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The Man Behind the World’s Ugliest Buildings – Alternatino

– Architecture begins
with a thought. ♪ ♪ A dream. ♪ ♪ A single line. ♪ ♪ But then you build it. And all of the sudden, the dream, you can touch her. She is real. [dramatic music] – He molds the work
to his design. – He wants to redefine what
it means to be a building. – Is he a genius? I think so. ♪ ♪ [evocative music] ♪ ♪ – He built three of New York
City’s most iconic buildings: Port Authority, Penn Station, and La Guardia. – Gerhardt’s dream began
in New York, but he has realized his
buildings nationwide. The Boston City Hall, the North Dakota
state building in Bismarck, and every AT&T building
with no windows from Midtown to the Midwest. – Before Gerhardt,
everybody thought buildings needed to have windows,
places to sit down, ventilation. Gerhardt comes along and says,
“Why? Why don’t we make the world’s
first above-ground basement?” This changes everything. – Not quite. [spits] – When you enter
a Gerhardt environment, I want you to feel something:
perfection. I want you to feel challenged. Interrogated. Tired. I want you to feel like
I hate you personally. Because I do. – Flight 472 has been delayed. – I want you to feel too close
to the man beside you. I want you to feel too far
from the restroom. I want you to buy
a veg sandwich and balance the cellophane
on your knees. struggle to have a meal
without a table or surface– I want you to feel motherless and sad. ♪ ♪ – A Gerhardt building
will make you feel like shit. And you won’t even know why. – The low ceilings, the flickering lights… the particular way
the linoleum peels and cracks. You walk into one of these
buildings, and your whole body just says, “Wow… this sucks.” [escalator clanking] – I’ve always been fascinated
by the question, what if you could
piss where you like… And experience the piss
of others? Piss on the carpet,
piss on the stairs. To take it out and just… piss. This fundamental question
challenges our idea of what a building can be. [inhales] Mm. [dramatic music] Better. ♪ ♪ – Why does he do this? – Well, he’s an architect. – It’s the kind of shit
he does. – Pretty sure he owns
a concrete company. – He is… Gerhardt [bleep]. She is beautiful, Hans. [urine dribbling]
Mm. Oh, dear. It started as a dream.

100 thoughts on “The Man Behind the World’s Ugliest Buildings – Alternatino

  1. To be fair, brutalist architecture can be very interesting from a visual standpoint. The problem is, that it often feels cold and dehumanizing. As if the grand idea of the architect was more important than providing a pleasant environment for the building's occupants.

  2. Everytime I look at this guy.. Lol
    This Guy looks like George Lopez when he played that evil character on the movie "Shark boy and Lava Girl"

  3. Everytime I look at this guy… Lol
    This dude looks like a oompa loompa… Idk why . maybe because of hes forehead.

  4. My aunt is an architect, pretty sure it’s designers that do all this bullshit, and architects who just receive all the ideas and actually have to make it stand.

  5. If the piss part wasn't included in the video, I would've posted this in my uni's architecture department's Facebook page

  6. He's a Brutalist! nothing wrong with that, everyone loves these giant monolithic plains of concrete! no joke it's cool!

  7. Port authority:

    The person in charge of "designing" the port authority actually did hate you for riding a bus and using public transportation.

    "In 1921 New York City had a problem (one of many): Hundreds of buses were navigating to different drop-off locations, causing commuter havoc. It was through this storm a cross-state agency called “The Port Authority” was formed.

    23 years later (under the leadership of Frank Ferguson) the Port Authority announced their intent of creating “The World’s Largest Bus Terminal”. A project to be funded, designed, constructed and operated by the agency itself. No specific architect was highlighted in this planning, leading several to believe the structure would be designed by committee. It almost certainly was. However it would not be until 1946, that the stars would be aligned for construction. The delay came down to the famous and infamous commissioner, Robert Moses.

    Moses had developed a deep hatred towards public transportation and made it his mission to eliminate it. Without a charismatic figure to oppose him, it seemed the Commissioner had no obstacle. Allied with the Greyhound Bus Company, he mounted a two-year counterattack against the proposed terminal but was eventually beaten. The PABT construction had been a rare defeat for Moses, but he was not done fighting.

    Originally built as an art-deco influenced structure with the parking lot on the roof, the building was relatively well received. Taking up roughly the size of a city block, the warm brick colors were very much of the Works Progress era. Clean with an almost moral simplicity. It was completed in 1950, as advertised, for the price tag of $24 million.

    Yet even at its opening the facilities were not enough and the agency sought $550 million for continued renovations over the next ten years. Moses however, had other plans. As the de facto Tsar of New York’s urban planning he used all of his acumen and ability to encourage individual vehicle agendas. By 1955, he had influenced planning so much that almost all transport funding was promised to highways and parking. Sure enough, the PABT fell into disrepair."

  8. He owns the concrete company. I get it. Like when Trump insisted on building Trump Tower out of concrete because his mob buddies owned the concrete company.

  9. some At&T buildings w no windows were actually built like that for a reason… google that + The Intercept, some info on that

  10. Very funny send up on brutalist/modernist architecture and the many elitist design professionals and podcasters who paternalistically tell you what is good even when it's so obviously garbage. Though they don't need to be European. Plenty of architects in America inflicting this kind of architecture into the built environment with no influence form Europe.

  11. So, to all the architecture students or architects out there- is this what Postmodern architecture feels like? Or is this parody better suited to Modernist failures?

  12. Why is postmodern and utilitarian designs mocked by comedy central communists party? This is what you what!

  13. I am an architect and someone on the writing staff had to have gone to architecture school. This would be funny if it wasn’t close to how professors and the profession promote these hacks. Many of the real world buildings they are using in this skit have won aia awards.

  14. hahahahah that feeling of balancing your phone on your knees though, it's just the worst and you know it's going to end badly

  15. yeah , you can add University of Illinois at Chicago ( UIC) to this list of shit lmao:

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