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16 thoughts on “The Loud House Theme Song || One-Line Multilanguage (Requested)

  1. A shame a Japanese dub still hasn't been done yet I constantly keep hearing people say one's coming and yet nothing

  2. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, be sure to like, subscribe for more multilanguages, request, comment, and stick around! I'm going to upload more requests, although for now here's what I'm working on:

    – Guess How Much I Love You Multilanguage (requested a few days ago by some user-will edit this comment later since I'm tired from editing)
    – New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Multilanguage (requested back in late April by Latoya Sessoms, and earlier this year by another user)
    – Tree Fu Tom Multilanguage Update (was waiting for more versions to be released before I worked on it back in February; might upload it in June or somewhere around then)
    – Phinedroids and Ferbots Multilanguage
    – LEGO Movie: Everything is Awesome Multilanguage
    – F.U.N. Song Multilanguage
    – Bob the Builder Multilanguage (Memorial Day special)
    – Sonic SATAM Multilanguage
    – much of everyone's requests, etc.

    I'll upload a promo for a side project I've been working on last week as well! This comment is subjected to editing, and as always, discussion below and feel free to further request. Sorry if some are later than others. Peace out~!

    ~~Asap Toastyy's Dubs!~~

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