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The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look

-The president is facing
three more days of impeachment hearings
this week after a second day of damning testimony
and yet another conviction of one of his associates. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Now, if you’ve been following
the impeachment hearings, I know what
you’ve been thinking. Where…is…the…evidence? I mean, only six
of the president’s closest aides and associates
have been convicted or pled guilty to crimes. I mean, who among us doesn’t
have at least six work friends who are also criminals? I mean, we all know
every friend group has a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte, and a Roger who looks like Mary
Poppins’ coked-up ex-boyfriend. That, of course, is Roger Stone,
a long-time associate of President Trump in his actual
outfit from the inauguration. And on Friday,
Stone opened his magic umbrella and teleported himself to jail. -Roger Stone, the
self-proclaimed dirty trickster and long-time associate of
President Donald Trump, an ally, was found guilty
in federal court of witness tampering
and lying to Congress about his pursuit
of Russian hacked e-mails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s
2016 election bid. -Man, who could have guessed
this guy was a criminal? [ Laughter ] I mean, he looks like
a character from the 1960s
Adam West “Batman.” [ Laughter ] When they closed the door
of his jail cell, it’ll go, “Wham! Clink! Pow!” Stone is now at least
the sixth Trump associate who’s been convicted of
or pled guilty to a crime, and I am not including Trump’s
current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who we found out Friday is
under federal investigation for his links
to Ukrainian energy projects or two of Rudy’s associates,
Lev and Igor, who were arrested in part for their role in this
whole Ukraine scheme. Remember these two? This looks like a before
and after picture except it is before
and even more before. They look like
they got their start in a live-action game
of Whack-a-Mole. They look like they got fired
from their jobs as mall Santas for stealing
from the food court. [ Russian accent ]
“We thought Auntie Anne’s
was free for Santa. Why would Auntie charge?” [ Normal voice ] In fact,
on Friday, we also found out that these two dummies met
privately with Trump at the White House,
and that they later told people they’d been given a secret
mission by Trump himself. -We’ve learned that both
of the men had a meeting with the president and Rudy
Giuliani last year at the White House’s
annual Hanukkah party where they discussed
what Parnas described as a secret mission to pressure
the Ukrainian government to investigate
former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. -Days later we are told that
Parnas insinuated to people that he clearly believed he had
been given a special assignment by the president, some sort of,
and I’m quoting here, “James Bond mission.”
-That’s right. These guys thought they were on
a James Bond mission for Trump. I’m sorry,
but these guys aren’t 007. They’re just double Os. This is one where I might
believe Trump over them. I mean, I can imagine them
cornering Trump in a long, boring conversation about Van Damme movies
and canned fish, and Trump trying to get out of
it by just going, [ As Trump ]
“Hey, will you guys go on, like,
a secret mission for me?” [ Normal voice ] By the way,
while all this was happening, the House was also conducting its second day
of public impeachment hearings with the former ambassador
to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Basically, Yovanovitch was
the subject of a smear campaign by Giuliani and was
abruptly pushed out by Trump because they knew
she would be an obstacle to their corrupt scheme. She is a career foreign-service
officer whose credibility is unquestioned by anyone
in either party, so, naturally,
as she was testifying, Trump decided to attack her. -The president attacking former
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch
during her public testimony tweeting, in part,
“Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia.
How did that go? Then fast-forward to Ukraine where the new Ukrainian
President spoke unfavorably about her in my second
phone call with him.” -Everywhereshewent
turned bad?! You’ve gone bankrupt six times
and botched everything from casinos to your charity
to your dumb-ass businesses. You made a vodka so bad,
no one would drink it. Vodka!
How do you screw up vodka?! Only Trump. [ Laughter, applause ] Only Trump could take something that’s supposed to be flavorless
and make it taste like [bleep]. But the worst part is
Trump tweeted this while she was testifying. He tried to intimidate
an impeachment witness in real time. So, she responded in real time. And not only was it
a bad look for Trump, but legal analysts
also suggested his tweet might have been
a crime. -As we sit here testifying, the president is attacking you
on Twitter. What effect do you think
that has on other witnesses’ willingness to come forward
and expose wrongdoing? -Well, it’s very intimidating. -It’s designed to intimidate,
is it not? -I mean, I can’t speak to what
the president is trying to do, but I think the effect is
to be intimidating. -I think there’s a good argument that given
all the circumstances here, given the timing right
in the middle of this person’s testimony,
given the nature of the tweet, that it could be
witness tampering or witness retaliation. -This could fit
into federal laws that are broadly defined
in terms of witness tampering. -That’s right — Trump committed
witness tampering during an impeachment hearing. That’s like punching the bailiff
during your assault trial. [ Laughter ] But I think I know
what he’s doing here. You see, Trump figures
if he just keeps committing impeachable offenses, Democrats
will have to keep investigating those offenses
which means they’ll never actually have time
to impeach him. He thinks he can just keep
committing crimes to run out the clock. At the next hearing, he’s going
to drop in from the ceiling and steal everyone’s wallets
like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible.” In fact, this was so bad
that even Fox News had to admit when it happened that Trump
had only strengthened the impeachment case
against him. -The president was not advised
by counsel in deciding to do this tweet. Extraordinarily poor judgment. -And that does raise
the possibility of witness intimidation
and witness tampering as a new charge here. -This whole hearing
turned on a dime when the president tweeted
about her real time. Now, that enabled Schiff
to then characterize that tweet as intimidating the witness
or tampering with the witness, which is a crime, adding essentially an article
of impeachment real time. -That’s right.
Trump added another article of impeachment
in real time. At this point he should just
start doing DVD director’s commentary
during the hearings. -[ As Trump ] “As you can see
here, that’s Marie Yovanovitch. I pushed her out so I could
bribe the president of Ukraine. That was a fun scene. And, oh, here’s Jim Jordan. We pulled a prank on set
where we stole Jim’s jacket.” [ Normal voice ] Still,
if you’re Republican, I get it. It’s just so hard to say. Is Trump innocent,
or is he guilty? I mean, all we have so far is the six Trump associates
convicted of a crime, two more indicted associates saying they were
on a secret mission for him, his lawyer
under criminal investigation, Trump himself committing
witness tampering, the whistle-blower’s account claiming the president clearly
committed a criminal act, the notes from the call,
in which Trump mentions the Bidens multiple times,
the part of the call where Trump tells
the Ukrainian President “I would like you
to do us a favor,” the president’s chief of staff literally confessing
on national television, Rudy Giuliani going on TV and bragging about
what he was doing, and, like,
a bunch of witnesses saying, “Yes, there was a quid pro quo.”
I’m sorry! That’s not enough to convict! [ Cheers and applause ] -Republicans won’t budge unless we have a photo
of Trump on the phone with a word bubble coming
out of his mouth saying, “I am doing a crime now.” I mean, just take
that quote where Trump told the president of Ukraine, “I would like you to do us
a favor.” We just have no way of knowing
what he really meant. It’s not like Trump has said
himself on camera for the entire world to see that he wanted
the president of Ukraine to start a major investigation
into the Bidens. -What exactly did you hope
Zelensky would do about the Bidens
after your phone call? -Well, I would think that if
they were honest about it, they’d start a major
investigation into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer. They should investigate
the Bidens. -Damn it, Donald!
Why are you so coy?! But in case you still needed
more evidence tying Trump directly
to the scheme to extort a foreign country to investigate
his political rivals by dangling hundreds
of millions of dollars in taxpayer money,
you got that evidence from last week’s
impeachment hearings. Multiple witnesses tied Trump
and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, directly to the quid pro quo,
and one witness, Ambassador Bill Taylor,
even revealed some bombshell new information
about a phone call Trump had had with one of his key henchmen,
the Ambassador to the E.U., Gordon Sondland. -Taylor said a staffer of his
recently told him about this conversation
involving the president and the Trump donor
turned ambassador to the E.U., Gordon Sondland. -In the presence of my staff
at a restaurant, Ambassador Sondland
called President Trump and told him of his meetings
in Kiev. The member of my staff
could hear President Trump on the phone
asking Ambassador Sondland about the investigations. -This was a cellphone I take it?
-It was a cellphone. -The president must have been
speaking loud enough for your staff member
to be able to overhear this? -He was. -These guys are such morons. Trump was in the process
of committing a crime, and he was screaming
into the phone so loudly, everyone on the other end
could hear him. That’s what happens
when you’re used to doing all your press conferences
outside next to a giant helicopter. It’s like taking a date
to a Metallica concert. [ Shouting ] “I’m having
a really great time tonight!” “What?!” “I said I’m having
a really great time tonight!” “Did you say you’d like
to commit a crime tonight?” “Yeah!” [ Normal voice ]
Trump yelled so loud,
everyone could hear him. Honestly,
it would have been easier if Trump had just held
a conference call and let everyone dial in.-President Trump has joined
the conference call.
-Hello, everybody. Thank you
very much for being here. Ukraine —
To investigate the Bidens. And I’m — guilty.-This conference call
has ended.
-So, a witness
literally overheard Trump yelling about his crime
on a phone call with one of his key henchmen. And just in case it wasn’t
already incredibly clear what had happened on that call, we found out on Friday from that
witness what happened next. The witness, a State Department
official named David Holmes, testified that after Sondland
hung up with Trump, he basically admitted everything
on the spot. -Following the call
with President Trump, the member of my staff
asked Ambassador Sondland what President Trump thought
about Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland responded
that President Trump cares more about
the investigations of Biden, which Giuliani was pressing for. -I want to a read section
from Holmes’ sworn testimony, his opening statement. “In particular,
I asked Ambassador Sondland,” this is David Holmes speaking, “if it true that the president
did not give a [bleep]” — excuse the language —
“about Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland agreed
that the president did not give a [bleep]
about Ukraine.” -He literally hung up the phone and said Trump doesn’t give
a [bleep] about Ukraine. He only cares about
investigating the Bidens. He just admitted it. It’s like if you saw your spouse
on their phone and said,
“Are you texting a friend?” and they said, “Honey,
she’s more than a friend. She’s my mistress.” [ Laughter ] So, Friday’s deposition could
not have made it any more clear. Not only did Trump try to extort
the president of Ukraine during his own phone call with
that country’s president, Trump was also calling
other key players in the scheme and checking in with them, too. In fact during his deposition
on Friday, Holmes also said that he overheard Sondland
and Trump discussing the pressure campaign directed toward Ukrainian President
Zelensky and what he heard was both very colorful
and very damning. -“I heard Ambassador Sondland
greet the president and explain that he was calling
from Kiev. I heard President Trump
then clarify that Ambassador Sondland was
in Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland replied,
Yes, he was in Ukraine, and went on to state
that President Zelensky “loves your ass.” -That’s right Trump’s henchman actually told him,
“Zelensky loves your ass.” I mean, it’s
classic bad-guy talk. That’s something the
wolf of wall street would say after snorting cocaine
off a stripper’s butt. “Whoo! Daddy loves your ass!” Now, Trump has denied ever
taking the call from Sondland despite the fact that
we now have multiple witnesses confirming it, although,
it’s clear from his denial that Trump was,
as always, lying. -There was one moment where
Ambassador Bill Taylor recounted a conversation
that an aide of his overheard in which the aide says
that he overheard you say to Sondland,
“How are things proceeding with the investigations?” Is that correct,
and can you fill in some more? -I know nothing about that.
First time I’ve heard it. -Do you recall a conversation — -I don’t recall. No.
Not at all. -Yeah but you do. Any time Trump says he doesn’t
recall, he definitely recalls. He always does this. You can show flash cards
of the people closest to him in his life, and he’d pretend
he doesn’t recognize them. -[ As Trump ] “What?
No, never met him. Doesn’t look familiar. Is he an extra
in ‘The Walking Dead?'” [ Laughter ] -“I don’t know.” -[ Normal voice ]
Trump has pulled this move so many times, and every time,
we found out that he’s lying. Remember
when the news first broke that his lawyer Michael Cohen
had illegally paid off Stormy Daniels to cover up
Trump’s affair with her? Trump denied
knowing anything about it, but we later found out
that Trump had reimbursed Cohen and orchestrated
the whole thing. In fact, we literally saw
a copy of the check Trump wrote to Cohen. And you can tell it’s Trump’s
signature because it looks like he was trying to draw a straight
line while riding a seesaw. We already have all the evidence
we can possibly need, and there’s still more witnesses
waiting to testify. Republicans have no defense. All they can do
during these hearings is perform for Trump
to earn his approval. I wouldn’t be surprised
if at some point this week, a GOP congressman looked
directly into the camera and said, “President Trump,
the Republican Party — -Loves your ass. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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  4. I love how the transcript from a single conversation with the president of Ukraine, with nothing even close to the definition of 'evidence' was all they could scrape together as the catalyst to begin impeachment hearings, then all the sudden there's OVERWHELMING evidence with a daisy chain of witness accusation testimonial, and the instant conviction of his associates. Well I gotta ask, if your case was legitimately as loaded as it's being portrayed, why the hell did ya need that flimsy transcript of a phone call to get started, where was all this 'Evidence', and these individuals testifying as 'witnesses' now, before that? CONCOCTED. And I'm not even a Trump supporter, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's the same as the first investigation. Some Professor provided Comey with 'evidence' that initiated the house investigation, based on the…. Come to find out, Comey admits, he gave the professor the documents to give him so he generate enough suspicion to have the house request an investigation… 'Member that lil debacle? There's not a snowballs chance in hell any of this is legitimate. That's about the only thing, they could have OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of. #FakeItTillWeMakeit(up).

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    What in seven hells is wrong with you people?
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    Exceptional indeed

  7. All 3 who have testified said they have ZERO evidence President Trump violated any legal statute and the rumors of Trump bribing Zelensky for a commitment to investigate the bidens never happened. Somebody should tell this wide eye whiteboy it was Biden who gave Ukraine a demand and an Ultimatum using tax payer dollars and it was obama who ignored and denied congresses bi partisan agreement to give Ukraine the AID they desperately begged for, which helped Russia annexed the Crimea Peninsula . . .

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  10. Did anyone catch the article about sondland charging us taxpayers close to $1 million for "improvements" to his Brussels apartment?

    ". . . the renovations include: kitchen improvements worth more than $400,000, a $30,000 sound system, a $95,000 outdoor “living pod,” and $33,000 worth of handmade furniture from Italy. The State Department also allocated over $100,000 for Sondland's other living accommodations while the renovations are underway . . ."

    Do you live like that? Sondland is a perfect trump crony.

    Trump uses our $ to try influence the election, his minions use our $ for extravagances (remember Pruitt & his $70,000 desk?).
    So along with the moral erosion of our country, trump & his bandits are bleeding us dry.
    I want our $ back. I want trump, et al gone – humiliation, jail, death, it doesn't matter to me as long as they're GONE!

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    You people, yes YOU PEOPLE, are too stupid to think for yourselves. Take California and GTFO.

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    The next day he shouted to a crowd of his supportes:
    " There was no witness tamponing."

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  18. quid pro quo
    /ˌkwid ˌprō ˈkwō/


    noun: quid pro quo; plural noun: quid pro quos

    a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.

    "the pardon was a quid pro quo for their help in releasing hostages"























  19. Only in the states where you can have a situation like this. It’s Groundhog Day in stupidity! No matter what this clown trump does, no matter which of the thousands of impeachable offences he commits…his dim witted base will support him! Let’s only hope his doctor discovers some type of terminal cancer!

  20. Seth is my go-to every a.m., but some of his writers' examples r pretty sophomoric. Seth, himself, is a more sophisticated comedian.

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    Its not just Trumps school grades, but even his lies prove he knows nothing!

  22. Word bubble admitting to crime or not, the GOP will NOT impeach this asshole. They could all personally watch as Trump stabs a group of people to death, and they STILL wouldn't convict him of a crime, or even admit that he committed one.

    "Clearly, this is partisan DNA and forensic evidence linking the president to multiple murders. And I see no reason why I should trust what I saw with my own eyes. For example, I hold in my hand an optical illusion. Now–do you see a lamp? Or two faces? It's very unclear."

  23. Trump seems to think it'll all go away if he simply states that he doesn't know these people.
    REPORTER: Sir, the First Lady said you probably did all these things you've been accused of, but in your advanced age, you probably don't realize you're breaking the law.

    TRUMP: Who said this?

    REPORTER: The First Lady. Your wife. Melania Trump.

    TRUMP: I never heard of this person. I doubt I ever met her. There may be pictures of her and I together, I don't know. I take many, many pictures.

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  27. The US is no longer representing the free world. It represents only corruption and greed. You used to be great, now you are just another fucked up country, like North Korea, Somalia or Venezuela. Just with more money but with no proper healthcare system for its people because MAGA!

    I now hate America and what it represents.

    I will never visit your country again. I have no respect for the US anymore.

  28. I actually like that roger stone isn’t afraid to dress flamboyantly. Is that really a good reason to mock him when there are so many other reasons?

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  33. The president committed a crime against the witness, witness tampering. …and that's FOX NEWS saying this!! Not to mention the plethora of other evidence that Seth listed, how can my Republican brethren not at least acknowledge that SOMETHING might be, at the very least, amiss? That's the problem with the current party, they care for party over country. There is nothing Republican about this. These are not Republicans, they are just selfish, greedy, shallow parasites and "yes" men. For those that willingly follow these people, please don't call yourselves Republicans, because you are just lying to yourself if you think you give a damn about our great country when you ignore blatant crimes against our nation because your team won.

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