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100 thoughts on “The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever「 funny pictures 」


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    ✅ Hilarious Funny Comic That You'd Never Show Your Grandma
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    ✅ The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever「 funny pictures 」
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  2. Well if your having a baby.. a Cat will be a perfect pet to have because cats love babies and they will protect them too and they will always be nice to them 🐱❤👶

  3. If I get pregnant I will have a warning sign saying “ warning baby inside so fragile coming out at [instert day month and year]”

  4. I love all of those photos. I enjoyed this video.
    Gould family

  5. 4:70 huh why 5? The Dad has One child an the mom has a child… 4.

    Edit: owhh maybe she have twinsss 😂😂

  6. Oh thats soooo cute i cried in all of them because ir is just soooo adorable an dcute i cant wait to have kids im so wxited !!!!!! All of them are just so cute the most is loading 50% iys half way through ohhhhhh Like if u agree!!!!!

  7. 0:15 thats child abuse. You can't just put your baby in a cage and put a note that baby get killed and then let the child cry. Calm it down first.

  8. I dont know why but the guy at 3:28 looks like Liam Hemsworth
    (Well at least I think so…)
    (But of course it is not him)

  9. When my big sis told me that she was pregnant she showed me a shirt that said best aunt in the world with sister crossed out

  10. When I'm pregnant I'm going to mail a box with a balloon inside of it with a positive pregnancy test tied to it to my mom and dad. What do you guys think? (Btw im a girl commenting on my dad's account)

  11. if my bunny lived long enough to have a baby i would shave some of its fur to say 'lil rabbit coming through' and then she died befor she was even pregnant

  12. When I'm pregnant I want to send a card to my family and friends with me being pregnant and the caption "AHHHHHHH"
    and then" whoops I did it again "plays.

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