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30 thoughts on “The Lion King – Get Out Of Our Pridelands! (One Line Multilanguage)

  1. чудно вот и познакомились а теперь ВОН С ЗЕМЕЛЬ нашего ПРАЙДАА!!

  2. Brazilian Portuguese: Saiam de nossas terras do reino! Suas terras do reino?
    Eur. Portuguese: Saiam das nossas terras! Vossas terras?

  3. English : Get out our pridelanse! Your pridelanse?
    Hungarian : Takarodjatok a földünkről! A ti földetek?
    Yes i'm Hungarian.

  4. Russian:
    Timon: А теперь, вон землей нашего прайда!
    Zira: Вашего прайда?!

  5. French one is excellent. "VOUS ALLEZ DÉGUERPIR DE NOS TERRES !!!" Means get out now or I will kick your ass…so bombastic and ironic when you see Timon hiding second later.

  6. 0:27


    Simba is using the MGM logo as a roar!

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