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The House Cleaning  | EP 2 | F2 – Funny Family | The Mix By Wirally

Dear, get up! Bachelor pad
is no excuse for this place to be this dirty. This place is in a mess.
I want you to clean it today. Get up now. I guess she’ll make me do all the chores.
I better flee before that. Mop the floor, dust the furniture,
clean the cobwebs.. Where are you going? Going to work.
– Work? Who works on a Sunday? Major clients are coming today from Dubai.
– Why on a Sunday? People in Dubai take week offs on Fridays,
not on Sundays, so.. – Something is fishy. Maybe he is right.
– Sister-in-law, my college too.. Is being run by a Dubai shaikh?
Don’t forget the agreement. Now, do all chores. Get back to work. Good morning, all.
Like you all know, I got married a month ago. I’m sorry I couldn’t invite you all for the wedding
as my wife’s parents are too traditionalists. So, instead of just inviting one or two of you
to this meeting, I invited you all. So, shall we begin? Until a while ago, we were only two,
so you had your way. But now, things will change. Now, my sister-in-law is here.
It is high time to kill you. Get ready to die. Where did this go? A maid? I already have a stay at home maid.
My brother-in-law, that is. Here you are.
I’ll kill you! Mom, he did something stupid.
I’ll call you later. Is there anything
you can do propoerly? Pick up those clothes. Now, clean the floor. Man, this girl is stunning. What in the world is this?
What’s this? That is used to sprinkle
scented water during weddings. Smell it. It is apple flavor.
– Yes, it is. Then what is this?
– It is a regular water pipe. Is it?
Anyways, go clean your room. What’s the matter? Hey, who is there? Who is it?
– Where is he going? Where did he go?
– I should get rid of these. He isn’t even in the kitchen. Where could he have perhaps gone?
– I should hurry up. – Is he in his room? What is in there?
– Beer. I mean, books. – As if you read them. I don’t trust you.
Show me what is in there? Well.. Who in the world is it, again?
– He left again? There sure is something in the bag. What? – What?
– Give me your bag. I’m sure you are hiding something from me.
– That is just a book. There is nothing in here.
There is nothing here too. What’s the matter?
– Nothing. Now I can chuck these. Man, I’m so tired doing chores all day.
Sister-in-law, bring on the lunch. I’m hungry. What are all these?
– Fill the pulses in these boxes. Red gram?
Is it this one? I’ll Google it.
Ms. Google, what is Red Gram? There are 3 types?
I’ll randomly fill it in either of these boxes. I finally found you! You can’t do nothing? You’re pissing me off.
Pick each and every grain and put them back in the jars. If you don’t, you’ll get no lunch today. Each and every grain? ‘She made me do all chores
and didn’t even serve me breakfast.’ I’m not so cruel.
You can have the snacks which my mom sent. This is interesting. Thank God I didn’t take a bite.
– Why didn’t you eat yet? Well, it is too hard.
– Hard? It is as soft as cotton. She has iron crushers for teeth.
What a weird family hers is. I should get rid of this. Sunny, the lunch is ready. I worked so hard since morning.
It is better if I have a beer before having lunch. Sister-in-law, I should study for my exam.
So, I’ll have my lunch after studying a little. Thank God I stole some dal
from those jars. After working so hard in the morning,
it’s magical if I have a chilled beer in the afternoon. I used to have Chilli Chicken
and Chicken 65 with beer. Now, I’m having grains. Grains are not bad actually. Hello! Who is on the line?
– Your brother’s wife is on the line. Sister-in-law?
– If you are done boozing, come out with the bottle. W-What bottle?
– Beer bottle. – What is beer? I know you’ll be upto some mischief.
That’s why I got a CCTV camera installed in your room. You never study,
and you said you were hungry. I straightaway knew something was amiss
when you said you’d go to your room and study. My husband is working really hard to make money
with which he is sending you to college and this is what you do? Time for my soap opera. It is not beer that you are drinking.
– What? Is this illicit beer? You’re sucking your brother’s blood.
I’ll complain to your brother. The show is back.
– Thank God. I missed the last episode. Did the girl come back?
– No! Her cruel sister-in-law won’t let her go. I wish that witch is dead.
– So do I. This is why I shouldn’t booze so much.
I’m getting confused looking at that water bottle. Thank God you are back.
You know what.. You look different.
– There was some fallout in the office. Fallout? With whom?
– With a big shot named Johnny Walker. Why did you have a fallout with him?
– I like to have it neat. But he likes to water it down. What do you mean by neat?
– I meant I like my projects to be neat and pure. Anyways, what is the problem?
– Your brother is having beer in his room. What a shame it’d be if anyone gets to know
he is boozing. Our reputation will be ruined. Why don’t you chide him?
– How dare you! ‘I know you’re drunk. So, don’t act smart with me.
– Oh, you know?’ ‘Change the expression you idiot.’ ‘I’ll chide you now a little. Don’t take it to heart.
– But what is in it for me?’ ‘Johnny Walker is still left. You can have it.
– Sounds like a deal.’ Quit staring and chide him.
– ‘How dare you get drunk?’ You know who a sister-in-law is?
She is like your mother. And you get drunk before her?
As a punishment, fall on her feet. Do it. I’m so sorry, sister-in-law. I’ll never booze again..
– Promise to her that you’d never booze again. Do it.. I’m so sorry!
– Touch her feet. Do it! How much did you booze, by the way? We put on a decent show.
How did I get busted? Because you are making him
touch the chair’s feet.

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