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19 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid – Part of yuor world [One Line MultiLanguage]

  1. This polish version is worse. Here is the original  (is better for me) The Little Mermaid – Part Of Your World(Polish) 😉

  2. My favourite part of the whole song <3 I like most languages here, just because it is such a strong point in the song. But I must say the Cantonese, Mandarin, Norwegian 89, the Swedish, German 89, Finnish (Both 89 and 99), French 89, Greek 89 (I would love to hear the whole song in that one), Italian, Hebrew, Latin Spanish, Russian, Turkish (extreme love to the Turkish version <3) is my favourites. Wow, that was many ._. Would probably have been esier to pick the ones I DON'T like x'D

  3. you`re really strange.. maybe our opinions are different
    but you must respect my opinion because i respect yours
    and if you don`t like my videos, please don`y comment it!!

  4. @sunshineinyoureyes03 hm, but we have Internet and i thint you can watch The Little Mermaid in old version
    oh, we so much talked about German versions :DD
    what do you think about French versions, for example?

  5. @sunshineinyoureyes03 i commeht here 😀
    and you`re right about lyrics… German 1999 is very… strange, especially at the beginning of the song where she said a several times: Ariel… it`s really strange, and the text is more primitive and boring then in German 1989

  6. @sunshineinyoureyes03 sorry, but i don`t know German at all and i can`t say something about lyrics
    and if we talk about lyrics i like Russian, they`re better then English, or French (it`s languages which i can understand… and a little bit Bulgarian…)

  7. @sunshineinyoureyes03 maybe, but if we talk about German versions i prefer German 1999
    do you like only German 1989?

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