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The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Funny Moments Montage!

We take a selfie with this dude. [oh] God no, oh my God. I just didn’t take a selfie. [oh], it’s like no selfies. No selfies allowed Oh my goodness, okay? No need to put on those clothes. I look good without them. It’s a nintendo switch [attendant] kidding what if I have to factor authentication? I need one more form of ID no its electricity away Electricity I’m running and running and running oh my God oh Jesus what the heck oh? my God Agent car [oh] my gosh. Yes. I was so wanting this oh my gosh, okay? This is great news great great news. We got the ancient core here already come on Don’t mess with me. I couldn’t get out of here. God actually worked. I’m almost there. Yes, haha. All right, okay? Oh my goodness if I may be so bold are you not chilly? No, I’m by a fire. I feel great and I got a hot bod so it’s always warm hot Okay, oh gosh. It’s him. I want I want fire. I want fire. Oh my God What I thought that was a detonator [right] something oh my God Stop put the freak what the heck stop [geez] [okay], stop for real. [oh] my God seriously stop Stop how do I stop you stop it? [haha], hate this stop whoa Whoa look at that want to burn down the hole for it? Ha ha ha ha that’s what I’m talking about when I was a young warthog Robbed prime meat here we go. Oh cut what? Why I tried to glide my hand went out like Uh my hand went out like I didn’t have anything all right. Let’s try again [thanks]. Oh my oh, you know what you? [know] what let’s just pretend. I wasn’t pushing the wrong button. I’m sorry I was pushing the wrong button in case you were wondering [okay]? Note to self you cannot run away from electricity or a lightning strike. No no no no not again, no No, how do you stop it? How do you stop it horace help? Horace of course I get them out you I got about you. I got about you, excel my god. Oh the horse Yeah Hello meat I hid it but Despite these dangerous times you’ll find me traveling all over hyrule to fulfill your shopping needs [let] [it] flow I gave them an accident shot a nos Rhine. [I] [Wanna] have much fun. They had naming these Like make some random sounds with your mouth will name that will name with Shrine after whatever you say Sana, Na got it Shut and [ah] Rhine Very well since you lost your memory. I will gladly tell you as many times as you need me to [no] I don’t need to hear it again. Ha ha ha oh Yeah, yes, get me an I don’t know what I’m doing here, but this oh my God help. I’m on fire boom ha ha ha I’m a bomb oh gosh Whoa? Oh my [God] [a] tree fell over help Ha ha ha ha what [uh] oh, what the heck no? Ha I think I did it. Yes, is it coming back [is] he [coming] back here. Oh No here it is great [oh] no, no no, oh well. This is the [Inn], I imagine oh All right, I won’t dang it. I cut a flower. No you must are the flowers you’re screaming out in pain. [I] hate it [it’s] just over there can I touch these flowers yet? And you just yeah, thank you you get me out of here. Go ahead I’ve lost count of how many times. I’ve told you. It’s just so many now. Oh my god something is terribly wrong with her the flowers Rage oh My God, she [really] hurt me well You should heal me [I] completely requested. Not hurting the flowers Look, do you see the shrine has changed to a pretty color it must be pleased with my gorgeous flowers, ha ha ha No, I want that. Let’s drop this for a second no. Oh no, not all the way with The belly scale is now ready. Oh right right right right right, right? Cavalli’s rail almost time to [let’s] go The temperature is [getting] kind of Roof protections now right nice two [roots] protection [jabal] these gales here we go Is the last football descale here we go? Here we go. Wish me Luck I Did it [hahahaha] side on door print? So stunning [and] beautiful. He’s just swimming you think I’m out for a swim and I’m like huh you were out for a swim Got a red nose like rudolph Holy goodness, [okay], okay? Yeah. I like swimming up waterfalls count me in What the heck uh? oh geez at the bomb Sorry Don’t pick that up. Here’s your You’re just sword He doesn’t want it, okay What bat bat hit me where does that come from? Okay, no you’re not gonna. Let me get away. Oh my gosh. The safest place to be in lightnings home is water oh Game over. Oh, you know what? No as this happen. [oh] my God you got me oh my god. Oh my God. You got me a lot, okay? I get it. You’re evil. Hey buddy. You’re not gonna attack me. Are you are you a bad guy? Are you you’re just a dog [oh] my gosh. Hey save me I got my own dog Hey, this [was] likes me this one likes me Steve go get him boy. Yeah [scary] Bob dog fight. Oh yeah, and I got raw prime me. That’s mine. Sorry You got the kill but doesn’t mine. Thanks, whoa [bronc] or have you killed a dog that’s raw gourmet me I didn’t know dogs and [ron] [gourmet] [me] [imma] start eating [dogs] get it over there buddy. Get it over there go. Oh Come on Get out of here you take away all my weapon Stop good Freakin stop it You’re making me so mad. Oh my God. Take that you dork. Oh my gosh Why this is terrible? Look at his face look at his face Can’t believe that dog was made of gourmet meat I’m looking at you re my dog re sitting next leaping right below me If you’re ready gourmet meat, I mean, I’m gonna have a feast no. This is no man man oh man, okay, [oh] Man, so no no not what the heck? Boo, oh thing I keep virtually twice. [oh] [God], okay? You because I know you’re going to tell me yes. It’s nice to relax and observe the animals every once in a while [I] look at his horse What? [you] know some parks don’t bark stop barking please I’m a lionel But they won’t even I don’t even know I miss [a] shirtless dude in a lionel mass showing a little kid a fire Rod not a big deal. I’m beautiful This is kind of like oh Man, why am I here? Why am I here this isn’t gonna work? Why am I here like for real? Why am I here? oh My God Sarah oh my God awesome. [oh] my [God] What the heck that was so cool. [I] know you know. I have a fairy you too. Okay. I better have two fairy I wanted to start by trying out some of the meat here, but well they [don’t] seem to have poultry Why would you eat Moultrie? Oh, no, no no no no no Okay, you got it. You got a [duty] go climb. Oh my gosh grab it. Oh, you can’t get your gosh darn it. Oh Okay, oh I got us both. Oh my God help help help help Okay, yeah, hey Nice, I Did it I bought it. This is exciting. Oh my God What it what could this be oh my god? Oh my wait what oh my God what [the] heck dude? [haha], laughs, but I thought I could [escape] Alright. Here’s what we’re gonna. Do oh My God did he hit him please shoot him out get off me Dude, Stasis on this I guess Go go go go go go go Go go go go go. I mean nice [Royal] Claymore, [oh] No, I like myself in somehow no no, I’m not oh my god uh I like myself in wha oh What the heck? Okay, fine jerk la la lu la la la Laaa, la la la la la [alright] there we [go] get out of here kid [haha] all right, bye-bye ah I’ve got [your] horses Great-Great-Great-Grandson ganon, you like me more than he likes you. They’re just Got it got it tonight Thank you Big Bona for helping me out What is this Zelda it’s Elda, but she trapped inside May I ask do you really remember [me] [I]? think so [the] Very kids its leads online oh I’m Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you like this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the Like button below thanks so much for watching [follow] me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram [this] is otto Egon and I’ll see you next time for more

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  1. so i dunno how many people actually know this or if im just gonna sound dumb, but if you don't have any metal items equipped you won't attract lightning. 🙂

  2. Nerd glasses on.

    You know you have to take off everything that is metal (metal weapons, shields, and bows) so that you don’t get struck by lightning, right? If you do that’s cool. Just a tip just in case 🙂

    Ok nerd glasses off.

  3. Imagine if that was the way they named them and they talked about a popular game XD

    Nintendo: We welcome Shrine 125
    Person: finds shrine
    Game: Five Nights at Freddy's Shrine

  4. You son of a… I'll never be able to go to the … Shada Naw Shrine without laughing again. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. When he doesn't know how to remove metal items from himself to stay away from electricity 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  6. You can stop the lightning strikes by removing any metal weapons, bows, or shields you have equipped

  7. Wow I like everything about this video except how retarded you must’ve been to never realize that metal bows, shields, and weapons attract lightning

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