too much to answer for ya Tom…I hope you guys' life's are going good…Have a good day Mr. Ridgewell. 😔

  7. "It's a hole."
    "I can see that. What's it doing there?"

    ba dum psht

  8. Person : Hey Gabe where is your trust?
    Me : In a hole.
    Person : *almost falls in THE HOLE*
    Me : Its a hole. Pretty obvious actually.
    Person : Yeah it is…. so where did it come from?
    Me : Im not exactly sure but I have been staring at it for at least a week now.
    Person : Are you not starving???
    Me : Not really I can just get food from the kitchen.
    Person : Oh right….. wait…. where are your friends?
    Me : At home. Don't ask me where they live theyre fine.
    Person : Okay but…. how deep is it?
    Me : Should I jump in to see?
    Person : NO ARE YOU INSANE??
    Me : Once I didn't sleep for a month and that made my mental health get shot in the knee.
    Person : Wait what?
    Me : Don't ask.
    Person : So….. wait where did my ankle go?
    Me : I ate it.
    Person : WHAT THE —-
    Me : *throws them in the hole* I was hungry. And no witnesses.
    Me : *yells down to them* Don't touch them they'll eat you.
    Me : *to mah self* Well they touched the hole person.

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