Laughter is the Best Medicine

The Key To Humor

Humor is something often sought after. Lots of people want to be funny. A lot of celebrities (and by celebrities, I mean late-night talk show hosts) are comedians. That’s what they’re selling. A laugh. And obviously, a lot of people are buying it. After all, how do you think these people got so famous in the first place? How come so many Oscars hosts are comedians? Well, that’s a little obvious. People like a good laugh. So, how do they do it? What makes a good joke, and more importantly, why do we laugh? What is the Key to Humor? Look at everything you laugh at, and you’ll find some common features. Humor serves to show us something absurdly stupid. And to that end, all humor has some things in common. Mainly, there is a surprise of some sort, and there is a victim. In all humor, someone is being laughed at. All humor has a victim. We laugh because someone has done something stupid, and we are smarter than that. *cool skateboarding sounds* *even cooler skateboarding sounds* Here, we laugh because someone has just done the stupid thing that is driving your car off a ledge in the same way that you would with a skateboard. heck im getting tired of writing captions Smell ya later *Epic roast* *Epic roasting continues* Captain Obvious *p’rankd* *beautiful recorder serenade* possibly the greatest joke ever told these plebs dont appreciate good humor *good music*

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  1. I thought you had much much more subs when I watch your video, I got surpried when I looked at the sub count after the video, you just earned a new sub, my dude

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