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13 thoughts on “The Lion King – Circle of Life (One Line Multilanguage – Part 2)

  1. My favs:
    Korean, Korean(musical), Norwegian, Polish(new), Polish(special), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Russian(musical), Serbian, Slovene, Spanish(mexican), Spanish(castilian), Spanish(special), Turkish and Zulu

  2. Zulu is Marah Louw. Indlela Impilo is the name of the song and means "way of life" Ukranian: Natalya Yefymenko Наталя Єфименко. Romanian: Andreea Poruțiu Korean musical: 김동률 Kim Dong Ryool. Korean: Lee Jung-hyun
    Thai: สายสุนีย์ สุขกฤต Saisunee Sukkrit. Sp. musical: Brenda Mhlongo (from a spaniard friend).

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