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100 thoughts on “The Light Within | Elementalist Lux – League of Legends

  1. Jews keep increasing prices of RP points and making skins every day. More people working in skin making department than in ''balance team''(what a joke), witch is hilarious for one of biggest e sport titles ever.

  2. When you disconnect before a team fight then you recconect and you the only one Alive and the fed malphite

  3. You know if this happened after the comics they released it means J4 and Lux actually got married this is technically her queen outfit then

  4. She needs a therapist like really bad 😂 and the malphite must not be fed also what if riotio made an MMORPG lol

  5. Why am I always crying when I see any animation of league of legends with any songs? ☹️ Idk, my heart loves all this really deep..💝

  6. "A kingdom hangs on the edge of ruin as an army of titanic elemental beasts wage war on humanity. "
    Thats not Malphite, but it could be. Malphite elementalist with a new design. It would be awesome.

  7. Riot: "it's hard to develop an udyr skin because it's like 4 champions in one"
    Also riot: here 10 skins in one .

  8. Y'know rito u can make more money if u just made movies instead of robbing us money from your prestige skins lmao

  9. This video foreshadowed the actual current Malphite scaling in size with armor : A LITTERAL MOUTAIN. Too bad Lux is AP she still One shooted him 😛

  10. Why Lux can't transform such as Sona and Miss Fortune? Lux cost more than Miss Fortune… In my opion we should have a chance to change elements more often

  11. Since the comics came out I think Sylas took control of Galio, turned him into that, destroyed demacia, and killed Garen.
    Now Lux is out for revenge.

  12. It's really cool and i know it's really hard work but they could make a bit longer video and go for more elements, tho i love her dark one

  13. Can we have more ultimate skins for different champions other than lux. Because lux gets almost all the skins and its not fair

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