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The Iconic Catfish Moment You Don’t Remember | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hi, I’m Amy Pham Welcome to The Sneak Peek Show. The show where I give you sneak
peeks of your fav MTV shows. We like to keep things simple around here. Straight forward. While that’s what we like, it’s certainly not what on Catfish likes. In fact things on Catfish
often get so complicated, that it’s hard to remember
what even happened after the initial unmasking. Thankfully Nev and Max are
here to remind us of the most dramatic second meetups
in Catfish history on Tonight’s Catfish the Aftershock special. [Max] Next up on our Catfish
the Aftershock countdown is a prime example of an
episode that’s received so much attention for
it’s surprising reveal that few people remember what
went down the following day. [Nev] In season three, Max
and I were contacted by a woman named Carmen who
believed her cousin Antoine was getting catfished by a guy named Tony. [Carmen] The reason why you
(beep) stupid idiot could never find who Tony is, is because I’m Tony. (dramatic music) [Max] What’s going on? [Antoine] Why the (beep) would you do that [Carmen] Because. [Antoine] Leave my (beep)
out because everything you… [Carmen] You should’ve never called me a fat ass Kelly Price. [Nev] I mean, can we talk about that? That has become one of our,
[Max] Timeless. [Nev] It’s probably one of the
trademark lines of our show. [Carmen] You should have never called me a fat ass Kelly Price. [Antoine] You get mad off that
little bit of petty (beep) yo that’s (beep) up. [Carmen] It’s life, deal with it. [Antoine] Don’t talk to me ever no more and I mean that (beep). [Max] What voice are you
using to talk to him? [Carmen] “The Tony Voice”. [Nev] What? (laughing) It still gets me. “The Tony Voice”. That’s the scene you’re
all familiar with, but here’s what went down the following day. What’s your story? [Carmen] I (beep) catfish
people and I’m cool with it. You don’t have to be cool with the thing. [Nev] I was wondering are you proud of it? [Carmen] Yeah I’m proud of myself because I do a damn good job. [Amy] Wow. So many questions. Is Nev okay in the beginning of that clip? When did Carmen figure
out she could do the [Carmen] Tony Voice. [Amy] How did she figure it out? So many questions! Do you have any? You must. You can’t watch that clip
and not have any questions. So leave them in the comments
and then subscribe, duh. That’s all I’ve got for you today but if you love drama, exes, Jersey Shore any combination of those things, you’re gonna want to
check back here tomorrow. That’s all I’ll say. Trust me on this one. Bye

100 thoughts on “The Iconic Catfish Moment You Don’t Remember | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

  1. I thought the “fat ass kelly price” was a man as well… is she really a female which is the reason everyone is surprised at the “tony” voice?

  2. “We like to keep things simple around here, straight forward” …continues to talk. Stfuuu and get to the video🙄

  3. If you think this person actually can talk that well as a man, you’re mistaken. So fake. Sorry but it’s not real. Entertaining nonetheless.

  4. Seems like at the very least 60% of catfish are overweight. Doesn't come as much of a surprise since fat people always lie.

  5. I know her saying "the tony voice" is hilarious, but I find the guys expression with his hair covering 3/5ths of his face even funnier.

  6. Im sorry but she kills me everytime she says “STUPID, IDIOT”😂😂😂😂😂im crying. I have to replay it just to hear that. This is iconic asf ‼️

  7. Max’s “The future is female” shirt is awesome… that’s a woke man who’s comfortable with his masculinity right there

  8. You should of never called me a FAT ASS KELLY PRICE💀☠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!

    Hahaaaaaa this ah f*ckin classic😂!!!

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