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15 thoughts on “The Laughing Salesman – Ending | Kokoro no Uta

  1. i've watched most of this anime, found it randomly once. it's worth watching 1 or 2 episodes just to see what its like, its a
    monster-of-the-week type show, so each episode stands alone as its own little twilight zone style episode. the formula in this show is this giant smile having weirdo salesman creep butts into some regular persons life and offers them something they want (I'll make that girl fall in love with you/ill help you get that raise at work/etc etc) and then just screws up that persons life for no reason – most of the time the person who he tricks hasnt done anything wrong and isnt a bad person at all, the travelling salesman creep just likes to royally mess up peoples lives. its a pretty fun anime to watch, pretty different than the usual stuff. its funny without likely meaning to be.

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  3. The guy in the thumbnail reminds me of Bloo from Foster's home for imaginary kids.

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