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THE MOM TAG- she REACTS  + Meet My Mom!

okay okay you know what we’re doing today no today we are reading over your sayings and seeing your reaction to your sayings she says things you just make them up on the spot I’ve tried showing them to my friends I don’t know if anybody understands even or not did I write down what she says and I think something’s funny well now I’m recording them for my friends see the dogs you say if I didn’t know any better I think y’all were done and then I say what do you mean and you said you know I consider them people logically I know they’re not really people but we’re gonna get that she said I’ve got to get the ice cream out of the oven I don’t want it to burn and then dad and I like looked at each other like the great disappeared but she has ice cream and the only I do assume ice cream looking about this entirely too hard to scoop out he tried emailing me but the pictures went upstairs instead oMG I didn’t even think about that except kinda I only kinda remember that one this one’s funny lied to save you though I would if a bad guy was here as it is your daughter in her room I would say absolutely stinking not stinking not okay I’ll try a different room then it got a road north we got a road middle North and we got a road north that’s closer to the south end if you something that does my brain and completely makes sense North middle South instead of we got a road north we have to Road middle North got a road north that’s closer to the south why I have to say North middle South because South would have been behind me okay North that’s close to the South it’s in front of you okay who turned it to 82 who turned on the freezer I’m pretty good when the air is at 85 well no not really in the car because your side is on 60 I need money on 90 to counteract your six yeah so when you took it down to 82 it might as well have been a freezer Locker literally my neck my hands though my nose starts freezing off and I start getting red on the nose it’s bad cause it’s freezing my break off remembers you it’s not technically a TT no because we were 60 no when I was on it was on 82 so I moved from 82 to 90 so when we switched oh it’s 1982 is legit called-in then I just wait is I’m serious okay you said I’m serious that’s gonna miss [Music] I’m serious dad turns on the fan you say your fries mozz oh well absolutely that’s the first thing to go like the wind goes in your eyes isn’t it well not when it’s from oh then you want them to turn off the fan you say okay I’m done with this freezer Locker crap i watch it does shocked cuz I felt the coldness dad said he’s going to cheat on the diet and eat donuts my mom said you’d be lying up a storm dad I’m not lying mom you better be glad to storms not coming for you because you’ll be lying ladies around donut eaters he eats donuts donut them donate eaters we don’t eat donuts around here no no we do miss sugar do you know when here you go somewhere with the donut eater say without navigators then we’re outside you see look at all this space they need some outside parking for butts alright you have to explain what that was it means she needs seats outside okay now that’s it see that’s what I’m talking about what you want to go sit in some dirt she walks into a room Emperor claims who in the world is stupid there are so many I must have been in a bad for always so many people let the talking to the puppies you are precious hey I heard someone say that you’re precious again talking about backing up your phone alright back in up to the outer cloud dad no mom don’t we want to be on the outskirts of the cloud it’s easier to get to there I didn’t mean that to be intentionally funny to you or to me either you go mom is kissing the puppies get your vitamin s sugars and then you go mmm love has a beautiful smell referring to how the dogs have been lethargic lately man she’s just been a lump of coal lately I said you mean a limp noodle the coals don’t move very much okay this one’s cute mom is holding the puppies and dad asked her to get ready for church I love dad you could be getting ready right now mom I am I’m getting my heart dressed I do love the pub so much that’s good I wasn’t concerned that’s really nice for you to tell me I love you more than the peppy stick thank you that’s all what are you gonna cry – I love the puppy so much no I won’t cry [Music]

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