Laughter is the Best Medicine

The Laughing Yogi on Laughter for Health & Happiness.

were famous laughing yowee yeah you have been watching I yogi Thomas you have been watching me for a long time yeah you ruin your little mess right The Laughing Man you're laughing man make you happy now do you laugh are you stressed out are you living in depression anxiety mental health problem are we have drug alcohol problems no so many people are going with so many problem but the solution is a joy and joy in your heart so you have to open your heart most people don't open their heart they keep on suffering making money and stressed out you know here and there take the medications and unhappy so happiness is divine state of consciousness happiness is your nature you born happy right you got to live happy and celebrate life with happiness so today's topic is about for laughter for health and wellness has been happiness you know laughter is mitchell coomer as soon as you know I always tell you that but you have to open your heart lot of people laugh from the mouth they are doing again and happy so mind have this is momentary but happens that your heart is dominant and heart is only joy love and peace I should resort so you have laughs laughs laughs I bless you be with your body need oxygen oxygen supplies oxygen to the heart and heart become puppy later slow then I have done lot of oxygen and heart rate recession patients and they are getting better so have no money you have to be strong very vital a spiritual warrior to be healthy and happy healthy the greatest wealth not money this has been done in a Harvard University and Yale I heard that today and yes so so what's happening lapa course all this just depression anxiety heart disease cancer whatever problem you have is all inside of you it's like it instant recovery instant happiness you feel good right so breathe for five minutes right then your body Toxie body and mind not of stress tension have you know where to find yogi you have to subscribe laughing you video goal laughing yoga don't wrong with my website so you start feeling better now I have a new location on a spring 1900 jockeys Canyon way pama spring California nine two two six two I look from photo South Palm Canyon just moved by about two miles so there have been doing a seminar workshop and healing people from this stress depression anxiety so best medicine is what laughter to laugh for no reason thank you to let you laughs laughs laughs get crazy because when you laugh you might raise hormones called endorphins then that should paint killer they remove excess hormones to make you happy happy happy like a children children laugh 400 times in the night because they're free souls happy so happiness is your birthright you born happy live a key and go back the Lord happy now that keep going on America and the world people are depression anxiety fear fear is a biggest problem so we'll the fear new netprint subconscious mind fear of losing anything or you are living in the future means you have anxiety you're living the past we are living in depression you are living the moment enjoy life here in the Lord is here it's just in dueling chemical this is science successful and I am entrepreneur of love in yoga and you know that this is a free medicine for depression anxiety drug alcohol recovery any kind of problem the powerful contagious is energy as you hard body weight make you new system is song will start feeling better laughing they take you death further away this has been done in Geneva by doctors and they found that doctor said you'll be gone in five months then it in nine years more so it's the power laughing they did laugh at a meticulous death for a little bit about testimonial so breathing is the keep breathing energy at your cells give you the energy right and all your dead cells are gone new system and laughter you know make you feel good so you feel good you become positive the proper breathing proper exercise proper diet and fasted thinking properly these are rules for getting healthy and happy longer healthier happy life do you want to live that you just dump the depression hey hey hey lol to be–when laugh out loud nobody teaches about laughing yoga and their 25,000 you a teacher in America living in India you know people are too serious don't be serious man you come vendors in governess he enjoy the moment Lord is give you I told you if you're trying to create 2020 happy America I'm here I am looking for a sponsor want to help and make this dream – it's my blessed you may call everyone happy because you know be a beautiful soul you're a beautiful sight you may not know it let's say you're a California go calling right now take an appointment meet you open your heart unless you open your heart you cannot feel good because hardware the kingdom of God is in you know Christ consciousness in you it's all there in your heart in everything but I know the hearts of wisdom absorb didn't then I know then I teach you right now you know I'm taking pics on your head from the spring on Sunday 1:30 p.m. lot of people are coming to be happy you need open to all you know what I bring all this weekend on July 26 30 years I've been BSN a convention North America on Friday to Sunday and holiday in Ontario California now people are coming from all over the world and I'm going in my wife beautiful Vice loss me and V both ugly make everyone oh my god because hat is your birthright God said and join me God says fun he wanted to all to be happy but I knew the tools of happiness so so CJ's even I'll be doing a laugh and go you got to go make all happy happy happy happy I am happy you feel good this is the way of enlightening awakening your food especially conscious power the world need conscious of killing you know laughter is so free mystical teaches you so much try like Sun energy solar process cardiac inside reach energy to the curse sort of process to you heart heart will show to further into wisdom this is a cosmology inside a few so you can get awake yet to meet you you can't read book and find awakening of your heart you magically intellectual knowledge but this is inside job mmm inside recovery writer about humans can see the geometries in tons be California helping people from drug and alcohol and cancer and heart disease and nutrition anxiety weight loss so I'm doing my job and my goal is to enlighten Annika a make America great happy America chronic yeah what I will happening sup and all that Republican Democratic god bless you know I'm on my journey so I bless them but everything will be good because our Productions is a light light is your heart Christ consciousness so you have to awaken your heart you have to love yourself what do you do for that breathe more then I'm doing great event in Hawaii is called laughing DD workshop on October 11 through 13 organized by Raj Kumar and other people in Hawaii great workshop you were able to open your heart come your mind and learn art of leading how to live life how to make your life and then we had other people so I begin you idiot workshop teaching you breathing yoga meditation laughing – pranayama mugs are healing all spiritual a part of life what was that you had physical you know great right what is pressuring or dead nobody has taught you how to are weak in your heart how to go viven how to awaken the holy spirit how to live the Christ consciousness the living is spirit you can enjoy your life this is all inside of you I research I found in me and so I'm giving this gift those people who want to come this reserve right now it's on the LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook and on my website all this news for meeting yoga in Hawaii oh my god so have a great time and enjoy and do great fun to be with the yogi and you get certified for this laughing needed workshop so this is the weight here all over the world where people want to go to see yogi by your oh yeah Wow so come over there have fun you'll enjoy to really have great time and you'll learn how to live life how to create happiness what I'm doing I'm creating happiness I'm not reading book and talking to you this is the inside world word of the Lord inside the physical body is in that spiritual body body in the Lord inside of you right can see you don't know it nobody's talking suffering so you have to meet a laughing girl laughing master to awaken enlighten your hidden treasure of God instead of you can enjoy life at the end so this is all what's happening right now and this he cannot be busy and next weekend you want to come to Palm Spring the new edges and come over there and talk to you me yet as they get happy if you want invite your before did this world I do laughing you know forgiveness people cheer yoga so it might make one my depsite nothing you'll be doubt all and you'll find there is yogi what he's doing and come to Palm Springs I'll come to you and there's la frog and be happy so thank you very much YouTube and all the social media and thank you for watching laugh in your view are my beautiful you know French on YouTube subscribe to nothing you nothing yoga door : keeping your telephone hey you're getting my target let me and the laughing icon of YouTube you know about me I have no fear I talk to us that's what will make me free I love you all and bless you all thank you very much or be a great time enjoy love yourself be happy

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