Laughter is the Best Medicine

The House With Laughing Windows 1976 with English subtitle….

My colors… my colors… They run hot in my veins… Soft. So soft… My colors are soft
like the Fall, hot like fresh blood… The liquid flows down
my arms My colors… they transcend me into darkness. My colors take me into the yellow decay My colors they flow through my veins. My colors in my veins, creating a brutal nobility. God… My colors
will paint death clearly. Death, purity, death…
Purification… holding me at their mercy. My colors…
yellow, soft, dripping from their eyes. Purity.
Purity of death. My colors. Good morning. I am Solmi. Glad to meet you. No, take hers, instead. But no… women prefer
to carry their own these days. Anyway, welcome to our
village. Coppola! The bags. I am the one who wrote to you
the mayor who hired you to restore the fresco,
the painting of St. Sebastian. Let’s go directly to the church, so you can see it.
This is a tourist town. The newspaper’s beginning
to give us bad publicity. Something must be done
to attract more tourists. Driver to the church! I’m sure you’ll do a good job. -I hope so.
-The original painter, Legnani, died a short while ago, and he didn’t finish the job.
The painting will remain -an honor to him. At least.
-Yes, I understand. The painter was good,
but he suffered from a dark soul. And those women…
Death was inevitable. Hey! Are you sleeping? No, not at all. The pastor of the church
is in charge of the fresco. I’II introduce you. He’s a
good person. You’ll like him. This church was built,
destroyed and rebuilt 6 times. Many times I threatened
to leave… … but here I stay. Solmi says you have done
a wonderful job here. Thank you, he’s kind.
Yes, this church used to be an embarassment!
A mess! There were even cadavers
piled in here from past funerals. I had
my work, yes. It was a mess. After everything was cleaned up,
I hired the local artist, Legnani, to paint a giant fresco
of St. Sebastian. But there were many
problems, and the painting remains unfinished.
Here, see what you think. I am amazed! What an artist! To have done such a job!
It’s breathtaking! It’s truly magnificent! But Legnani had a problem.
He was eccentric. Legnani couldn’t even
get dressed by himself. His mind was somewhere else. God gave him an amazing
talent, but he abused it! They used to say he’s crazy…
… maybe that’s true. -Are you starting now?
-No, I’m just checking. Well, I’m going to get
something to eat. I haven’t eaten anything
since yesterday, and I’m starving. I hope you can make
that fresco beautiful! Good luck! Some people are so rude.
They never stop being nosy. Take this. Thank you. Who is it? There’s a phone call for you. -It’s over there.
-Thank you. -Hello?
-Go away. -You’re here for the fresco…
-Pardon? -Who’s on the phone?
-Don’t touch the painting! -Hey, you look great!
-How are you? I’m fine. Here’s the cheese.
Want coffee? Yes, thank you. Hello. Aren’t you the man
I saw at the hotel? At first you startled me. -Are you busy?
-No, not really. Sit down… -This seat is already taken.
-Antonio! -Excuse us.
-I’m gonna sit over there. What are you doing here? I came here for a good meal. I’m surprised to find you in such a desolate place! -Are you still researching?
-For the moment… Do you think I’m stupid?
Look around. There’s something weird
going on in this village. -Did you break up with Marcella?
-That old bitch? Don’t say that to him. Do you know who
this creature is? Yes, she’s a teacher, and
she’s been fucked by everyone! If you want to screw her
make sure you wear a condom! -Did you meet with Solmi?
-Yes, this morning. -Then you already saw the fresco.
-I saw it. Don’t talk to anybody. Believe what I’m going to say. I’m gonna tell you
a strange story. Can I trust you, Stefano? -Are you okay?
-I’m okay. I have to go now. I’ve decided to tell you later. Hope things go alright. I think your friend
drinks too much! You have a nice room here.
Is it yours? No. The school provides it. Antonio says you’re a teacher.
Is that right? -Yes, that’s right.
-Who do you teach? I teach kids… who do you
think I teach? -Oh, I don’t know.
-How much sugar? -Not a lot, thank you..
-Watch out. It’s hot. Don’t spill it.
I just washed the blanket. With you I feel younger. Let me tell you something.
You have a sad face. Don’t be angry. I feel like I’m getting old.
Not good. If you feel lonely, come back.
You know the way. I’II be waiting for your visit.
Not morning, I’m in school. I’II remember that. For you to understand
what I have to say… I must take you
to a special place. It’s a house with odd windows. Are you finally going to tell
that story from yesterday? Or will this be bullshit? Do you know what
we call him? -Painter of Agony.
-I think that’s true. You think you know… I’m talking about someone
who lived for death. Come here, Foresti! Here you go, doctor. Thanks. See you tomorrow. Antonio, what about
this story of agony? Good morning. Doctor,
that stuff you ordered for us… … it should be here soon. Listen, save your money. I don’t need it after all. I told you it wasn’t urgent. Hey, you know what?
I’ve got to start working too. Later! -Do you mind if I come along?
-Not at all. -What were you talking about?
-Nothing much. The Painter and something
about death. You have a bizarre friend. Somebody threatened me on
the phone. Tried to scare me. -Who might do this?
-Some people abuse the phone, and they get into trouble.
Sometimes they arrest a poor guy, but these tricksters only stop when they want to. Who put those flowers there? I don’t know. Why?
Don’t you like them? -That’s it!
-No more! Don’t hit me anymore! -Stop this!
-You’re going -to break everything!
-Stop! Don’t hit me anymore! Stop it, understand? Don’t talk to me like that. Go home… leave! Can I have a cigarette? It’s finished. -Thank you, marshal.
-Good night. Sorry about the trouble. This is the only restaurant in the village. By the way, -how do you find our food?
-Very good. I love it. -Even though we have problems
-The kitchen is very good. It’s good that the problems
don’t affect it I work hard, and thanks to Solmi. He has helped a lot. He’s done much
for this village. He’s a brave man. Though not tall, he’s big.
He has railed the village… … to unity and prosperity. I’m sure you find these
pictures beautiful. Like the one we have
in the church These were painted
by the same artist These paintings are the most
important thing in the village. My wife. Everything in this
house belongs to her. But how she suffers!
She’s very sick… She lives upstairs now… this is
her home. She wanders about… She walks all over. AIways.
This is her favourite painting. -May I?
-Yes. It was Legnani’s first. My wife is the model. Quite startling… the detail!
Joy from the Painter ofAgony. Poor guy. Never a success with women. Overpowered by them… A problem for him. Maybe because he didn’t
know his mother. But one day he stripped down and started painting his body. Hello. Who’s this? One moment… It’s for you! -Hello?
-Don’t mention my name. I must speak with you.
I must tell you… … the rest of the horrible
story… I’m at this hotel. Someone pushed him
from upstairs! Call a doctor! No, he’s dead! It’s impossible! God! Listen, I know
how you must feel… … he was your friend. Marshal, I’m sure someone
pushed him. I saw a shadow… Besides, he had no reason
to commit suicide. But there is no motive,
no reason for us to think that someone killed him.
There is no evidence! Nobody wanted to kill him. He was a loner. Unhappy. There is nothing to do here except drink. The young women… all left. Your friend was alone. Very alone. Hello? Yes… Sir, it’s for you.
Phone’s over there. Hello? Go away.
Leave the fresco alone. If you’re tying to scare me
by phone calls… … you’re wrong. -Go away. Leave.
-I’m not leaving. Understand? Excuse me, sir,
one of our best clients from out of town
arrived this morning. -We gave him your room.
-What are you saying? This man came to the hotel. There was no room for him,
so we gave him yours. We are very sorry, sir… Do you like it? I still have some left from my fishing trip. Want some? You know, there are lots
more around here. It’s great! -What’s inside that box?
-What? A secret. Hey, let’s go!
Are we going or what? Hurry up! How’s my singing?
Not bad, huh? Are you coming or not? Hurry up! If you stay here… you
can do what you want. Come on! Here you go. -Who does it belong to?
-That’s not important. Come here. This way. Come on. It’s you? -Is there something to eat?
-There is nothing here. What did you do with
the money I gave you? Thief! If you don’t like what I bring,
go to a restaurant, old lady! Why do you punish me like this? -Who is this?
-Good morning. He’s a kind man.
He’s gonna stay here for a while… until
he finds a place. It’s been a long time since
I was visited by someone… I’m all by myself here.
The silence is unbearable. Where’s the man
who took my room? -Who do you mean?
-The new client. There is no one. Who would
want to visit this village? Who is it? Ah, it’s you… I didn’t want to disturb you.
I thought you were sleeping. Sleep? Me? Not quite. How can a woman in
so much pain… sleep? Can I ask you a question?
Do you hear noises at night? -Noises?
-Yes. -Last night?
-Yes. Noises. The only person who could
bump into here is me… and I’m not in that good of
shape to be walking around. I don’t think you’re
in that bad of shape. Come, young man.
Come next to me. It’s been a long time since
I’ve talked with anyone. It makes me happy someone
is concerned about me. So, how’s the weather?
Is it nice out? Yes, it’s a beautiful day. You’II come and see
me often, right? -I promise.
-Goodbye, young man. Is somebody there? My colors. They are mine. Let them run in my veins. They are soft… soft. They are soft like Fall, hot like fresh blood… the liquid flows down my arms. My colors… … they transcend me
into darkness. My colors… … take me into the yellow decay. My colors… they flow
through my veins. My colors, in my veins,
creating a brutal nobility. Oh God, my God, my colors… … will paint death clearly.. Death, Purity, Death,
Purification, holding me… … at their mercy. My colors.
Yellow. Soft… dripping from their eyes. Purity of death. My colors… they purify death
through my veins… Open up! Is anyone home? Yes? Excuse me, I need to see
the woman who lives here. She’s no longer here.
Do you know what time is it? Excuse me. She left three days ago. I’m
her replacement at school. She was transferred to another
district… won’t you come in? I’m sorry… but I was sleeping.
Excuse the way I look. Please, do come in. Earlier I ordered food from
the restaurant downstairs, but I couldn’t eat the escargot. They are still alive! I didn’t
have the heart to kill them. Do you know how to cook them? No. I don’t think
I could eat them anyway. -What’s your name?
-Francesca. Well, I’m going back to bed. I hope we see each other again. Hey! I put a live animal
in your friend’s coffin… … to keep him company. Sir, I’m concerned about
the two women in the painting. The killers of St. Sebastian
seem to be enjoying it… Perhaps too much.
What do you think? I think we have the wrong idea. The painter did not have
the intention of depicting the agony of the Saint.
Eveybody says the artist is a sensitive genius,
but all he does… … is paint death… of a human,
without compassion. Fishing is good around here.
The fish are vey hungy. Have you noticed much change
here, over the years? The village suffered from war
after-shock. Everybody worked. They rebuilt with
courage and hope. Tell me about the woman living
at the house where I’m staying. -Who? Paraplegic?
-Yes. I don’t see her much. She’s the type who doesn’t
invite me to her house. She hasn’t left her bed in years. People say she has
a venereal desease. But I wouldn’t know.
She doesn’t go to confession. Was she friends with the
painter Legnani? Please, don’t ruin my day
with this kind of talk. This kind of talk is even
scaring away fishes. -What is this mumbo-jumbo?
-I didn’t think you’d come back. I came anyway.
I was waiting foryou. I’ve been here for two hours…
Curiosity made me play it. -Who is the man talking?
-I don’t know. -Why do you live here?
-The priest suggested it. Are you alone here? No. There’s an elderly woman
upstairs. She’s nailed to bed. I can’t stop smoking.
It calms me down. Do you still want
a cooking lesson? -Escargos?
-No. Something much better. -Do you know how to set a table?
-Yeah. You’ll find everything
you need in this drawer. -I’II be in the kitchen.
-Good. I found a book in the
old lady’s libray… … “Cooking for Romance”. What did you think of
the teacher I replaced? -Did you like her?
-Pardon? -Do you have a lighter?
-Right there. Did you make love with her?
Your silence proves you did. We stopped! B. L. Whose lighter is this? Do you
know a painter named Legnani? No, it was a gift.
It’s a friend’s lighter. The gloomy… darkness
is romantic. Right? While eating this plate,
the lady and her knight will feel love overpowering
their souls and desire is strong. Do you have a lot of luggage? One suitcase. You could bring it over here. What are you doing there? Is that where Legnani lived? -Who?
-The painter… Can you drive me home? Yeah. Hurry up. Go ahead… sit in the front. -Must I go directly home?
-Would you like to get a drink? No. They won’t serve me.
They think I should be drinking fruit juice.
Like I can’t handle liquor! Thank you.
The next one’s on me. Just tell me about Legnani. -Right now?
-Yes. The painter… he went to
Brazil with his mother and two sisters,
to find their fortune. When they returned, they were apparently
wealthier than before they left, but mother was dead. They came back and built
that little house. Excuse me. -How did they live?
-What? -How did they live?
-He was poor… He borrowed from everyone…
Even though they had a fortune, he had nothing. His sisters
controlled the money. You know, I knew him. I was seven or eight years old. She was dying. My mom was
sick. He came to draw her. We called him the Painter
of Agony. He liked to paint people who were dying. He was a little crazy. We could also say the same about his sisters. By painting death he was tying to control nature, to confront death. He was obsessed with death.
And the dying. Could you recognize
the sound of his voice? Could you recognize it? It’s the kind of voice you don’t forget. He talked like a psycho!
Like a machine gun… Then suddenly he would
stop and start chanting. -Psycho!
-Wait. He was really crazy
because of his sisters. -Plug it in. Quick.
-Yeah. Okay. Listen to this. There’s nothing
on this damn thing! -Did you touch it?
-Not since the other night. This tape was important
to me, bitch! What’s wrong?
I didn’t touch it! I’m sorry… I’II be right back. Francesca! Coppola? Are you awake? I slept a little bit, but I had a bad dream. I’m sorry. I’m scared, you know. Me too, but for me it’s different. I’m more afraid when I sleep. There are a lot of things here,
and they’re heavy! -Is everything packed?
-Yes, just take it downstairs. Incredible. Look, dear… ”To verify the death experience
of these models to reproduce the very last moments of
death, his sisters provided him with victims for his art”…
… Sisters! Why did he write in third
person? Like a researcher, to communicate with
the dead mother of Legnani. He talks of communion… … and human sacrifice. There’s a possibility
that a man, today, can communicate with the dead, during the ritualistic painting. Stop it! That’s enough! Shut up! I’m begging…
stop talking about it! I can’t stand this place
anymore. I want to leave. Rio de Janeiro. from Rio de Janeiro. What? What is it? Tell me. Probably the answer
to all the craziness. Who is it? -I’m sure it’s them!
-Them? -I must leave now.
-Take me with you. No, stay here, get some rest.
Don’t open the door for anyone. Beautiful flowers, show my love for you. show my love for you. Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers
in my garden, how do they grow, my lord? Even today the sisters are
committing murder through art. -What does this mean?
-Who’s there? Ah, it’s you!
What are you doing here? It’s them! I tell you the
painter’s sisters are… … the killers in the fresco!
Look! Take a look! It’s true, they look the same.
Where did you find the picture? We’re beginning to understand
what my friend had figured out -before he died.
-I don’t know -why you’re so excited.
-I feel possessed by this! The painting… … the death of Antonio…
it’s all too strange! Yes, I believe you, but I may
not be on the right path. I look at that cross and
have serious doubts. -You’re scared too?
-Yes. God forgot to give me
courage. I’II admit it… Promise me you’II stop this
crusade, heading the wrong way. Why? I’ve seen many like you break
down in the confessional. Did you know the old lady
at the house is dying? I was visiting her…
I gave her the last-rites. Let me see. Yeah, it’s definitely them. But tell me, where did
you find this picture? It even surprises me that
those two would allow a picture to be taken at all.
I’ve never seen one before. Yeah, I know. Well, what can you do?
I think being a psycho is contagious. When my wife was young
she was beautiful. She was infatuated
with Legnani, but he would only talk about
what he did with his two sisters. A sad little house, close
to the railroad tracks… They moved there after
the trip to Brazil, and they brought back a
beastly savage religion. One night, after he worked
on the fresco, Legnani decided to end it all. Whenever he
painted, he was in such frenzy… … madness engulfed his soul. He couldn’t separate
the reality from the illusion. Blood and colors mixed
together in his tortured brain. His sisters pushed him…
He finally stopped it all. He forced them to watch
as he covered his body with alcohol and set it ablaze. He ran into the wilderness,
his body was never found. -I told you: “presumed death”.
-Why ”presumed death”? How many times
must I repeat? If it says ”presumed death”… 4th of June, 1931, it says
”presumed”, not ”confirmed”. Do you understand?
Presumed! Caught on fire. Run off. Period. -Must I repeat it again?
-No… Presumed death…
So he could still be alive. What! With burns
all over his body, such a man wouldn’t be
too difficult to recognize!?! I need three copies of these
certificates for tomorrow. Look them up in the master file. How many times do I say it.
This is not my job. By the way, you haven’t finished
your work at the church, right? -No. Why?
-Because it’s been destroyed. Can you tell me who did this? I don’t know anything
about it. Someone, perhaps. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit! You poor son of a bitch. Maybe we should call
a real specialist. Leave me alone,
you degenerate. Who’s there? Who’s there? Francesca! Where are you? Ah, there you are. -It’s been over an hour.
-I made a phone call. -To whom? Do I know him?
-No, you don’t. I called the home office
in Rome. I resigned my teaching job. -You don’t want to stay here?
-No. Stefano, you know I hate it here. I hate the ambience
in this house. I want to run away. Something bad is going to
happen at any moment. You said we would
always be together. You’re never here…
… I feel so alone and I’m so scared. Understand? Do you want to leave me? No, I won’t leave you. There’s a train that
Ieaves tomorrow… … at nine o’clock… Iet’s go. So stop crying. Why didn’t you wake me? Are
you going back to the church? Last night you promised
we would leave together. Why did you lie to me? I didn’t lie. I have a bit of time. I need to check something.
You can count on me. I’II give up everything for you. My love. Somebody there? Good day. I brought back the bike.
It’s outside. -So you’re leaving.
-Yeah, I’m leaving. -Can you tell me something?
-Sure. -Do you sell muriatic acid?
-Of course. Want some? Who brought some recently? It was used to destroy the fresco. I sell it often to everybody
in the village… … Who knows? You don’t write it down? Why? I know everybody. Everybody buys it.
It’s used to clean. I sell it to everybody. Take me home. I need
to pick up Francesca. -I beg your pardon, sir?
-They abused me. Who? Them, all of them. They were afraid I would talk, but she thought she could buy my silence with a bit of booze. But no more! The last drink! The sisters are still here. Alive. Get closer. Listen…
I’m the only one who has seen them in
action, and it’s horrible. -What do you mean?
-They tried to get me, but I escaped. When I was little,
I went to school with them. Everybody thought
I was stupid because I didn’t go to church,
but I had a good reason. I knew what was there. I knew
the danger. I don’t want to… … die there. Others shut their
eyes. Ignored it. But me… … Coppola is still alive!
Why is Coppola still alive? Because I ignore the others. -You think I’m rotten?
-No. -For real?
-Yeah. Here the walls have ears. My friend died because of that. True? I don’t know about your friend, but I know… You’re curious. There’s a place where
people like you… … Iose their heads! Come with me! Quick! Is it you? It’s here. This is a weird house. Many people have
disappeared here. Why’d you bring me here? I know the missing people
are all here. Buried here. There’s an example. Once, I thought I would
end up in this hole too. Stefano? Stefano? You weren’t expecting me,
were you?! You take care of kids, right?
So take care of me! You aren’t scared of me,
are you? -Nobody’s scared of Lidio.
-No! You like me, don’t you?
There are many things I want! Your skin drives me crazy!
Don’t you want me? Give yourself to me!
Why resist. I’m stronger! Stop it! Why are you fighting me, bitch? -Don’t scream!
-Stop it! You’ll wake up the old lady! -Shut up! Don’t fight me!
-No! No! I’II take you to a house with
odd windows… smiling… Go get Francesca.
I’II wait for you. Stefano, don’t take long. Come fast! Francesca! Francesca, are you ready? Francesca, are you there? Madam, have you seen…? Francesca! No!! Francesca! Coppola! Yeah, it’s here. Follow me. This way! I know where they took her. -There, right there.
-Hurry up. Dig! Cigarette? What now, chief? Continue? This probably surprises you,
but nothing’s here. I’m sure there’s something. I saw bones, blood… Who showed you that?
Who brought you here? Coppola, Mr. Solmi’s
chauffeur. -Coppola? Are you sure?
-Yes. Okay men, let’s go.
Coppola is a drunk idiot. He made you look stupid, but you’re not the first. Hey you! Where
did you find him? By the ravine near the church. We’ll get him to you
in a moment. -He’s heavy as a bull.
-Pull a little. There must be more alcohol
than water in his body. What are these scars?
I’ve never seen them before. They’re war injuries.
He stepped on a mine. God, he looks terrible. Take the body to the morgue. Come on, men. Does anybody know
where he was all day? No, he hasn’t been
home for a week. Oh well, check on it. You. I don’t want you to
go anywhere. Stay with me. No, better yet. Come to my
office in the morning. Understand? Sir? I understand. Come on, let’s go.
I’II take you to the hotel. -I have to find them first.
-It’s not the right time. Let’s go. Yes? One moment. -You’re wanted on the phone.
-Who? I don’t know. -Hello?
-Hi… … It’s me, Francesca. Come! I’m waiting foryou… … at the house. My love… … I’m scared. I’m waiting for you at home. Come now… hurry up! You degenerate!
Aren’t you ashamed? Come, come closer. I’m going to show you
something. See. It’s my little brother. He will return to us soon. We continue to bring
models to him. He lived through other
peopIe’s death. Come with me. You are a friend
of our little brother, aren’t you, sir? My colors… from my veins… Purity, Death… Do you know how we keep
him? Formaldehyde. Lidio brings us new
formaldehyde every day, but today Lidio stopped
to see your girlfriend. He raped her, he killed her.
We had plans for her, but he messed everything up.
We had to find a replacement. Come, don’t be scared. He looks like the man
in the fresco, doesn’t he? Bravo! You didn’t miss! Hold him! He’s moving too much! Get him from the other side! He’s probably hiding
in the bushes. It’s useless to keep
Iooking. He won’t get far. Tomorrow we’ll come back
and get his body. We’II get him. Please, I beg you! Open up! Solmi! Hello, give me the police. Open up! My God, Stefano!
What happened? You’re my only hope. I know what’s going
on here, it’s them. I know everything. Call a doctor, please. The painter’s sisters… Legnani’s sisters
are still alive! Alive… … still alive… One of them owns
the house! -The paraplegic?
-Yeah, they’re alive. The other one… I didn’t
see her face… That’s a nasty wound. It
would make a nice portrait. Legnani would make
a masterpiece out of it! But you are… Beautiful flowers, beautiful flowers
in the garden, show my love… for
you… my lord… Laura, come see!

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  1. Thank you again Sandy for another wonderful film. I watched this one twice because it was so fantastic. Do keep up with your impeccable taste in providing your watchers with the best of Italian cinema. Bravo.💋💕

  2. This is no giallo in the Bava sense, no masked and gloved secret killer, no gratuitous nudity, no J & B whisky or cats !  But what it does have is a good mystery and a wonderful brooding sense of menace. This is a thriller strong on creepy atmosphere and the story slowly and skilfully draws one in. Very good.

  3. Those screams in the opening credits sound just like Angie Dickinson’s scream in the opening shower scene of Dressed To Kill

  4. Holy shit, who did the sub titles for YouTube? Complete rewrite of the Italian language track. I speak Italian, I am a little rusty in lines spoken quickly (and most dialect) so I turn the subs on for just said moments. What comes up on the subtitles is generic and WTF. I have to go back to listen because I start reading and I am following God knows what.

    I know translations are never exact or dialogue is shifted to fit in dubbing but this is insane.

  5. I really enjoyed this film, it kept me guessing all the way, lots going on visually throughout. It had a hint of H.P. Lovecraft about it I thought. Anyone who enjoyed this should check out this director's other creepy film currently on YouTube, Revenge of the Dead (1983), another quirky slow-burn horror mystery.

  6. Wonderful film. Disturbing as he'll, but mesmerising. The ending is great. The policeman's hand on the tree is a wonderful touch.

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