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The humor of Politicians defending a pile of shit.

so I'm watching this meltdown over Trump's Baltimore comments and it's highly entertaining and I think that I just realized the strategy that he may or may not be utilizing it basically will hit happen is Trump basically called Baltimore a shit because Baltimore is a shit so that's what he called it and the moral of the story that is trying to say that if you're a politician and that's your district you have no right to tell us how to run the rest of the country because you can't even run your own district which I kind of agree with and I understand what he's saying I say stuff like that all the time like Seattle for example Seattle runs Washington State right Seattle tells the rest of us in Washington State how to live our lives right how or what we can or cannot do such and such but Seattle is a shithole so what's like don't want politicians who are trying to run Seattle try to tell the rest of the state how to run when they can't even run their own city so in that fact I kind of understand where Trump's coming from and I think it's a legitimate point I mean Baltimore is a shithole the people inside Baltimore will tell you how much of a shithole it really is look at the videos but anyways the funny thing about this is that there's so many people who hate Trump so much and all day all they care about is opposing him right so it's not it's not it's not about opposing things that they disagree with or maybe opposing things that they believe is a lie they just oppose everything that Trump will say and so I can't help but to think it's like a strategy that he's using like he'll just say something that is definitely true right he'll say something is true that a lot of people can agree with but then all these unhinged media outlets and left progressive politicians will just go off racist racist ba ba ba ba saying Baltimore is a great city this and that so they're basically these people are forced into a corner where they literally they literally have to like defend a piece of turd hey oh look at this beautiful piece of shit what's Trump talking about people are watching these mob these liberal politicians defend a piece of turf estimate romances people doing these people pose him so much it all he has to do is say something like Baltimore's a shit we long shit is so good it's a strategy

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  1. The five features of a slave plantation are outlined by Kenneth M. Stampp in The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South.
    1. Broken down and dilapidated and unsafe housing.

    2. Broken families.
    3. A high degree of violence required in order to hold the place together.
    4. Everybody gets a basic provision, but nobody gets ahead.
    5. Nihilism and despair. This is an intergenerational, ongoing, lasting way of life.

  2. It is awesome that Trump calls out that politicians from these shitholes who are doing nothing to help their constituents,just STEALING money and trafficking children.I love President Trump.Shame on all these idiots supporting shithole politicians.

  3. Trump is doing a great job exposing the hypocracy in our government on both sides of the isle. Politicians in general are self serving, greedy power hungry elitists who believe they are above the law. Trump is not a politician, he is first and foremost a bussiness man, who understands economics, knows how to build and create things, and has learned how to navigate the political waters through experiences he accumulated over the years. Trump is a doer not a talker, while most politicians say, "we certainly should have a coversation about that issue" Trump just fixes the issue. I hope that his example of leadership, completely revolutionizes our political system for ever. The era of empty promises, finger pointing, blaming the other party for lack of acomplishments is over now that we see a president who says what he will do and then does what he promised. Let us all learn from this and quit electing carreer politicians to represent us, instead elect real leaders with real experience, bussiness owners, entrepreneurs, builders, designers, people who actually came from the real world and demonstrate an above average aptitude for success. Who cares if they seem awkward on TV or don't hold a PC degree, lets get people who talk the way we do, listen to there constituency and most importantly have the ability to make a decision based on good common sense and experience, instead of just going which ever way the political wind blows them.

  4. If you look at all of the larger cities that are led by liberal dun-o-crats, you would see that most of their districts llok like a war zone. New York city, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other rat holes that have dumb-o-cratic leadership or lack of, are the worse places to live! Not fiction, just facts of life!

  5. The dumb-o-crats don't have anything else to defend but shit. That is what they are, piles and piles of shit. Just look at the debates between the dumb-o-crats. They make a clown look sick! The dumb-o-crat debates are a clown show with a bunch of liberal idiots and morons!

  6. Good one bud. You had me laughing with you. It's like arguing with a 2 yr old. It's fun, but in reality it's not funny, at the same time.

  7. How about the main stream media covering for corrupt politicians ?

    Using the tactic – “ Your Racist ! “.

    Expose these corrupt RATS. Pelosi too.

  8. Why did Trump start talking about how a black neighborhood is filthy, rat infested? Cummings said that federal facilities in Texas are overcrowded, and have other problems which need to be changed. Trump replied, not literally but in effect, black people like Cummings are filthy, their homes are infested. Black people make me want to vomit. The moron in this video laughs while Trump continues to tie the Republican Party to white supremacy. Trump is destroying the Republican Party and the moron laughing here doesn’t have a clue about what is going on.

  9. They're just giving Trump fodder for his campaign ads!
    He's going to do to them what they have TRIED to do to him – use their own words against them!
    Baltimore's a shithole? Dem says NO, Baltimore residents upload videos showing Trump speaks the truth!
    Can't friggin wait! 😂😂😂😂

  10. Democrats are pissed because Trump exposed their Democratic plantation…… Democrats havent been this pissed since the Republicans took away and freed their slaves…

  11. It's Worse Cummings has been the representative of Baltimore since 1996 & murders have Never fell under 200 a year & last year was over 400

    🚨Means some 70,000 Americans🇺🇸 have been Murdered in Baltimore under his Representation. While also nobody's lives have gotten better there🤔

  12. They don't hate only Trump.
    They hate the people he represents.
    They hate you and me .
    They hate our honesty , sanity , decency and they hate our God.

  13. Demon rats socialis comunist morons are clowns im having a blast laughing everytime one of this demon rats open the shitt mouth

  14. you know what actually would be just plain amazingly funny ?…….
    If President Trump declares that he is Gay and is about to get a sex change to become a Woman……
    kicker on this……now the Democrats either way need to support him or loose all credibility by still fighting him, which would mean they are also against the LGBT, Transgender and all the rest Folks the democrats claim to support……

  15. If you fall into a shithole you can climb out and rinse yourself off, fall down in Baltimore if your lucky you will wake up in the hospital beaten and bruised without your wallet. Most people aren't that lucky.

  16. I lived north of Seattle (Lynnwood area) for many, many years, left in 07, went back this spring and Seattle, Ballard and some other areas are MAJOR shit holes. It's sad, was a really nice city once upon a time.

  17. wherever blacks infest, indeed becomes a ghetto shithole… just ask HUD. HUD turns once prospering neighborhoods into welfare ghetto shitholes. I'll have to move due to it one day. Democrats=HUD/welfare/Zionist shitholes.

  18. Check out baltimore on Google earth. Street after street of delapitated buildings with the roof falling in, junk cars, total dump!

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